Saturday, June 10, 2017

#SexSceneSaturday Maggies Abduction

Sex Scene Saturday

“Disrobe and lay on the bed, Maggie. We’ve talked long enough. I have need of your body.” He stood and methodically removed his boots and pants. His cock was fully erect and already glistening with pre-cum. The sight of him almost brought Maggie to her knees. She scrambled off the bed and with shaking fingers removed the shirt. The urge to reach out and touch him was almost too much. With a swallow and a sigh, she looked up into his eyes.
“May I touch you?” Her voice was husky with need. Warmth flooded her pussy, and she could already feel herself becoming wet.
“You may touch me, but you will listen to me if I give instructions.” He took the two steps that separated them and ran his hands down her arms. Shivers ran through her body with the warmth from his hands.
She licked her lips and grinned when his eyes moved to watch her tongue. She licked them again just to watch the desire flare in the golden depths of his eyes. They darkened to burnt gold with his need. She reached out a tentative hand and stroked down his chest. He was hairless across the chest and very warm. Skimming her fingers across his nipples gained her a low growl and a gasp from him. She grinned. One more step brought her flush with his body and pressed his cock between their stomachs. She stroked her hands down his stomach and around to his back, lightly scratching with her fingernails as she went. He shivered under her hands and fed her desire to see what other responses he could give her.
She moved her hands over his low back and down to squeeze his ass. She licked his chest and worked a slow wet path to a nipple as she stood on her tiptoes. She wasn’t ready for the quickness of his response and cried out as he grasped her arms and tossed her on the bed. She righted herself just in time to be pinned down by his body and both arms being locked in restraints.
“Why are you restraining me again?” Confusion and need were clouding her thoughts. His heavy body rubbed seductively along her mound and she separated her thighs to allow his body closer to hers.
“You were trying to dominate me with your hands and tongue. I won’t allow that. I may understand your differences, but I won’t allow you to do those things to me.” He growled, and his anger finally seeped through her fog.
“You mean your women are never allowed to taste your body or touch you? But, you liked it.”
“You are allowed to taste my cock, but licking my chest like I was a female won’t be allowed.” He was still scowling but he seemed less angry. Maggie was confused, but she was starting to understand what he was talking about. She sighed. If all sexual contact was going to be under his order, she wasn’t ever going to get to do some of the things to his body that she wanted to.
“So, I can never really touch you? Kiss your body? Taste your skin? I really want to. I want to know what you taste like.” She wrapped her legs around his hips and ground against his cock to punctuate her thoughts. Her mind was racing for a way around the man’s need for control. “What if you were in charge and I ask your permission for each place I want to explore?”
She watched him ponder her request and saw the moment he was going to relent. She tried to hide her grin.
“We will try this, but the moment I feel you are overstepping your limits, I will punish you. Do you understand?” He was still scowling, but the anger was gone.
“I understand, Master,” she answered, hoping the title would help her cause. “Would you please release my cuffs so I may please you?”
He huffed but climbed off the bed and released her wrists from the restraints. He stood watching her with hooded eyes that showed both lust and trepidation. She wanted to laugh at the indignation he was radiating, but that wouldn’t help her need to get off.
“Master, I would like to kiss you and touch you with my hands. Will you allow it?” She tried to phrase her request to mollify him. She was really turned on thinking about all the things she wanted to do to him, and having to ask permission by voicing her actions was making her hotter.
“You may.” His clipped words were strained. She could tell he was not enthusiastic about this turn of events.
Maggie approached him with slow steps and kept eye contact while she walked to him. She reached out with both hands and ran them up his chest, lightly skimming his nipples and relishing how quickly they hardened. She skimmed her hands over his shoulders and pulled him down to her mouth. She watched surprise cross his features a moment before she touched her lips to his. His lips were warm and soft against hers. She waited a moment to see if he would take control of the kiss. When he didn’t, she parted her lips on a sigh and slowly stroked the seam of his with her tongue. He tasted slightly like the sweet bread they had eaten for breakfast. She pressed her tongue lightly against his lips trying to get him to open his mouth to deepen the kiss. She opened an eye to find him staring at her with his brows knitted together instead of the passion-filled look she was expecting. She pulled her head away from his with a scowl of her own.
“Why are you licking my face? Is this a human practice?” he asked.
“I was trying to kiss you. Don’t you kiss your females?” Maggie was surprised and slightly miffed. He wasn’t supposed to be scowling at her. He was supposed to be enjoying this so much that he would let her do other things to him. Maybe she really didn’t know enough to be seducing him.
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