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'Lion's Need' #MM #shifter #LGBT by Anya Richards #gayrom @AnyaRwrites

I LOVE this book. I'm so happy to be hosting Anya Richards today with her latest MM story.

Freed by his master, running for his life toward a new beginning, Androcles takes refuge from a wolf pack in a cave, not realizing it is already occupied…by a wounded lion. While self-preservation tells him to flee, the majestic animal’s pain makes him hesitate, and when the beast transforms into an equally magnificent man, Androcles knows he has to render aid.

Thus begins a new adventure for the man seeking only autonomy and a place of his own in the world. In Okyin Androcles sees everything he is running from—a man-beast who could, with passion and his commanding presence, easily enslave another. A masterful lover able to seduce Androcles into wanting whatever he can get, even into wanting what he cannot have—or should not even desire. A superior being who causes the lines between freedom and slavery to blur, and causes a true crisis to an already damaged spirit.

Unable to believe in the peace and sanctuary Okyin offers, Androcles knows he has no choice but to once more flee. For personal liberty is more important than physical need, and the desire to be accepted as an equal overrides all passion. Even if when running away he leaves his heart behind.


“Do you live near here?” Everything about him—his carriage, poise and speech—tells me this is not a man who lives in a cave.

“No. The city I come from lies far to the south-west, in the grasslands beyond the desert.”

I try to think what lies in that direction, but my knowledge does not extend that far. “How come you to be here, then?”

“I had a need to see more of the world than just my small corner of it. I have traveled far and wide—to Kush and Persia, into Arabia—and now I make the journey back to my people.”

His eyes change, lose the glow of amusement to become shadowed, and my stomach clenches
in anticipation. “I had stopped to rest when the spirit of the lion came on me.” He watches me
intently, as though gauging my reaction. “It had been too long since I released it, and it roared
to be allowed to overtake me. Although I didn’t know the land well, I thought it would be safe,
but not long after my transformation the wolf pack found me. It was during my fight with them
that I was injured. I killed the Alpha male and female, and the others fled, but I realized there
was something wrong. My head was spinning. I couldn’t get my bearings. Finding this cave, I
crawled in and lay down, hoping soon to feel well enough to go back to my campsite. That is the
last thing I remember.” He tilts his head. “What was it caught in my hand?”

“A thorn,” I reply. “Perhaps it carried some poison your body couldn’t fight.”

Okyin nods slowly. “It must be so. And once you removed it, I was able to heal.” The
shadows deepen in his gaze. “I have no memory of taking lion form, of reacting to the wolves
being close again. It is a bad thing to be without control of the spirit. I am glad you were not hurt.”

I want to reply, but the expression in his eyes tightens the muscles in my belly and
the sudden dryness of my mouth precludes speech. Something shifts between us, the air itself
becoming still and heavy, the silence buzzing in my ears. Memories of the night before invade
my mind again, bringing a shiver of reaction to trickle down my spine.

The urge to turn away overtakes me but Okyin effortlessly holds me frozen with the
intensity of his gaze. Was he conscious last night? Does he remember what happened between
us? I want to ask but can think of no way of broaching the subject. I’m also not sure I want him
to remember. Although I am not afraid of him physically, I am afraid of the emotions he stirs
within me and the belonging I felt when I held him in my arms.

It would be better we part without revisiting those moments. Without reawakening the unsatisfied yearning I felt.

Okyin takes a deep breath then releases it with an audible sigh. He says, “I must go—try to find my campsite and belongings. But I will return.” Is it my imagination that makes his voice sound deeper, more resonant, so it echoes through my bones and blood? And what does the sudden hooding of his eyes, the firming of his lips mean? I hold my breath as he continues.

“There is one other question I would ask you, Androcles, before I go.”

He pauses as though waiting for me to speak. Choked and inexplicably terrified, I school my face to try to appear unconcerned even as my stomach rolls and pitches—a ship a-sea on the ocean of my emotions. All I am capable of managing is a go ahead wave of my hand. Even then he hesitates, his gaze boring into mine for a long, tense moment before he speaks.

“Are we to ignore what happened between us last night? The pleasure we found in each other’s arms?” He turns away before I can even fully absorb his words, and is already going up the slope to the other cavern by the time I can make sense of his query. Pausing, he glances back at me. “Think on it while I am away, Androcles.” Just the way he says my name makes my already racing heart cease beating for a moment, before beginning to pound again. “I would have
you on my mat tonight, in my arms.”

Then he is gone, and my breath rushes from my chest, leaving my head spinning and my body incredibly, wickedly aroused.

I will think of nothing else until he comes back, I’m sure.
Meet the Author:
After living a checkered past, and despite an avowed disinterest in domesticity, multi-published erotic romance author Anya Richards moved from Jamaica to settle in Ontario, Canada, with husband, kids, an adorable pup and a couple of cats that plot world domination, one food bowl at a time. Her slightly darker alter-ego, Anya Delvay, emerges occasionally to write erotica.
Interested in all things historical and hysterical, Anya describes herself as intensely curious, (although the word ‘nosy’ has been bandied about) and a life-long people-watcher. Using what she’s discovered about people, places and various weird and wonderful things, Anya has written contemporary, historical and paranormal/fantasy romance novels, novellas and short stories for multiple publishers. She's also dipping her toes into the self-publishing market, so watch out world :)
Anya's books can be found on her:
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