Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catch up with Alex Carreras... master of gay erotic romance #MM #gayrom #LGBT #mustread

Please meet one of my absolute favorite authors. Alex and I shared our very first release dates and make sure to bump into each other on social media often. I love his writing for it's romantic strands and sexy men, and because the stories are 'real'. 

My name is Alex Carreras and if you search Lea’s site I’m sure you’ll find my bio somewhere. She’s been very generous with this space over the years and I’m the virtual and resident hooker/slut who’s always hanging out here trying to drum up business.

LOL I love you Alex! I'll share my space with you every day! :)

Recently when I found myself in between stories I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write next and for some reason the hotties from Summer Heat kept popping into my head so I cracked open my Kindle [not really, more like pushed the button] to reread it. Whew! That story was hot, steaming hot! I kept blushing at the words that I wrote. I must’ve been in a really sexy mood when I penned that like tale of Manlove seduction. I have to admit, was fun to read. Typically I don’t enjoy reading my work because I usually second guess myself and my writing. Apparently this is not uncommon amongst writers. We are such tortured bastards. Anyway, I plan on continuing this series and write more stories with Hunter and Travis.

Currently I’m working on a self pub project. At the moment I’m calling it Chances and I want it to be sexy. My goal is to make me blush when I reread it in a few years from now. Let’s see if I can do it. Something tells me I can.

Something else, I decided to release Astrally Yours in French!!!!!!! I am very excited about this project. Our Lea created the world and I was lucky enough to write using her incredible setting and characters. The woman really is a creative creature.

Last but not least I have a release this May from my friends from Wilde City Press. It’s a vampire novella trilogy that will be sold as a complete set, compiled if you will. This is going to be fun because I had a great time writing it! Below are links to my Facebook page, Amazon page and Wilde City page but you can find me all over the Internet. Told you I’m a slut.

Writing Tips From a Publisher Author aka Me: Sit your butt in a chair and write even if it’s one word. I bet you can do more than that but lofty ambitions can be overwhelming so set a realistic goal. I shoot for 1k to 2 k a day depending if I have the day job. Do I realize this goal? Sometimes, but not always. The point here is that is takes words to finish your story so get them down asap. Another writing tip is to forget many of the writing tips you’ve read. Some are just downright stupid. Don’t want to say which ones but you know them when you read them. Your inner voice screams STUPID!!!!!!  or  DUH!!!!! when you run across these useless nuggets. Hope these tips yep. Now go write and go get published! I’m cheering you on and I bet Lea is too. Cheers!

Damn right I am. GO! DO IT! LOL I started late in the game and haven't ever second guessed my path to write.

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