Thursday, August 10, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Byte Marks
Fated Mates, Inc. Series
Story 1

Book 1: Fated Mates, Incorporated- The premiere dating service company. They promise to find that perfect someone within three pairings.

Liz stepped into the waiting room for Fated Mates, Inc with trepidation. Driven to the dating service by her meddling family, she walks in hoping for something but expecting nothing. What she received was a chance encounter with a hunky tattooed man. Byte happens to be interviewing for his first date assignment as well.

A building-wide power failure causes a lockdown that throws them together and the sparks fly.
Available now:
Justin's Desserts (Story #2)
Touching Chopper (Story #3)
Winning Isaac (Story #4)

He sucked in an audibly shaky breath and when she found his eyes had darkened with need, she lost the battle. Her pussy creamed, soaking her panties, and she couldn’t stop the throbbing between her thighs. His smile had turned predatory and when he drew his next breath she let her fingers trail over his chest. He hissed as she stroked a blunt nail over an erect nipple. She smiled and caught the questioning quirk of his brow. Her answer was a grin before resting a palm on his thigh.
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