Saturday, August 5, 2017

#SexSceneSaturday Tempered Steel

Tempering Steel
Book 2 ~
Coyote Bluff Series
Sex Scene Saturday

"Please. Please take me inside. I need skin." Her breathy plea sounded whiny to her ears but she didn't care. Not when a quick click and shuffle had Connor holding her in his arms as he strode toward her front door. 
He carried her quickly up the porch, pausing for a moment. "Open the door, Margie." 
She'd  never been so happy to be in the habit of leaving her door unlocked.  She turned the knob and gave the door a little push. 
"we'll talk about the safety issues of what you just did later. Right now I need to taste you."
She gasped and thumped her head against the wall an instant after he'd pushed her against it. With a fluid movement she'd replay in her fantasies for years to come, Conner pushed her up while he fell to his knees.  He hooked her legs over his wide shoulders and groaned as he buried his face into the apex of her thighs. 
"You smell so good. It's been torture not being able to do this."
Margie cried out. Rough fingers swept aside her panties and hot breath blew across her soaked core. God, he's going to me.  Her brain couldn't keep up with the actions but it could react to the feel of him. Soft cotton cushioned her legs, sharp tugs of elastic pulled the skin at the crease of her thighs, soft hair threaded between her fingers, all a moment before her world exploded in sensual torture. 
Connor's mouth pressed reverently against her shaved pussy lips an instant before his tongue parted her and swept through her folds. Hot, moist, rough. He circled her swollen clit, pressing on the bundle of nerves just right.  A flash of pleasure seized her muscles and it tore an orgasm from her, shook her body and lit her nerves with molten electricity.  There wasn't enough air in her lungs to scream but her body arched, mouth open, eyes closed in a silent shout. Goose bumps erupted over her skin. Her mind blanked as the endorphins flowed like melted chocolate through her veins. 

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