Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adding words isn't as easy as most think

Yep... another blog. And this one didn't take 3 months. LOL

I'm starting a new process today with a long-time author friend Alex Carreras in hopes of kicking ourselves in the ass enough to WRITE.

Authors know the struggles. If they haven't cried while staring at their computer then I'm in awe of them. But I heard enough well wishers over the holidays give me this advice:

Well, just do it. Sit down and write.

*sigh* If it really was that easy I'd be doing it. Writing for most of us isn't a job that can just be done. It's not like doing laundry or making a spreadsheet. It comes from some mystical place inside our heads that needs to be open, functioning AND willing to help. So, sitting down and writing really isn't the hard part. It is getting the characters to talk, to interact and do their thing while I voyeuristically watch them and record their actions. I am never in control of a story. If I was they would be boring.

Wait, don't call the funny farm. Really I'm as sane as anyone. Sorta. Really!

What I'm trying to say is that when the Muse and the characters aren't happy I'm not writing. So, when I'm depressed or anxious or whatnot those hanging inside my head go silent. BUT, I'm ready. They've been nagging me to set them free.

Wish me luck. 2015 was a horrible year for me as an author. Let's hope and push for 2016 being a kick ass year. I have so many characters for you to meet.

Love you all lots,


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