Wednesday, August 2, 2017

#WIPWednesday - Fearless Love #coyotebluffseries #amwriting

Antonio Clyburn ~ Model... Kruse Images and Photography

Fearless Love ~ Jason and Libby's story

The torture he put her through had nothing to do with fast movements and clashing teeth. She'd tightened her muscles, readying to catch herself and him as he nearly tackled her. Libby had expected a bull rush, a sweeping in and masterful domination.

No. Instead it was the slow glide of his feet as he approached her. The forever of forevers it took him to lightly tracer her bottom lit with a finger, and to cup her face as if she were the finest of China. Libby's heart lost a thousand beats between the first touch of his skin on hers and the butterfly-soft press of lips to hers. She'd closed her eyes a millenia between the intent she'd witnessed in his stare and the actuality of the embrace.

:D He asked if he could kiss her. Poor Libby....

Coming Soon!

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