Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Big and Blue? #SexyAlien Author Spotlight: Sue Lyndon 'Big Blue Valentine' .99 #mustread @SueLyndon

Big Blue Valentine: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Sue Lyndon

In my new release, Big Blue Valentine, Princess Minnie makes a big mistake and gets into trouble with her husband, Prince Zak, who happens to be a bit of a spanker. She knows he’s going to discipline her, but she never imagined he might spank her while she’s taking a bath…

Big Blue Valentine excerpt:

“I didn’t forget Valentine’s Day, by the way. You turned me blue for nothing.”
She clutched the sides of the tub. “What do you mean?”
“Prince Attab’s ship didn’t really get delayed, and I wasn’t supposed to fill in for him in Parliament today. I planned to take you on a sky cruise and I had to see about the final preparations, so I thought to trick you into thinking I’d forgotten to make the surprise all that much sweeter.” He paused rubbing her leg. “I thought you might pout a bit, but I never imagined you’d poison me.”
“I didn’t poison you! Zak, I knew for a fact the lemon wouldn’t really harm you. It was an impulsive, ridiculous thing to do, and I really am sorry. I won’t do it again.”
He arched an eyebrow at her and resumed cleansing her legs. “After the spanking I’m about to give you, I imagine you won’t even want to look at lemons again.”
She opened her mouth to argue, but clamped her lips together at his stern look. “I suppose I do deserve a spanking,” she eventually said.
“A hard spanking on your bare bottom,” he amended, placing the washcloth down. He pushed his sleeves up higher and studied her for a long, tense moment. “You’ll take your punishment right now, right here in the bathtub, Minnie. Turn over on your hands and knees and lift your naughty bottom up in the air.”
This time she couldn’t refrain from arguing. “But I’m all wet! Can’t I dry off first? Then you can punish me in our bedroom like you normally do.” She started to rise from the water, but Zak placed a steadying hand on her shoulder.
“Obey me, Minnie, and present your bottom for punishment.”

Big Blue Valentine blurb:

It’s probably not smart to turn a powerful alien prince blue on purpose, but when Princess Minnie thinks her husband, Zak, forgot Valentine’s Day, she impulsively squeezes a lemon slice into his drink. She knows full well the effect lemon has on Aklannians. Now it’s just a matter of time before his golden skin turns a brilliant shade of blue. She plots to have him called back from Parliament so she can confess her naughtiness to him in private, but the scheme blows up in her face.

Prince Zak can’t believe someone slipped lemon into his drink, causing him to postpone his Valentine’s Day surprise for Minnie. But he’s even more stunned to discover his own wife is behind his sudden change in color. Big, blue, and infuriated, he storms through the palace halls in search of his wayward princess. She has some explaining to do.

Big Blue Valentine is available for the low low price of 99 cents. It’s also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so KU members can borrow and read it for free.

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