Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sex Scene Saturday Switching Gears Book 3 Coyote Bluff Series

Sex Scene Saturday
Switching Gears
Book 3 ~
Coyote Bluff Series

"Are you letting me seduce you, Ms. Dorner?' Zeke squeezed a taut nipple between his fingers and rolled it lightly. He skimmed his other hand down over her stomach and slid it between her tighs, the heat of her mound nearly burning him as he pressed against her. The moan vibrated through her was enough to send every drop of blood in his body to the aching cock between his legs. 
"Sure, seduce me." She rolled her hips against his lap. "As long as you keep doing that to me."
A fantasy popped into his head. Leaned forward he licked the outer shell of her ear and whispered, "Ever come just from someone playing with your tits?" 
Hot words tickled her ear and sent pleasant moisture to her pussy. Amie's insides melted into a pool of warmth. The feel of Zeke's hot hand holding her breast where it met his hand pressed so deliciously against her. 
"No, but I think I can." She bucked her hips when he pinched a little more. "Fuck, Zeke, that is..." She groaned. "So good."
She'd been a traditional sex girl. Oral, missionary, cowgirl positions were all good enough to get her and her partners off. But with him, damned if she didn't want to try it all, taste it all. Anything Zeke wanted to do to her was fine with her. Her mind fed her images of such debauchery that she felt another flood of slick between her lips. 
A wet, warm tongue licked her neck, flicking out and tasting her, and she tilted her head to give him more access. Her hands came up and fluttered uselessly, wanting to grab something to keep her body grounded or to play with a body part. She didn't even care if it was her own breast or his body. Heat was blooming too fast, building the tension between her thighs to quickly. A moan tore from her as he pinched hard, drawing her breast away from her body, the pain making her eyes pop open. The moment she would have smacked him or said that is was hurting, he let go, rubbing and giving her abused nipple a flick. The pain morphed so quickly into something else, so much more decadent and wicked, that her breath whooshed from her. 
"You like that, don't you? You are so fucking sexy. Your cunt is dripping wet, soaking my hand through your pants. I can smell you with every breath I take. I want to strip you right now and ram my cock into sex, Amie,but I'm not going to. I'm going to see if I can't drag an orgasm from you while you are completely dressed. Prove to you that your body is mine. Make you come so hard without even touching your clit or sliding my fingers through your sopping wet folds. 

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