Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sex Scene Saturday Switching Gears Book 3 ~ Coyote Bluff Series

Switching Gears
Book 3 ~
Coyote Bluff Series

When he went to kiss her, she grinned and shook her head, instead pulling her fingers from his mouth with a loud, wet pop tilting his head so she could lean up and kiss his neck. For shifters the neck was a sensitive and vulnerable place. Unless you trusted someone you didn't give your throat to others. Zeke came to her lips so easily, and even moved his head farther back to give her more access. The urge to bite him, to taste him on her lips and seal the bond between them was riding her hard, but she fought it. She did bite into the flesh between his ear and shoulder hard enough to pull an inhuman howl from his lips. The fast thrust of his gorgeous cock against her hip and had her grinning around his skin. 
Flicking her tongue along the shell of his ear gained her a growl. She whispered "Fuck Me."
Zeke's body tensed for a splint second and then he was moving. He leaned back on his knees, grabbed hers and shoved them apart, pushing them up and out to open her pussy to the air. The heat of his stare was enough to combat the chill. He growled again, deep and needy.
"Keep your knees there." He commanded before releasing her legs. 
Two rough fingers invaded her folds as he pumped quickly in and out of her cunt. The wet, sloppy sounds echoed around them. Warm liquid ran between her ass cheeks as she gushed again. Amie whined and tossed her head. "Harder."
"You'll take what I give you. Grab your legs and don't let go."
Oh, Gods. Her channel clenched around his fingers as she obeyed. 

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