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Happily Ever After Mating Agency Series #PRN #paranormal #mustreads #gayrom #MMromance

Welcome to the Happily Ever After Mating Agency... where paranormals come to find that special someone, or someones.

A great series by Jane Wallace-Knight

Summary: Being sent to a mating agency by his parents is humiliating enough for bunny shifter Tyler Thompson. The fact that he has the rare ability to carry offspring just makes him all the more apprehensive. Growing up in a warren where everyone was told how to live and how to behave, Tyler dreamt of escaping. Realizing just how in demand someone like him is, and that the choice of mate is solely his, Tyler decides to go as far away as he can. A remote island in the Baltic Ocean sounds like a good choice, and the love story between the two wolves there touches Tyler's heart.
Together since they were sixteen, alpha Eric Snövarg and lover Finn Michaels know that the only way they can be mated, and stay with their pack, is by bringing in a third capable of giving Eric heirs. Though uncertain of their decision, bringing the bunny into their family seems like the only way.


“Okay then,” the bunny said, seemingly finding his courage. “Let’s get this party started, shall we?”
Tyler was somehow both endearingly cute and ballsy at the same time. Finn grinned at him and turned to look over at Eric. His partner’s chest was rising and falling rapidly as his breathing grew heavier while he took in Tyler’s naked form. The bunny shifter was a little smaller than both of them in the crotch department but he was also shorter. All in all, Tyler was one nice, proportional package with some unexpected muscle definition.
“If this is a party, then you’re the guest of honor,” Finn told Tyler as he walked over to the bed and held his hand out to him. “So how about you tell us what you want.”
Eric quickly nodded and joined them over by the bed. Finn sat down and pushed himself into the center before yanking Tyler down with him. The smaller man ended up spread out on Finn’s chest and the beta wolf couldn’t resist giving him another kiss. He slid his hand down to cup an ass cheek and gave it a firm squeeze.
“Oh god,” Tyler moaned into Finn’s mouth. “I want so much.”
Eric chuckled and crawled up to sit beside them on the bed. He leaned over and kissed one of Tyler’s shoulders. “Tell us,” Eric demanded in his authoritative alpha voice. That voice never failed to turn Finn on, but then he liked to be told what to do, in bed at least.
“I want,” Tyler began, only to stop when he noticed that Eric had laid himself back so that he could arch his hips and push his underwear off, displaying his big, hard cock, “that in my mouth.”
Eric’s mouth opened in surprise at the boldness of their mate-to-be and his dick gave an interested twitch. “You can do whatever you want,” Eric assured him, his voice thick with arousal. He lay back on his elbows and Finn quickly grabbed some pillows from the head of the bed to put under his head.
“Thanks, love,” Eric said to him, pulling him down for a quick kiss.
Finn winked at him and stroked his hand down over Eric’s chest. His eyes wide, like he still couldn’t quite believe his luck, Tyler crawled closer and leaned down over Eric’s crotch. He looked up with his big, amber-brown eyes and held Eric’s gaze as he licked his lower lip, making it glisten in the low light, before taking hold of his cock and placing a kiss on the sensitive tip. Finn sat back for a while, content to watch what Tyler was doing. The younger man didn’t seem like he had much experience, at least none of it all that good, but he seemed to love what he was doing. He slowly trailed kisses along the shaft before licking back up it and taking it in his mouth as far down as it would go. Tyler made an almost mewling sound as he sucked on Eric’s cock, his free hand splayed low on Eric’s stomach. The show was getting Finn nice and hard and he stroked himself a few times to try and relieve the ache that was building in his groin.
He felt Eric’s large hand on his backside, his fingers inching closer to the center. Finn moaned as his partner teased his entrance with his thick fingers. It was silly but it touched Finn that Eric was still thinking of making Finn feel good while he was getting his dick sucked.
Finn forced his eyes away from the tempting sight of Eric’s cock disappearing between Tyler’s full lips as the bunny shifter bobbed his head up and down, and looked at Eric’s face. The alpha looked blissed out, with one hand clutching the pillow beneath his head, making his bicep bulge delightfully, and the other pushing gently against Finn’s hole.
“God I need you to fuck me.” Finn moaned. He moved away from the teasing touch so that he could get lube from the bedside cabinet. Tyler moaned around his mouthful and slowly pulled off with a wet-sounding pop.
“I want to see that,” Tyler said, his voice breathy. He was one sexy sight, his pale skin all flushed and his full lips wet from sucking Eric’s cock.
“You’re gorgeous,” Finn told him as he passed the lube to Eric. “Your turn to lay back and enjoy.”
Tyler’s eyes went a little wide and he quickly nodded his head in agreement. The bunny shifter lay back on his elbows and looked down his own body as Finn crawled over to him. He kissed the young man soundly, leaving him panting, before slowly kissing his way down the smooth skin of his body.


Summary: After losing his mate, lion shifter Jake Jensen has no intention of taking another. With three children, his pride, and a business to run, his life is full enough. After constant badgering from his mother he agrees to meet with a mating agency looking for someone unlike his late mate so that he won't fall in love and risk another broken heart.
At nineteen, fox shifter Jordan Ashby's life took a drastic turn when his parents died. Years later Jordan is working dead end jobs, having his sister and niece to care for. Signing up to the mating agency isn't ideal but his family deserves a better life than the one they have.
Taking a chance, Jordan agrees to mate with a total stranger, believing that in time the two of them could fall in love. There's only one problem, Jake is convinced that their mating can only ever be one purely of convenience.

Siren BookStrand

Jake guessed that it was too much wishful thinking to assume that his mother would drop the issue of a mate for a while. It was only that evening, when he got home from a long day at work to find that his two youngest children were already in bed, that he saw a strange man sitting in his living room along with his mother and eldest son.
“What’s going on?” he asked suspiciously as he sat his briefcase down in the doorway.
“We’re finding you a new mate,” Michael informed him. The man beside him was clearly the matchmaker. Money and power got you far in life, and it was clear that in order to not only get a same-day appointment but to also have the matchmaker come to his house, his mother had used a considerable amount of both.
“Really?” he asked his mother as he shrugged off his suit jacket. “You’ve even turned my first born against me?”
Michael smirked at his dad. “I’ve already told the matchmaker that your new mate must be good at video games for me, must know how to do complicated hairstyles for Alia, and must be good at telling bedtime stories for Toby.”
Despite the fact that there was nothing he wouldn’t rather do than sit down with the matchmaker right now, his son’s response managed to make him smile.
“Well, as long as you’ve got all the important things covered,” he joked as he took a seat opposite the matchmaker.
“David Cross,” the man introduced himself. The name wasn’t familiar to Jake but he smiled and nodded at him.
“Carla?” he called out just loud enough to be heard but not so loud as to wake the children. If he was going to do this then he was going to need a scotch.
The lioness appeared with the drink already in her hand. Carla was oftentimes surly and liked to talk back to him. He kept her around because he secretly liked that about her and her ability to know when he was in a situation where scotch was required.
“Thank you,” he said with a happy sigh as he took the ice-cold glass. “Maybe I should just mate with you.”
Carla looked completely disgusted by the suggestion. “But then I’d have to have sex with you and the very thought makes my stomach turn.”
He grinned at her. If she weren’t fonder of women than she was men then maybe Jake would have been offended.
Agatha rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “If we can get back to the matter at hand.”
Knowing that there was no way to put this off any longer, Jake took a large gulp of his scotch and nodded at the matchmaker to begin.
“Your mother said that you aren’t interested in mating with anyone inside the pride,” David began. “I’ve narrowed it down to other prides in the country to start with, but we can later widen the search to other countries if you don’t find anyone to your liking.”
“No,” Jake said with a shake of his head. “No lions.”
Agatha turned to look at him so sharply that Jake was surprised she didn’t get whiplash.
“Jacob. This woman will be the alpha female of our pride. She has to be a lion,” Agatha tried to reason.
“No women either,” Jake said simply. His mother was good at getting her own way but Jake had spent years building up a tolerance to her. If his mind was set on something then not even his mother, the formidable force that she was, could talk him out of it.
“If you mate with a man you won’t have any more children,” his mother said. She was looking at him like he had two heads. His son, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care.
“I have three children, mother,” Jake pointed out. “I think that’s plenty. I already told you, I don’t want anyone that reminds me of Aby. I’d be constantly comparing the two and that wouldn’t be right.”
At the mention of his mom’s name Michael lowered his gaze. “So no one that’s good at gardening. Mom was always gardening.”
Jake nodded once. “Right. And maybe someone who can actually cook.”
That comment made Michael smile and meet his gaze. “Mom was a really bad baker. She tried to make us birthday cakes every year.”
Jake smiled back at his son. “And every year we had to pretend to like them.”
The two of them held each other’s gaze for a moment, both of them sharing in their grief and love of the woman they had lost.
“Okay,” his mother finally said with a sigh. She turned to look at David. “No women and no lions.”
“So you’re looking for a non-lion male who can bake, play video games, braid hair, and read bedtime stories?” David asked as he looked down at the laptop on his lap. “I’m not exactly sure how to go about starting that search.”


Kai Hayashi, heir to the earth dragon clan, already lost his mother to the rebels threatening to overthrow the council. When his grandfather suggests an arranged mating with not one, but two men, each with certain skills to help protect Kai, the young dragon prince doesn't exactly need persuading.
Retrieval expert and leopard shifter Jace Dashwood has worked for the Hayashi family for a year now, helplessly in love with his employer's grandson. Kai is all the things that Jace could never be, innocent and gentle. He had thought to keep his feelings to himself until the dragon king made him an offer too good to be true.
Having worked as a mercenary for too long, bear shifter Ted Graves finally decided to put down roots. He thought that joining a mating agency meant he was going to get the normal life he thought he had been craving but instead he got an offer he couldn't refuse.


“Maybe you should take it as a challenge,” Jace suggested, his voice dropping to a husky tone.
Ted raised one eyebrow at the suggestion. “Maybe I should. Maybe I shouldn't fuck you anymore until you beg me to.”
Jace smiled up at him wickedly, the idea more than appealing to him. “I should warn you, I've held up under all manner of torture.”
Ted chuckled, clearly thinking that Jace was joking. If only.
“Okay then,” Jace said. “Do you worst, Teddy Bear.”
Ted grinned down at him before slowly lowering his head and licking over his left nipple. Jace had assumed Ted, like a lot of men he had been with, would go straight to the fucking, but it seemed that Ted might actually have it in him to make Jace beg after all.
Jace had sensitive nipples, it was like sparks being sent right down to his dick. While Ted nipped, licked, sucked, and nibbled on one nipple, he idly ran his fingertips up and down Jace's thigh, never once douching his dick but getting close a few times.
When Ted switched over to the other nipple, his fingers questing teasingly close to his balls, Jace's breath hitched and came out as a shudder.
Ted looked up at him, meeting his eyes with a look of smugness.
Jace didn't even care, it all felt too good for him to even want to hold out. His hole, now empty but still loose ached to be filled again. Between his legs his cock twitched constantly, silently begging to be touched.
With an evil but playful gleam in his eye Ted licked and kissed his way slowly down Jace's body until he could nip at the soft skin of his stomach. When he went lower, Jace thought that he was finally going to get some release and that Ted was going to suck his cock again. Rather than take Jace in his mouth though, Ted just licked teasingly over the tip before blowing on it softly.
“Fuck, Ted, come on,” Jace whined, making Ted smirk again.
“Was that you begging?” the bear shifter asked, seemingly unaffected, though his cock was still rock hard and thick between his legs. God, Jace could look at that cock all day, it was a thing of beauty and he desperately wanted it back inside him. He knew he could hold out longer, much longer, but why the hell was he trying to deny himself something that he actually wanted.
“Yes,” Jace shouted. “I'm begging. Fuck me. Please fuck me.”
Ted's eyes were black with raw need and he wasted no time in filling Jace back up. The sensation of Ted pushing into him again was even better than the first time. He was looser and more turned on.
“You feel amazing,” Ted whispered as he pushed in. He didn't still this time. He only paused long enough to kiss Jace again before he started fucking him in earnest.
It had been slow and sensual before but now it was just raw fucking. He pounded into Jace's willing hole with open abandon, his powerful hips, thighs, and ass clenching with every thrust.
In the back of Jace's mind he couldn't help but think about the fact he was going to have this whenever he wanted for the rest of his life. It was a strange thing to commit yourself to a near stranger and if Kai weren't part of the deal Jace wasn't sure he could go through with it. The image of Kai being in his position, laid back and fucked out while Ted pounded into him had him so hard that he felt his fingernails turn to claws.
“Oh shit,” Ted cried out as his back was scratched. It didn't slow Ted down at all, if anything it seemed to spur him on. He growled low in his throat and it was enough to push Jace over the edge.
He dug his claws in as wave after wave of intense pleasure shot through him. He came so hard that his vision darkened for a moment.
“Fuck, Jace,” Ted cried. He arched up, thrusting into Jace's pulsating hole.

There have always been conflicts between shifters of different species but these were supposed to be better times. Cheetah shifter Henry Dale was just sixteen when his entire coalition was burned alive. Having to stay with the neighboring wolf pack should have been terrifying for him, especially as one of them was responsible for setting the fire, but meeting the alpha's son, Will Gray, made him feel safer than ever.
When the council came and took Henry away, deciding he would be better off with his own kind, he not only lost his best friend, but also his first love. On the night of his thirtieth birthday he decides on a whim to sign up to a mating agency, hoping that maybe he can find love again. He never thought he would see Will again but fate, it seems, has other plans.



The moment the front door was open Will caught two very familiar scents. Both his brothers were here. The elation he felt was quickly overshadowed with worry. He couldn’t think of a single reason why they would both show up out of the blue like this, and with Leon’s strange behavior, Will couldn’t help but worry that something was wrong with his parents.
“Ty! Jack!” Will cried as he quickly strode forward to hug both his brothers. “What are you guys doing here? Ty, shouldn’t you be in school?”
Ty smiled at him and lightly punched him in the arm. “Well, when your brother’s pack calls you and tells you they’re having an intervention because he’s having a nervous breakdown, you haul ass.”
Will frowned and looked around the room. It was only then that he noticed his entire pack was all gathered there, each of them looking at him sympathetically.
There were only seven of them in total, including Will. Peter, the only child in the pack was suspiciously missing, no doubt told to go to his room and play while the grownups talked. Drake and Duke, tiger shifters who looked a lot alike, but weren’t actually brothers as people tended to assume, but a mated pair, were leaning against the pool table looking guilty.
“Wait, what’s going on?”
Jack rolled his eyes and cuffed Ty round the back of the head. “He’s not having a nervous breakdown, dumbass, that’s not what this is.”
“Seriously,” Will demanded, turning back to his pack. “What the hell is going on?”
Everyone looked to Leon who had apparently been given the role of leader, albeit unwillingly, Will was sure.
“Okay, so here’s the thing, buddy,” Leon began, his voice taking on an annoyingly condescending tone. “We’re all a little worried about you. I mean, you signed up with a mating agency three years ago, and we all supported that decision. We thought it was great that you wanted a mate and were being proactive about it.”
“Right,” Edith pitched in. “But then one guy came out to meet with you, and then another, and then a girl, and you didn’t even seem like you were trying to get to know them.”
Will crossed his arms over his chest and let out an impatient sigh. He couldn’t believe they had brought his brothers out for this, especially as Ty was right in the middle of a school year.
“Also, we saw the paperwork. We know you’ve narrowed your search to just cheetahs, who are between twenty-nine and thirty-one,” Ansell said with a cringe.
“Dude,” Ty said shaking his head and putting his hand to his face. “You’re looking for the cheetah boy who stayed with us, aren’t you?”
“You clearly think you were in love back then and even though you’re both grown up and probably completely different people now, you think you can find him and live happily ever after?” Jack asked. “It’s insane, and super stalkerish.”
“We aren’t judging you,” Edith quickly assured him as she looked at him kindly. “We’re just showing our concern. This guy could be mated already, or a nut job, or just not interested in using a mating agency.”
“What we’re trying to say,” Ty began, “is that you’re kind of pathetic and weird.”
Jack shoved Ty so hard that he fell down onto the couch. “That’s not what we’re saying.”
“Okay, that’s enough,” Will said, letting his alpha voice through, something he rarely did. “I appreciate your concern, and maybe it is a long shot that will never work out, but I can’t help how I feel. I’ve dated other people but never felt that way again. Maybe I’ll end up meeting him again and I’ll realize that it was just a teenage crush, that we have nothing in common, but if there’s a chance that he could be the one person who makes me feel complete then I can’t give up. If I do then I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering about him, never getting closure.”
Everyone in the room fell silent and looked at him through sad eyes.
“Well now I kinda feel like an asshole,” Ty said as he scratched the back of his neck.
“You are an asshole,” Jack assured him.
“So, what?” Ansell asked. “It’s already been three years. You’re just going to keep hoping for the rest of your life? Aren’t you afraid you’re missing out?”
Will knew what he was doing was crazy. He knew that the smart thing to do was to just get over it, but it was easier said than done. Henry had been his first love, even though nothing much ever happened between them. The letters they wrote each other still meant so much to him and the fact that they had just stopped out of the blue never sat right with him. There were too many unanswered questions. Will knew that letting it go would be the healthy thing to do but he couldn’t give up now, maybe he would never be able to.
“Yes,” he finally answered. “But I’m more afraid of giving up on him.”
Edith smiled at him and rubbed her swollen stomach. “Okay, then we promise we won’t give you anymore grief over it. We just want you to be happy, boss.”
Will went over to where Edith was sitting and kneeled down in front of her. He placed his hand over hers where it rested on her belly and smiled his most reassuring smile. “I am happy. We’re about to have our first pack baby and I have friends who pull shit like this on me because they care so much.”

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Author Spotlight: Jane Wallace-Knight #gayrom #eroticrom #paranormal #MUSTREAD

Author Spotlight: Jane Wallace-Knight

Firstly let me say I read every single one of Jane's books the minute I see them hit Amazon. :D I'm addicted. Go forth and read her books. They're light hearted, funny and sexy as hell. I laugh, cry and chuckle through each one.

On Cole Morgan's first day working at Prowl magazine he sends an innocent email to his friend, not realizing that all internal emails are monitored. It wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that the email is all about his new boss, sexy werewolf Evan West. The email leads to an incredibly awkward workplace harassment seminar which just makes Evan hate him all the more. It couldn't possibly get worse, right? Wrong.

Evan West has always had trouble controlling his wolf. He's worked hard to master the beast within. So when Cole Morgan walks in his boardroom and Evan's instincts go wild it causes him to automatically dislike the man. It doesn't matter that he wants to throw him down on the table, there and then, and take him in front of the entire office, the human is still annoying as hell.

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There was no hint of humor in Evan's eyes. The look of hunger was back as he let his eyes trail up and down Cole's body. Cole felt uncomfortable under the scrutiny, but it was a good kind of discomfort, an exciting kind.
Feeling a little emboldened, he slowly walked over to Evan and ran is hand down over his chest. The wolf was still, save for his chest rising and falling under Cole's hand. Cole could feel Evan's breath on his face and the heat radiating from his body.
Their eyes met once more and Evan let out a low growl from his throat before grabbing hold of Cole and throwing him over his shoulder.
Cole let out a surprised yelp as he was carried to his bedroom in a fireman's lift.
"Oh my god," he cried, holding onto Evan for dear life. "How impatient are you?"
Evan just growled again before nudging open the door and depositing Cole in the middle of his bed.
"Holy shit," Cole breathed. "Is this what you meant about not holding back? 'Cos honestly, I'm not sure if I'm turned on by what just happened or a little scared."
He scrambled back on the bed until he was nearer to the top. The predatory look on Evan's face softened a little and he actually looked a little sheepish.
"Sorry," he said in a quiet voice. "I guess I got a little caught up in the moment."
Hearing him say that, and knowing that Evan could snap out of it if he thought Cole was bothered by it, made Cole relax. He smiled at Evan and shook his head.
"It's fine. It was pretty hot," Cole confessed. "So, are you joining me down here or what?"
Evan smirked at him wickedly before leaning over and resting his hands either side of Cole's body. He smelled great, a heady combination of his natural musk and the cologne he was wearing. It was well known that werewolves didn't like strong-smelling products. There was an entire range of products that catered just to them. The company actually had a permanent ad page in the magazine.
Evan leaned in and kissed Cole again. This time he kept it light, almost teasing. Cole wondered if Evan was giving him a show of his control or if he really just did like it softer sometimes.
Before straightening up, Evan bit lightly on Cole's lower lip, making his cock twitch. He felt his entire body shudder pleasantly as Evan slowly and carefully pulled his tie out of his shirt collar. The werewolf placed it on the bed before removing his shirt. Cole swallowed thickly, wondering what Evan was going to do with that tie.
He felt his heart beating wildly in his chest from a mixture of fear and excitement. Evan was quite possibly the hottest man Cole had ever seen.
"Lie down," Evan instructed him, his voice low and even. Cole took a breath and did as he was told. He laid his head down on the pillow and willed his body to relax. Looking every bit the wild wolf, Evan kneeled on the bed and crawled up Cole's body. As he moved, he snagged the tie and brought it up to Cole's chest, sliding the smooth, cool silk material over his nipples and down his body before trailing it lower over his cock. Cole hissed at the sensation and found himself squirming.
"Fuck," he sighed. Evan wasn't watching what he was doing. His eyes were glued to Cole's face. It felt so intimate and new to Cole. It kind of tickled, what Evan was doing to him, but it also felt good. The tie was swirled around his cock, the light touch maddening.
"Look at you," Evan murmured in his ear. "So desperate for more."
Cole whimpered as Evan took Cole's cock in his hand, the silk tie still bunched between Evan's and Cole's skin. Evan stroked him slowly, lazily, as he nibbled on Cole's earlobe.
"Would you let me do anything to you?" Evan asked, making Cole moan. He had never really played any bedroom games before. Sex had always been something fun to do with another person, but with Evan, it felt like something more, something somehow both dark and pure. It felt like therapy and religion.
"Yes," he heard himself say. Evan rumbled happily in his chest and licked Cole behind his ear. The hand on his cock disappeared and Cole had to stop himself from crying out.
"Grab hold of the headboard," Evan ordered him. He straddled Cole's body, aligning their cocks and pressing down teasingly. Cole moaned and quickly did as he was told. "Good boy."
The look on Evan's face was one of pride. Not for himself, but for Cole. Cole had no idea it would make him feel so good to please Evan in such a way. It frightened him a little.
Evan brought the tie up to Cole's hands, and quickly and effectively rearranged them so that he could tie his wrists, crossed over, to the metal headboard. His first thought was that it was a little uncomfortable, his arms stretching above his head in such a way. Once he got past the physical sensation, however, he felt something else entirely. He was completely exposed and vulnerable. He had given this near-stranger utter power over him. He felt his breathing quicken and his body begin to shiver with fear. Somehow, it only made his cock harder.
Evan leaned back on his haunches and let his eyes wander down Cole's body. "You're beautiful."

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Friday Flashback: Penemaue #paranormal #watchers #fallenangels #FridayRead

After three thousand years, and more heartache than Watcher General Penemuae can remember, all he wants is an end. Exhausted in heart and soul, he lives to fight the Nephilim and atone for his disgrace, his only objective to rid the Earth of evil. Until the day he meets her. Evelyn, the human woman who shouldn’t have survived, who can see things she shouldn’t, who makes him want things he’s sworn not to desire again.

Face to face with evil, Evelyn finally has to accept there is more on earth than mere humans when she becomes the target of an immortal malevolence. Saved by an avenging angel with eyes dark as night and remorse to match, she finds herself in the middle of a fight she may not survive.

Series Teaser:
Therefore shall they never find peace…

The temptations of love and lust brought the two hundred Watchers together. When they decided earthly possessions were more important than divine instruction, they were bound to each other, and the Earth, forever as punishment.

The Watchers can feel change coming…


“You smell so good.” Evelyn buried her nose in Pen’s shirt as he hugged her tight. She couldn’t quite place all the nuances to his scent. Trees and summertime wrapped in cinnamon toast? Whatever it was, it was delicious and so damn perfect. She wanted to have everything she owned smell like him, so when she’d had a stressful day she could roll herself up in a blanket and inhale relaxation.
“So do you,” he mumbled against her hair, while rubbing his chin against her head.
“Can we just stand like this for a while? I’ve had a hell of a day.”
“Sure, cor meum. I will gladly hold you until the end of time if you wish it.”
Time slowed to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Nothing else in the world mattered for the moments she relaxed into his embrace, letting his strength and energy lull her senses into a state of ease. Each breath she took mirrored his, drawing peace into her body. The day’s events slowly slid from her mind, leaving her heart and mind open.
Finally the smell of food invaded her cocoon of contentment and her stomach announced with a loud growl that she hadn’t fed it in hours. She grinned and kissed Penemuae’s chest, pushing reluctantly away from the warmth, patting his shirt before looking up. “Guess I need to eat something before my belly digests itself.”
The smile, full of affection and something deeper, that spread across his face was blindingly beautiful. She blinked a few times to stem the burn of tears. No one in her life had ever looked at her with that mixture of emotions, so openly sharing his feelings. Reaching up and lightly cupping his ears she pulled his head down to hers. She kissed him lightly, pressing her lips to his, and tried to tell him with the touching of flesh and sharing of breath how much she appreciated everything. Two days had opened her heart to something she’d never believed in before. Fated love, soul mates, something deeper than instant infatuation.

Pulling back from her impromptu kiss she found him grinning down at her. She blushed, cheeks heating under the hint of amusement in his dark eyes. Even with what she was sure was a red face, puffy eyes and swollen lips she answered his smile. She felt lighter, had cast off some of the sorrow from the day.


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Sin's Calling #succubus #demons #eroticromance

Sin's Calling


Victoria is first and foremost a business owner, working to help her sister and brother demons work within the confines of their nature. She’s also a succubus, created by a Maker and revered for her demon perfection. The latter being something she despises with her whole heart. As she works to free others like her from the daily need to feed from sexual partners she stumbles across her mate. Now she’s fighting destiny and the call of his lust, refusing to sate her need on the one male made for her.

Dominick is a technowizard used to living his life his way. When he arrives at a business meeting and senses his mate he’s intrigued. When she slams walls up around herself and refuses to even look at him he goes on the prowl. He uses her sex phone business to get her attention, but can he keep her on the line long enough to capture her heart?


Taking the elevator to her floor was out of the question. She needed to burn off some excess energy before she did something stupid, like punch a wall. When she’d first been made she’d taken to fighting as a method of anger management. Releasing energy in that form had helped her to learn control. She hadn’t had to resort to an external burn in a long time. The fact that she needed to find an outlet now terrified and intrigued her. Who was this male who could so easily overload her system? Feeding from multiple men in a single night hadn’t filled her need as well as twenty minutes with Nick. Why hadn’t one of the girls mentioned him before? Had she been his first experience with her company? Was that why Gynger had pushed so hard to get him into Victoria’s rotation?
Glancing at her watch brought her mind back to matters at hand. She had nine minutes to offload some of the energy that was making her jittery and get back to her apartment before her next client. Nausea rolled through her at the thought of fucking someone else, but she had a full roster for the night, which meant she’d invade five more minds before the night was through.
Sprinting for the stairs gave her body something to concentrate on, and was a way for her to discharge some of the pent-up lust her succubus side couldn’t use at the moment. She could do three full circuits up and down the stairwell if she hurried. The metallic thud of the heavy door closing behind her was already muted by distance as she raced at inhuman speed up the eighteen flights of stairs. Her body flew over the steps, getting into a rhythm that helped to drown out the thoughts tumbling around in her skull. She didn’t want to think about the male, didn’t want to smell his scent as if it still clung to her body. She definitely didn’t want to hear his husky voice whispering promises in her ear as if she still lay under his body. Growling, she pushed herself harder, sprinting down the flights of stairs as fast as she could.
Sweat poured off her body, soaking her clothes as she closed her bedroom door. The soft click sounded loud in the quiet, but her mind was calmer even if her body was still on overload. With three minutes until her call she rushed into the shower. She was thankful that she possessed supernatural speed because she was washed, rinsed and drying her hair in two minutes. Wrapping a towel around her hair, her robe about her shoulders and climbing onto the bed finished out her time.
The first ring of the phone had her nausea returning, but she swallowed and took a deep breath. She picked up the receiver and opened her mind to the shifter male on the other end of the call.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adding words isn't as easy as most think

Yep... another blog. And this one didn't take 3 months. LOL

I'm starting a new process today with a long-time author friend Alex Carreras in hopes of kicking ourselves in the ass enough to WRITE.

Authors know the struggles. If they haven't cried while staring at their computer then I'm in awe of them. But I heard enough well wishers over the holidays give me this advice:

Well, just do it. Sit down and write.

*sigh* If it really was that easy I'd be doing it. Writing for most of us isn't a job that can just be done. It's not like doing laundry or making a spreadsheet. It comes from some mystical place inside our heads that needs to be open, functioning AND willing to help. So, sitting down and writing really isn't the hard part. It is getting the characters to talk, to interact and do their thing while I voyeuristically watch them and record their actions. I am never in control of a story. If I was they would be boring.

Wait, don't call the funny farm. Really I'm as sane as anyone. Sorta. Really!

What I'm trying to say is that when the Muse and the characters aren't happy I'm not writing. So, when I'm depressed or anxious or whatnot those hanging inside my head go silent. BUT, I'm ready. They've been nagging me to set them free.

Wish me luck. 2015 was a horrible year for me as an author. Let's hope and push for 2016 being a kick ass year. I have so many characters for you to meet.

Love you all lots,