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'Lion's Need' #MM #shifter #LGBT by Anya Richards #gayrom @AnyaRwrites

I LOVE this book. I'm so happy to be hosting Anya Richards today with her latest MM story.

Freed by his master, running for his life toward a new beginning, Androcles takes refuge from a wolf pack in a cave, not realizing it is already occupied…by a wounded lion. While self-preservation tells him to flee, the majestic animal’s pain makes him hesitate, and when the beast transforms into an equally magnificent man, Androcles knows he has to render aid.

Thus begins a new adventure for the man seeking only autonomy and a place of his own in the world. In Okyin Androcles sees everything he is running from—a man-beast who could, with passion and his commanding presence, easily enslave another. A masterful lover able to seduce Androcles into wanting whatever he can get, even into wanting what he cannot have—or should not even desire. A superior being who causes the lines between freedom and slavery to blur, and causes a true crisis to an already damaged spirit.

Unable to believe in the peace and sanctuary Okyin offers, Androcles knows he has no choice but to once more flee. For personal liberty is more important than physical need, and the desire to be accepted as an equal overrides all passion. Even if when running away he leaves his heart behind.


“Do you live near here?” Everything about him—his carriage, poise and speech—tells me this is not a man who lives in a cave.

“No. The city I come from lies far to the south-west, in the grasslands beyond the desert.”

I try to think what lies in that direction, but my knowledge does not extend that far. “How come you to be here, then?”

“I had a need to see more of the world than just my small corner of it. I have traveled far and wide—to Kush and Persia, into Arabia—and now I make the journey back to my people.”

His eyes change, lose the glow of amusement to become shadowed, and my stomach clenches
in anticipation. “I had stopped to rest when the spirit of the lion came on me.” He watches me
intently, as though gauging my reaction. “It had been too long since I released it, and it roared
to be allowed to overtake me. Although I didn’t know the land well, I thought it would be safe,
but not long after my transformation the wolf pack found me. It was during my fight with them
that I was injured. I killed the Alpha male and female, and the others fled, but I realized there
was something wrong. My head was spinning. I couldn’t get my bearings. Finding this cave, I
crawled in and lay down, hoping soon to feel well enough to go back to my campsite. That is the
last thing I remember.” He tilts his head. “What was it caught in my hand?”

“A thorn,” I reply. “Perhaps it carried some poison your body couldn’t fight.”

Okyin nods slowly. “It must be so. And once you removed it, I was able to heal.” The
shadows deepen in his gaze. “I have no memory of taking lion form, of reacting to the wolves
being close again. It is a bad thing to be without control of the spirit. I am glad you were not hurt.”

I want to reply, but the expression in his eyes tightens the muscles in my belly and
the sudden dryness of my mouth precludes speech. Something shifts between us, the air itself
becoming still and heavy, the silence buzzing in my ears. Memories of the night before invade
my mind again, bringing a shiver of reaction to trickle down my spine.

The urge to turn away overtakes me but Okyin effortlessly holds me frozen with the
intensity of his gaze. Was he conscious last night? Does he remember what happened between
us? I want to ask but can think of no way of broaching the subject. I’m also not sure I want him
to remember. Although I am not afraid of him physically, I am afraid of the emotions he stirs
within me and the belonging I felt when I held him in my arms.

It would be better we part without revisiting those moments. Without reawakening the unsatisfied yearning I felt.

Okyin takes a deep breath then releases it with an audible sigh. He says, “I must go—try to find my campsite and belongings. But I will return.” Is it my imagination that makes his voice sound deeper, more resonant, so it echoes through my bones and blood? And what does the sudden hooding of his eyes, the firming of his lips mean? I hold my breath as he continues.

“There is one other question I would ask you, Androcles, before I go.”

He pauses as though waiting for me to speak. Choked and inexplicably terrified, I school my face to try to appear unconcerned even as my stomach rolls and pitches—a ship a-sea on the ocean of my emotions. All I am capable of managing is a go ahead wave of my hand. Even then he hesitates, his gaze boring into mine for a long, tense moment before he speaks.

“Are we to ignore what happened between us last night? The pleasure we found in each other’s arms?” He turns away before I can even fully absorb his words, and is already going up the slope to the other cavern by the time I can make sense of his query. Pausing, he glances back at me. “Think on it while I am away, Androcles.” Just the way he says my name makes my already racing heart cease beating for a moment, before beginning to pound again. “I would have
you on my mat tonight, in my arms.”

Then he is gone, and my breath rushes from my chest, leaving my head spinning and my body incredibly, wickedly aroused.

I will think of nothing else until he comes back, I’m sure.
Meet the Author:
After living a checkered past, and despite an avowed disinterest in domesticity, multi-published erotic romance author Anya Richards moved from Jamaica to settle in Ontario, Canada, with husband, kids, an adorable pup and a couple of cats that plot world domination, one food bowl at a time. Her slightly darker alter-ego, Anya Delvay, emerges occasionally to write erotica.
Interested in all things historical and hysterical, Anya describes herself as intensely curious, (although the word ‘nosy’ has been bandied about) and a life-long people-watcher. Using what she’s discovered about people, places and various weird and wonderful things, Anya has written contemporary, historical and paranormal/fantasy romance novels, novellas and short stories for multiple publishers. She's also dipping her toes into the self-publishing market, so watch out world :)
Anya's books can be found on her:
Website             Facebook              Twitter

Author Spotlight: Don Abdul 'A Cougar's Legacy' #eroticauthor #eroticread @donabdul2

The future of Marie-Claire and Ray’s romantic relationship is forged in the heat of their first lover’s tiff. The couple has barely kissed and made up when Marie-Claire’s bisexual lover Cynthia comes visiting. When Marie-Claire accidentally unmasks Cynthia’s selfish motivation, she becomes acquainted with a side of Ray that she never thought she would see in a man ever again.


Still feeling hot and bothered from their steamy embrace, Marie-Claire gingerly stepped out of the shower. She was immediately followed by Ray. Still high on his promise of an orgasm, she handed him a terry cloth robe with which he dried himself as he followed her into the guest bedroom.
Before he could put on the robe however, Marie-Claire lost control to her desire. She licked her lips eying his still erect chocolate cock. Unable to resist the temptation any longer, she stepped closer to him and took it in her trembling hand.
“Mmm...” A soft moan escaped her parted lips. She shut her eyes and revelled shamelessly in the incredible girth and warmth of his member in her grasp. Opening her eyes, she looked down hungrily at the rock hard flesh. It pulsed and proudly jutted out from the neatly trimmed pubic hair around her younger lover’s crotch.
Marie-Claire started to pull back his foreskin, but she changed her mind.
‘It’ll be so much better in my own bed...’ she thought, preferring to have him relieve the tension in her aching cunt in the comfort of her own bed rather than in impersonal surroundings of her guest bedroom. Still holding onto his throbbing cock, she led him down the corridor to the master bedroom.
She led the way to her expansive bed, but just before she climbed into it, Ray, seized her arm and then spun her gently around. He caught her with a graceful ease in his warm embrace. Lifting her face up by the chin, he claimed her sensuous lips.
Their kiss was soft and tender at first, and then she gasped, and melded her naked body against his hard chocolate frame, sucking on his tongue with increasing hunger.
“Mmm...” she moaned as he reciprocated her rising passion. Swirling his tongue around hers, he paused to lick and then playfully nibble on her lower lip before sensuously sliding his tongue back into her mouth.
‘Mon dieu, he’s such an excellent kisser,’ she thought. She particularly admired the fact that he didn’t seem to be in any hurry as he explored her warm mouth with his tongue. It had been a long time since any man focused on her needs rather than race through the romantic prelude to sexual intercourse.
In that instant, she was glad she had braved the pain of loneliness to consign her treacherous ex-husband into the garbage heap of her past.
In the meantime, she was content to surrender completely to the loving embrace of her handsome young lover. She sucked his tongue between her lips, in the fashion of a blow job.
Ray’s steely erection pressed and poked at her trim tummy, awakening a desperate desire to wrap her lips around it. A shiver of excitement rushed through her when Ray moaned, and then grabbed her full round ass, crushing her pelvis harder against his crotch.
Marie-Claire could feel the raging pulse of his engorged penis as he ground his groin against hers. She was out of breath and feeling giddy as his cock massaged her sensitive nub.
They came up for air and she whispered a breathless plea into his ear.
“Oh baby... I want to suck your beautiful chocolate cock now...”
Ray murmured a response but Marie-Claire was so high on the potent cocktail of intense sexual heat, smells and sounds around her, that she paid very little mind to anything but her instinct for sexual gratification.

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Author bio
I'm a writer and author of erotic fiction in my 40s. I discovered creative writing as an escape from the dullness of small town life at an early age. My journey as an author of erotic fiction began with a passion for writing erotic poetry and then spicy short stories. Some of my other works of erotic fiction have been published under my Nom de plume, Tyrese Jordan.

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5 facts about yourself that most wouldn't know
1. Father of two teenage boys
2. I have a highly technical day job
3. I have at least fifteen published books
4. My journey as a writer actually started with writing poetry
5. It took me five years to get published

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LGBT Author Spotlight: 'Rainbow Hill' by Alex Carreras #newrelease #gayrom

Welcome Alex Carreras

Alex and I 'met' two years ago and shared our very first release days together. I love his sweet, romantic MM stories. Check out his newest, Rainbow Hill, and delve into this beautiful book.

When Ethan Stokes returns to his family’s farm after his mother’s death, he didn’t expect the obligatory weekend visit to turn into a project that would take the entire summer to complete. He also didn’t expect to be living with Quinn Kincade, the man who Ethan shared his first kiss with back in high school. But if Ethan remembered correctly, wasn’t Quinn… straight?

Between milking cows, renovating barns, and dealing with aging fathers with strong opinions, the two men try to maneuver the best they know how, both looking for their happily ever after atop Rainbow Hill.
Oh, why, why, WHY did he have to look like that? Ethan screamed inside his head. And now he’s starting to show his softer side. Ethan took a few steps back and pretended to survey the completion of the north and east wall of the barn instead of Quinn’s bubble butt wrapped in faded blue jeans. There was even a small hole under the left back pocket that exposed tight, white cotton underwear, a sight that made Ethan’s heart erratic and his cock hard as a metal rod. Damn.
“So how did we do, boss?” Quinn asked, beads of sweat dampening the collar of his shirt. Ethan wanted to walk up to him, rip the shirt off his toned torso, and take him right there on the hard wood floor. Swallowing, he forced the fantasy out of his head.
“Not bad,” he answered.
Quinn reached in his back pocket and pulled out his phone to check the time. “I’m going to walk up to the house and check on things.” Ethan read between the lines, realizing that meant seeing if Frank was sober enough to work that afternoon, Quinn having to step in if he wasn’t. “Want to come with me? We worked through lunch, and I’m starving. At least stop to get a drink.”
“Sounds like a good idea,” Ethan agreed. He began the task of cleaning up, replacing the lids on the paint cans and gathering random cloths used while working. “You go ahead. I’ll be up soon.”
Quinn cocked his head as if he wanted to ask a question but nodded curtly. “See you soon,” he threw over his shoulder before disappearing out the open door.
Maybe it was the heat, but it was also Quinn that made Ethan become consumed with the need to jerk off…. Immediately. One thing he failed to mention to Quinn earlier was, he not only used to come to the shed to smoke, he came here to masturbate, too. Taking the risk, Ethan darted for the door and peered out to assess the situation.
The coast is clear.
Finding the darkest most secluded spot, Ethan ducked behind the last of the stuff that would no doubt be cleared tomorrow, finding shelter. Overcome by lust, he unzipped and reached in his underwear to free up his already hard cock. Just touching himself and the risk of getting caught made his heart smash against his rib cage and his thighs tremble with anticipation. Ethan hadn’t been this horny and excited in quite some time, or possibly ever. Stroking quickly, time being of the essence, he closed his eyes and rested his back against a wall that still remained unpainted. Thoughts of Quinn, past and present, flashed in his mind like an erotic slide show.
He had always wanted Quinn. Then and now. With the other hand, he cupped his balls and squeezed, imagining it was Quinn working him over. A moan escaped from his parted lips. Quickening his pace and applying more pressure, he felt his cock pulse. He opened his eyes for only an instant to make sure that he was still alone and squeezed them shut again.
What the fuck am I doing, he thought, masturbating in the middle of the day in a semi-public place? He never took these kinds of risks, other guys did. But as the rush of orgasm overtook his body and washed over his brain, Ethan came to the realization that apparently he was one of those guys after all. Fighting back the urge to cry out, he widened his stance as the stream of thick, pearly cum arched from his cock and shot into the still air of the shed. Over and over it came, landing on the floorboards with force. Unable to hold it in any longer, Ethan moaned as his body convulsed with ecstasy. He rode it to the end and waited until he caught his breath and his heart returned to a somewhat normal pace before opening his eyes again. Flicking his dick, the last remaining drops of cum rained down on to the floor. Folding himself away, Ethan zipped up and shifted so he could step out of his safe haven.
Ethan froze on hearing Quinn call his name.

Alex Carreras writes from Sarasota, Florida about sexy men in compromising positions while he dreams of living in a cold but still cozy village somewhere in the United Kingdom. Check out his blog at, he would love to hear from you.

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RELEASE DAY: 'Tempering Steel' Book 2 Coyote Bluff Series #paranormal #shifter #newrelease

Happy Release Day to me!

Tempering Steel ~ Book 2
Coyote Bluff Series

After months of aching to be with grumpy Sheriff Connor Manning, Margarete Barrie finally gets her chance when a coyote shifter takes refuge in her home. She burns with need every time they’re close, but even she can only take rejection so many times before giving up.

Connor’s resolve to stay away from Margie weakens when she takes in his packmate. Fighting his inner animal and jealousy makes him question his decision to leave women and love alone.

They’re thrown together to catch a trapper or hunter threatening the pack. But once things start to heat up even the possibility of danger doesn’t cool the tension between them.


Margie couldn’t help the giggle which escaped her lips as she rounded the corner of the doorjamb. To have Connor whistle at her like that, and so loudly, as well as leave his scent all over her was too much to hope for. Her heart soared. He really was claiming her, and wasn’t being quiet about it.
“Damn, girl. You stink.” Ian’s voice carried from deeper in the barn and the sound of something solid hitting him let her know Cammie was there.
“Shut up. You can’t tell her she stinks. God, you’ll give her a complex.” Cammie’s words were punctuated with smacks to Ian’s arm.
“Fine. Ow. Stop hitting me, woman, or I’ll turn you over my knee.” He growled a little at his wife and she blushed. Well.
Margie laughed. “Look at you two. Married and already bickering.”
Cammie raced over and clamped tight arms around Margie’s waist. Her friend whispered, “I’m so glad he’s finally come around and accepted the truth.”
“Yes, he has and I’m so glad everyone needs to keep reminding her about my issues.”

Connor’s growl had everyone spinning, and most of the people standing around looking off, scuffing their shoes in the dirt of clearing their throats. Margie wanted to laugh, but then again, what was the fun in allowing him to get away with being gruff with all of his friends. Even she could sense the unease.
Chapter one- free read:


Series Teaser:

Coyote Bluff is a small, quaint town in the mountains of Virginia. With its diner run by Mama, the police force of one and a single stop light it's much like every other small town in America. Well, until you take a closer look.

Feel free to come visit Coyote Bluff... but keep an eye on the wildlife.

Accidentally Yours ~ Book 1
Coyote Bluff Series

Cammie has had one hell of a night. Her long-time abusive boyfriend pushed her to the limits and then a freaking wolf hit her car. While clutching a bag of frozen peas to her swollen eye she manages to rescue the animal and make it home. But what’s she do with it after that? 

Ian can’t believe his luck. After a stupid decision he’s been run out of every shifter territory he’s entered. Hoping Coyote Bluff would be different seems to have been his downfall. After a bunch of coyotes chase him through the night he finds himself being coddled by a tempting woman. His canine half is already in love with her. 

Cammie’s ex comes calling, Ian’s found out by the local Alpha and the town seems bent on keeping them apart. Can they fight against everyone at once to find happiness together? Better question would be will Cammie accept Ian once he admits to being the wolf she so readily confided in and nursed back to health?

Chapter one- free read:

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Author Spotlight: Rosemary Willhide #eroticromance #Dreambook #TrueBlood @rwillhide

RUNNING AWAY TO HOME began with a dream. I use to have a recurring dream about Alexander Skarsgard, vampire Eric Northman on “True Blood.” I would show up to the fitness room to teach my spin class. Alexander would appear in the distance.  He approached with a look of lust.  He had on a sexy, black leather jacket. I had on a workout top and no pants! Then, I’d wake up. After the fifth time I had the dream, I thought to myself, what if?

Alexander is perfection. His ice-blue eyes, soft kissable lips and his hands!  What is it about his hands? Let’s not forget his chiseled physic. I love his abs. He has that thing, that V-thing. I call it the panty soaker.

In my head, he is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Why not have a Hollywood heartthrob with an ass that just won’t quit, meet a feisty fitness instructor with a dirty little mouth.

In RUNNING AWAY TO HOME, Derek Pierce and Nia Kelly come from two different worlds, equally as complicated. Derek is a man who has everything, but the pressure of his show biz career consumes him. Nia is girl who lost everything and struggles to start over.

Together they are pure magic.  There is a fierce heat and connection between them that is unexplainable.

I didn’t not intend to put so many sex scenes in the book, but they were just so ding dang horny, I folded like a cheap tent.


If home is where the heart is, Nia Kelly is screwed. 

The twenty-four year old fitness instructor nearly faints when Hollywood heartthrob Derek Pierce comes to her spin class at an exclusive Las Vegas sports club. 

There is an instant spark, an undeniable heat between them. But falling in love is not in her plan. Nia is a girl who sticks to the plan. 

She moved to Las Vegas to escape her past, a past with secrets that still haunt her. A romantic entanglement with a celebrity like Derek will put both of them in danger. She doesn’t know if she will ever be safe, ever be free. 

Then he looks at her with those gorgeous blue eyes, and is impossible to resist. Her world flips upside down. 

Reader Advisory: Please be advised, the devastatingly handsome hero awakens our feisty heroine, she’s super horny, all the time! 
A full-length novel of 77,566 words. 
Running Away to Home is the 1st book in the highly erotic, Swept Away series 


Inside their little bubble, newly engaged, Nia Kelly and Derek Pierce are blissfully happy. Their passion reaches new heights as they explore each other in sensual, wicked ways. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the world has not received the memo. They are hit with a barrage of attacks from Nia’s past and Derek’s pressure-filled Hollywood career. Their happiness and future are in peril at every turn. 

Derek is steadfast in his commitment to Nia. No matter what, he will never let go. Nia is his and Derek is hers—they belong together. 

Nia prays their love is enough. With everything she has, she holds on and vows not to run away. It’s a promise she hopes she can keep. 
A full-length novel of 64,256 words. 
Away With Him is the 2nd book in the highly erotic, Swept Away series

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Author Spotlight: Lori Remenicky #freereads #salereads

Welcome L.A. Remenicky

It only took one look into his eyes for her to know she was in trouble.
Adam Bricklin has heard the melody in his head for years, the melody that told him if a decision was right or wrong. When he met Ragan Newlin the song told him she was the one. He was devastated when circumstances tore them apart. It has taken three years for Adam to finally move past the heartbreak he suffered when Ragan left town in the middle of the night. No note, no email, no text. She was just gone. Now he has a new girlfriend, a new album in the works, and his daughter is doing well in school. Until the day Ragan returned to Fairfield Corners.
Ragan came home to celebrate her parent’s anniversary hoping they would forgive her for not telling them about her marriage or her son. When she discovered that Adam was still living in Fairfield Corners she hoped her secrets were safe; secrets that drove her away three years ago, secrets that could change their lives forever.

Ragan's Song


Everyone has secrets.  Sometimes secrets can get you killed.

After ten years in the big city, Cassie Holt is moving back to her hometown to take over the bookstore left to her by her beloved Gram, vowing to live her life alone.  To her best friend, Sheriff James Marsten, Cassie seems to be the same girl that left Fairfield Corners to go to college but Cassie has secrets and one of those secrets could get her killed.  When one of her secrets becomes a threat to her life, James turns to his new deputy to help him keep Cassie safe. 
Deputy Logan Miller has been burned by love and is not looking to get involved with anyone anytime soon.  When he is thrown into close quarters with Cassie, the sparks begin to fly and he begins to see through the walls Cassie has built around her heart.  As the threat gets closer, can Logan protect Cassie and protect his heart?

Saving Cassie


L.A. Remenicky is a 40-something wife and mother to 3 furkids. She writes Love Stories With A Twist. Writing wasn’t even on her radar until a friend introduced her to NaNoWriMo in 2012. She signed up, wrote 50,000 words that November, and she hasn’t looked back.

Street Team ~ Remenicky’s Remenions:


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Author Spotlight: Jacqueline Anne ~ Sweet Lovers Series #newrelease @AuthorJacAnne

Her Latest Release!
Letting Go – Sweet Lovers Book 2

Published by Siren-Bookstrand
Release date: December 10, 2014

Sexy stock broker, Mike Foerster, was used to playing the field until he met Catherine Beckitt, the gorgeous business manager of the New York Empires’ baseball stadium. 
Catherine is a successful, hardworking professional. She has kept her past a secret since the day she left her hometown nearly twelve years ago.
They were enjoying each other and taking their relationship slow when Mike received a phone call about his job changing. The confidentiality agreement would force him to lie to his loved ones and Catherine. He couldn’t do it and broke up with her on New Year’s. 
Fast forward three months, Mike still couldn’t get her out of his mind. He spots her on opening day and she still took his breath away. Their chemistry was even hotter once he convinced her to see him again. 

Will Mike’s job tear them apart or will Catherine’s haunted past come back to destroy her? Only trust and time will tell.

Story Excerpt:
Mike’s breath briefly halted when he spotted Catherine among the customers in the candy shop. Damn his body and heart for allowing so many feelings to rush back as his eyes soaked up her angelic presence. His mind knew this wasn’t a good idea. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy or feel right keeping secrets from her. But his heart and body overruled his mind. As much as he tried to forget her, given his current circumstances, he just couldn’t let her go. Not again. She was dressed so professionally and exuded control over her work and the entire stadium. You could tell she had her shit together just by watching the way she carried herself and worked with the other employees. He knew she was like that, and seeing her in action turned him on. He couldn’t deny it.
“Catherine,” he said to get her attention.
His voice sent Catherine’s body into a mix of emotions. She turned around and saw Mike standing there, all six-foot-one of that magnificent body with his charming smile. Part of her was excited to see him. Part of her was over him, or so she continuously told herself. He was wearing his Empires jersey and a pair of faded jeans. He had such a presence, a playboy presence, so she thought. It was bittersweet that she never saw that side of him, but it was for the best. His dirty blond hair was left naturally mussed up when he wasn’t at work. His eyes, oh my, those eyes of his were as blue as the ocean. She tried hard to focus on what happened on New Year’s and not drown in his gaze.
“Hey, Mike. How are you?”
He approached her and put his arm around her waist and leaned in and kissed her cheek. “I’ve missed you, Catherine,” he whispered cautiously. He didn’t know how she was going to react to him.
His words, warm breath, and masculine scent sent shivers down Catherine’s spine. Shivers she always tried to suppress and control when it came to him or any other man. He pulled away and looked at her.
She hesitated for a moment, wondering what to say. He was the one that walked away. He never even called her when he got back into town.
“I’ve missed you too,” she ended up blurting out. Well, it was the damn truth. She had missed him a lot, no matter how hard she tried to push him from her mind.
He smiled again at her, but she had a hard time figuring out what to say to him. She didn’t know how to respond. She didn’t completely understand the situation or if it even mattered. But her damn body had a mind of its own. She immediately blamed it on the exhausting work week. She didn’t even have the energy to fight her body’s natural response to him. Thank God she was wearing long sleeves and Mike couldn’t see the goose bumps he gave her. But unlike the creepy shivers from the other night, these goose bumps were red hot, and her body was welcoming them for the first time in a really long time.
Mike had to say something. The moments of silence between them were awkward and left him feeling uneasy. “Opening day seems to be going really well. I was just stopping in to check on Alayna’s franchise.”
“Fans seem to be enjoying the sweets. I just checked on the sales so far today. I couldn’t be more pleased.”
“Good to hear, and I am sure Alayna will be happy as well.” Mike took a deep breath and reached for Catherine’s hand. He slowly rubbed his thumb over her knuckles, debating what to say next. He hated feeling awkward around her. “Catherine, I’m sorry I had to leave you like I did on New Year’s. I know with how things are now. It won’t be easy, but I would be a complete fool if I walked away again. Not a day has gone by that I didn’t think of you. I really want to see you again.”
Catherine tried to fight the sensations of his touch. She took the last few ounces of energy that she had to get her body somewhat under control. She had to think clearly and made a mental note to grab a coffee at the next vendor’s stand. “I don’t know, Mike,” she prudently responded.
Mike couldn’t blame her one bit. And honestly, he knew this wasn’t a good idea. He would still have to keep certain things from her. But hell, the moment he saw her again, he couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t give her up. He would just have to be extremely careful around her so she didn’t find out the secrets he had to hold. “Please, Catherine. Give me another chance,” he pleaded and gave her a few moments to contemplate his question. He smiled at her again, pulling out the most charming weapon he had in a stadium full of people. “So, what do you say? Will you let me take you out this weekend?”
Catherine took a deep breath. Did he have to keep smiling like that? The physical attraction between them was even more evident than the last time they saw each other. So much so that her girlie parts began to hum in response to the vision in front of her and his touch, scent, everything about him. Her senses were being overloaded. Of course, it could be because it felt like he left her high and dry. They hadn’t even slept together. It was her fault, too. She had been fine taking it slow. She wanted it that way even though she never told him. He seemed to be fine with it too. But now, Catherine’s libido seemed to be smacking her right in the face because of her long dry spell. “Sure,” she finally replied.

Adult Excerpt:
Watching Catherine let go was probably the most beautiful thing he had ever witnessed. She didn’t hold back. Not for him. He pushed her orgasm to last as long as he could. He wanted to feel everything. To drink every last drop of her sweet cum.
When her spasms subsided, she threw her arms over her head, completely spent. But oh, it was just the beginning.
“Holy—Wow!” she said, trying to catch her breath.
“That was beautiful,” Mike said as he moved back up her body.
Catherine reached for him and pulled him toward her for a passionate kiss. She could taste herself on him. It shocked her when she realized it turned her on even more. How was that possible? She reached down and unbuckled his belt and pants.
“It’s been so long, Mike, too long. Please. I want you inside me.”
Mike sensed the urgency in her voice and saw the desire in her eyes. He quickly hopped off the bed and took off his pants and boxer briefs.
Catherine’s gaze dropped from his face down to his cock. Her eyes grew even darker with desire. She looked like she wanted to devour him. The thought of that made his lips curve into a sexy smirk, but he pushed that thought aside. There would be plenty of time for that. Right now, all he wanted was to be inside her and feel her muscles pulse around his dick, just like she did around his finger.
Catherine was more than enthralled with Mike’s body. Jesus! Could the man be any more perfect? He was perfectly sculpted and gifted with size.
“Angel? Please tell me you have condoms,” he said, standing at the edge of the bed.
“I do.” Catherine reached over to her nightstand. She opened the drawer and pulled out a brand new box. She handed it to him with a sweet, anxious smile.
Mike couldn’t seem to open the box fast enough. He was fumbling with it like a nervous teenager before his first time. Catherine noticed and giggled. She got up and knelt on the bed in front of him. He just stared at her. He couldn’t help himself. She was that breathtakingly gorgeous, with her creamy, soft skin and the sprinkle of freckles, and the way her strawberry blonde hair draped over her shoulders. And when she giggled, it made his dick twitch.
“Need some help?”
“Apparently.” He handed her the box and she began to open it. “God, the things you do to me. You are so goddamn beautiful that I can’t even do a simple task like open a box.” He was still gawking at her when he felt her warm hands on him. He gasped and looked down. She was putting the condom on him. That small gesture almost set him off right then and there.
“Well, you seem to have been functioning just fine a few minutes ago,” she acknowledged with a smile and another giggle.
That was it. Mike couldn’t take it anymore. He cupped her face and kissed her with every ounce of passion that was stirring in his body. His hands slid down her body and cupped her ass. He hauled her to him, but she went the rest of the way, grinding her body against his rock hard erection. He leaned forward, pressing her back to lie on the bed. Her hair sprawled out over the mattress, forming a striking halo around her head. He climbed onto of her and guided his cock inside her. Inch by inch.
Catherine gasped at the intrusion, but more than welcomed it. It took some control for her not to grab Mike’s ass and thrust her hips. It had been a long time. Taking it a bit slow the first time was the best thing for her vagina. She tried telling herself that.
“You feel so good, Catherine. Your pussy is so tight.” Mike pushed all the way in.
Catherine moaned and didn’t want to take it slowly. She grabbed his ass and sunk her fingernails into his skin. Even his ass was rock hard. She wrapped her legs around him, physically telling him not to hold back.
Mike loved the uninhibited responses he got from Catherine. The way she moaned, cried his name, and the way she dug her fingernails into his skin. She was definitely going to be leaving marks. He tried to pace himself. He wanted her to come again. He didn’t want it to be over quickly. He slowly moved in and out of her, driving deep each and every time.
“Don’t hold back on me. I can take what you want to give me. I want it all, too.”
Christ almighty! This woman was going to cause the death of him. His dick grew even harder as he quickened his pace. Moving faster and harder. Visions of everything he wanted to do with her, to her, flashed in his head like a near death experience. He lifted her legs up over his arms. She tilted her hips, taking more of him. All of him.
Mike’s cock felt so good. She was tight, but so wet for him. The pleasure-pain feeling overwhelmed her. She wanted more.
“More, Mike. Please,” she begged.
He pumped faster, harder and felt her muscles clamped down on his dick. She screamed his name as she barreled through waves of mind-numbing pleasure.
“Oh fuck!” Mike growled right alongside her pleasure spill as she milked the cum right out of him.
Mike’s heart was racing at top speed as he collapsed on top of Catherine. Catherine’s erratic breaths matched the beats of his racing heart. Her legs and arms still wrapped around him. His dick still jolting inside her like the aftereffects of an earthquake.


The Beginning of the Sweet Lovers Series…
All of You, Sweet Lovers Book 1
Published by Siren-Bookstrand

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Alayna Taylor is a dedicated wife, loving mother, and opened her dream business. A tragic accident overturns her perfect life. Pushing through, she finds strength to move on as a mother and business owner. Then she looks for what she wants as a woman and pursues the man of her erotic dreams, her children’s doctor.
Adam Bryant is a caring, gentle man, the perfect pediatrician. He has dedicated his life to caring for others and always followed the “everything happens for a reason” motto.  A text from his patients’ mother has him ringing her doorbell.
Alayna is clear that she is a package deal and protects her heart and kids. Adam discovers a hungry sexual side that only she brings out of him with her strength and seductive ways. He is determined to show Alayna how much he cares about all of her with his thoughtful, mind blowing surprises.
Both Alayna and Adam find themselves wanting a whole lot more.

Adult Excerpt:
“Rise and shine, handsome.” I said ever-so gently. “We have lots of wine to taste today.”
A big smiled appeared on his face and then he slowly opened his eyes. “I want to taste you first.” He grumbled.
He playfully pushed me off of him and ripped off my clothes. The desire in his eyes made my body quiver with anticipation and excitement. He shoved me down and straddled me around my belly. His cock was so close to my mouth that I wanted to devour him on the spot. He held me down on the bed with my hands above my head. Electric shock ran through my body in response to his sexual assertiveness, my folds getting wetter by the second.
“Well, thank goodness you are a morning person,” I said with a sexy grin.
“Only when I wake up with you.” With a sexy grin, he said, “Hold onto the headboard, baby, and don’t let go.”
Hmmm…this could be exhilarating, but nearly impossible for me not to touch him.
He began at my fingertips, kissing and sucking on each and every one. He overwhelmed my body with his touch. Not just with his fingers, but his mouth, his tongue, his skin. The way he moved all over me, always making sure every possible part of his naked sexiness was touching me. He seemed fascinated with every inch of me as his cock trailed down and around my body with the rest of him.
I began to moan, “Mmmmmm, Adam.” He hadn’t even touched my sex yet and I felt like I was going to explode.
Oh God, this man!
He trailed right past my sex that I was certain was glistening in the sunlight. I was so wet and ready for him. I could feel it on my thighs. He continued to my inner thighs, spreading my legs ever so gently, caressing every part of my being. I pulled my knees up so my feet were resting on each side of him. He continued licking me and sucking me. My legs shot straight back down and I was squeezing the headboard so tightly, the sheer torment of his touch was sending me over the edge. A sensational orgasm filled me as I let out a cry of his name and my legs quivered. Adam was near my ankles and looking up at me, surely watching as my pussy contracted and cum seeped out of me. Still feeling the after-effects, I reached to get him in my arms.
“Not yet. I am not done with you,” he said, pushing my hands away. “I still have another half of you. Roll over.”
“Adam—” As much as this was thrilling, I wanted him inside me now.

“Alayna, I know you enjoyed that. Let me do it again. I want you to taste every inch of you.”

Author's Bio
Jacqueline Anne's love of a well told story has led her journey to become an author. Her goal is to create stories with strong heroines, hot and steamy relationships, and characters who embody discovery, lust, trust, happiness, and love.
She leads a full and exciting life in Northeast Ohio. She loves to bake, create, workout, dance, and read. Jacqueline truly believes that everything happens for a reason. Her life can attest to that. Work hard. Play hard. Live life to the fullest each and every day. Doing it all in a pair of 4" heels.
She wants her books to be your pathway to erotic adventure. Who says you can't have it all?

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