Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yeah, I'm going to say it again... I'm back (for good? Hope so)

So. It's been an eventful summer. I moved, or better put the family moved. The adventure started WAY back in the winter, but we are finally settled. New school. New house. We are in love with it. Along with that was a major surgery for my oldest minion.

To say that I didn't get much done in the way of writing is an understatement. It wasn't that I didn't want to write, or that I didn't have time... I couldn't. Stress sometimes spurs on my creativity but this time it definitely didn't.

Some of you have been anticipating the release of Switching Gears for over two years. Welcome to reading a crazy author. :D I love you all for sticking by me, giving encouragement and honestly being the best fans EVER.

With that being said, I have some great news. Switching Gears is with my editor RIGHT NOW. I sent it off to her last night. I'm reducing the price of Accidentally Yours to .99 and will be posting a release date in the next day or so. I'm shooting for the first week of November, but need to verify that with her first.

Am I back for good? Who knows, but for the moment I'm feeling productive, creative and am anxious to get a few more books out.

Love to all that have stuck with me!


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