Monday, April 17, 2017

Readers: Want to help authors? Review, review, review #makeanauthorsmile

Review, review, review...

Ever finished a book and thought "Wow, that was great!" and thought for a split second about reviewing the story? But you didn't have 20 words to say, or knew that someone else already wrote the perfect one. So, you closed your kindle, paperback or phone.

Most of us have. Even as an author I don't always write a review the moment I finish a book.

I'm here to ask, plead, beg, grovel.

Reviews are the life force of authors. You know the story of fairies and how they get wings? Well, reviews are the same for us. Every review, even the horrible, gut-wrenching ones, fuel us to write, edit and create MORE.

All it takes is a few words. Literally you can write the exact same review, that one that made you buy the book in the first place. Tell us the sentence that hooked you in, the moment you KNEW you would love the story, the piece that had you shaking your head in frustration... anything.

Feed your authors just like you would a pet. Feed us your thoughts, critiques, love and hate.

We all promise to write more of your favorite characters, story types, adventures if you do!

~ Lea and all authors that ever put thought to paper

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