Friday, May 8, 2015

Back List Spotlight: Angling for Love #menage #contemp #outdoorlove #MFMromance #eroticrom

Arin Walters decides that after ending her long-term relationship with her cheating boyfriend, she needs a vacation in the Montana mountains. She packs her fly-fishing gear and heads off for a week of relaxation and emotional healing.
Brent and Jared have been best friends since childhood. The abuse they suffered as children binds them together. They want a woman to share and build a life with but they’ve been burned in the past.

When Arin shows up at their fishing lodge, sparks fly and all three feel the beginning of something they crave—acceptance and love. Now they must hope that the passion between them is enough to help them leave the past behind.


She wandered across the room and grimaced when her stomach growled loudly. No matter how much she was enjoying the flirting, her body had other ideas. She climbed onto the foot of the bed and perused the contents of the tray. Eggs over-easy, toast, bacon and coffee. A perfect breakfast. “Hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to eat.”
She watched him fold up the paper, sit up slowly and lean forward with a grin. “Not a problem. I’ll see you downstairs.”
Before she could answer him, he leaned in to her, placed a hand on either side of her legs and pressed his warm lips to hers. She gasped in surprise and that was all the invitation he needed. He slid his tongue in a slow, sensual slide across her bottom lip. She felt that lick clear to her pussy. Her nipples contracted, pushing against her T-shirt, hoping for a fondling. God, a simple kiss and my body reacts this much?
All thought flew from her mind as he took her lips in a full-on assault. One hand moved from the bed to hold her head in place as he invaded her mouth with his. Warm lips, hot tongue, moist breath. All worked together to captivate her as he tasted, nibbled and licked. He coaxed her mouth to respond, teasing her tongue until she was sliding hers against his, sparring in wet thrusts. A throaty moan whispered from his mouth. She swallowed it and answered with her own. She wound her hands into his short hair, using it to anchor her wayward body and to keep his lips against hers. Warmth bloomed in her belly, flowing in languid rivers to her pussy. She could feel her lips swelling, throbbing to the beat of her racing heart.
With a groan he broke away and placed one last little kiss on her lips before sliding off the bed. He stood watching her for a few moments with a bemused heat shimmering in his eyes. She touched her lips with trembling fingers and tried to read his expression. Confusion and exhilaration flowed through her in equal parts. Her clit throbbed, demanding the attention the kiss had promised.
“Sorry, darlin’. I was just going to give you a little peck but you’re too damn tasty. I’ll see you downstairs when you’re ready.” His eyes were hooded by his drawn brows. He leaned down and gave her another quick kiss on the lips before spinning on his feet and walking out the door.

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