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Photog Thursday- Newbie Edition: For the Love of Memories #photogThursday #photographer

Please Welcome
Naomi DeHart from For the Love of Memories
Photog Thursday- Newbie Edition​​

Give us the lowdown on who you are... where have you been? What have you done? What makes you tick.
My name is Naomi.  I was born in Texas but I've lived most of my life in Pennsylvania. I've traveled to Aruba, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico.  I have a wonderful 9 year old daughter. I've worked full time at a pediatric dental office for the past 13 years. I consider photography as my hobby but my love for capturing beautiful images is what makes me tick.

When did you first know you wanted to be behind a camera for a living?
I've loved taking pictures since I was a little girl. I still consider this a hobby for me and not work. I don't ever want to get to the point where it feels like "a job."

We all want to know how you select the locations, people, etc that you shoot, or do you just wander around shooting anything that looking interesting?
When a schedule a client I ask them first if they have a location in mind. If not we discuss what they are looking for and go from there. Sometimes I will drive around and look for new locations.

What snags your eye first? Colors, lighting, textures, or something else?
Definitely colors! Especially this time of year, the fall brings beautiful color changes to trees and adds for great landscape images also!

What's the coolest location you've every photographed in?
I didn't have a photo session there, but Aruba is an amazingly beautiful location to take pictures!  There are many historic locations around the state where I have had a few sessions.

Do you love using digital medium, or are you nostalgic about the old 35mm?
Trying to keep up with technology and love using digital. It helps to see the image instantly and be able to make needed adjustments right away.

What was your first camera?
Hmmm, making me think way back! The first camera I remember having was a Kodak Instamatic camera w/ 35 Flip Flash

Have you taken classes on photography? Photo editing software?
I took a class in high school but I'm mostly self taught. Lots of trial and error. I've just played around with software. Never took any classes.

What's the best part of your job?
Capturing images that people will love and display forever.

If we were to peek into your office space what items would we see that might surprise us? 
Nothing to shocking in there. It's a mess at the moment!

Do you listen to music while you edit photos or doesn't it matter?
Usually if there isn't the background noise of my daughter, haha

What do you absolutely enjoy about working with photography as a medium?
I love the image quality. Clear and crisp. I don't often use large format pictures but the few I have are beautiful quality.

What do you have coming up on your schedule that we might be interested in?
Fall is the busiest for me. I have at least one shoot every weekend, sometimes more.  That's a lot for a part-timer like me.

What ONE item would you absolutely have to have on a deserted island?
My camera of course!

Quick questions (one worders)
Chocolate or vanilla- CHOCOLATE!!
Morning person or night owl- night owl
can or bottle- bottle
wine or beer- wine
train or plane- plane
Vegas or Disney World- Vegas, haven't been there yet!
Modern or classical art- classical

Where would you like authors and other interested folks to get in touch with you?

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