Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Series... Watchers of Enoch ~ They gave up heaven to stay on Earth #newseries #preorder

Therefore shall they never find peace… 

The temptations of love and lust brought the two hundred Watchers together. When they decided earthly possessions were more important than divine instruction, they were bound to each other, and the Earth, forever as punishment. 

The Watchers can feel change coming… 

After three thousand years, and more heartache than Watcher General Penemuae can remember, all he wants is an end. Exhausted in heart and soul, he lives to fight the Nephilim and atone for his disgrace, his only objective to rid the Earth of evil. Until the day he meets her. Evelyn, the human woman who shouldn’t have survived, who can see things she shouldn’t, who makes him want things he’s sworn not to desire again. 

Face to face with evil, Evelyn finally has to accept there is more on earth than mere humans when she becomes the target of an immortal malevolence. Saved by an avenging angel with eyes dark as night and remorse to match, she finds herself in the middle of a fight she may not survive.

Penemuae releases 2/25/2015

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A wave of anticipation had her stifling a grin with a grime-coated palm.

Emotions not her own flooded her with glee. Blood-lust and redemption filled her body, bursting with heat and flames she didn’t understand but reveled in non-the-same. Her eyes widened. Someone was ready to tackle the two goons in front of her and she was absolutely certain the feelings she had coursing through her veins were his. How that was possible had her struck dumb for an instant until the demon-things yanked her from her stupor.

She needed to escape. The itch starting in her bones urged her to narrow her focus again to the alleyway. If she could run to her car before the arriving entity showed up she might just make it out without being touched again by the slimy Smokey. Or turned into whatever the hell-spawn an Nephilum was by the other monster. Even the new energy cascading through her body gave her shivers. Predator was too soft a word for the violence she felt coming. The prehistoric part of her mammal brain urged her to flee, hide, escape before the big bad whatever made it to the dark alley.

As slowly as she could she rose to her feet, staying hidden behind the dumpster, and backed farther into the shadows. No point in giving anyone an easy way to see her. Swallowing back the vomit that rose and burned her throat she tried to stem the gagging. What in the hell was this restaurant making that caused such noxious garbage?

A solid, heavy-booted thump above her head stilled Evelyn’s movements. Who ever felt the overwhelming joy at killing the monsters in the alley had arrived. The hairs on the back of her neck tingled. Vibrations shook from the ground as if it too knew someone important had arrived. Even the air paused, silent of every noise but the hissing and growling of the pair grappling in the mucky dark.

Didn’t they feel the presence? The absolute power emanating from the being looking down on them all? Fear warred with wonder as she waited. Too scared to look up but too interested to continue creeping toward the exit. Evelyn stood still and held her breath.

What came swooping into her line of sight wasn’t at all what she’d expected. Or perhaps he was exactly what she’d expected in the bizarre scene in front of her. The beautiful stranger dressed in black and toting a gleaming sword seemed to fit the scene, as if it’d been all scripted for a blockbuster action film. He silently landed in a perfect crouch on the balls of his booted-feet, ready for action. Even as his lips peeled back in a grimace she felt a surge of triumph and retribution blast through her, funneled through some strange connection with the warrior poised for action.

At the same moment as she stood dumbfounded and staring the two nephilum realized what, or whom, had arrived to disrupt their fun. They stopped fighting and turned together to watch the man. Evelyn wanted to think both Smokey and General Evil moved away from the crouched figure, but she could have been imagining it.

Smokey broke the silence with a hiss. “Watcher.”

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