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Tattoo Tuesday- Ry Williams #tattooTuesday #covermodel #fitnessguru @TheRyvolution

Ry Williams
to Tattoo Tuesday

The photo is available for purchase through Alex Wightman Photography

Give me four sentences that sum you up: what you do, who you are, where you've been...
I'm Ry, a 25 year old fitness enthusiast from Cheltenham, England. I work as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Model and I also host parties and events across the country. I'm always up for having a laugh, not taking life too seriously and trying new things! One life - LIVE IT!

What was your first tattoo?  Does it have meaning to you?
My first tattoo was a Lion on my left calf. It has the word 'Freedom' written underneath to reference the fact that, at the time, I had moved into my own place and was making my own path in life. A lion because, well, I like Lions ;)

What's your favorite piece of ink?
My sleeve on my right arm is still incomplete so ignoring that I'm glad I had the writing on my chest. "Omnia Causa Fiunt" meaning everything happens for a reason, which is something I like to believe in... Especially when something bad happens.

Do you have more tats planned?
I have 3 more sittings booked to complete my sleeve. It is a medieval/olde English/playing card theme done in a Polynesian style. I love Polynesian stuff but felt I needed some of my own heritage included.

The photo is available for purchase from Simon Barnes

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?
Tattoos can be addictive. I certainly want more, but I wouldn't say that I am personally addicted haha.

What's your life plans for the immediate future? Long-term?
My plan for the future is to compete in a physique show this November and win it. I want to continue fitness modelling and gain sponsorship. Long term my aim is to become one of the biggest/most recognizable stars in the industry!

The photo is available for purchase through Alex Wightman Photography

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
Here's something not too many people know... I have a lipstick tattoo on my arse cheek...

If you could go back in time and give your younger-self ONE piece of advice, what would it be?
If I could go back in time and give myself not bit of advice it would be, don't let anything hold you back! If you want to do something, DO IT. "Believe to Achieve".

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?
If I was a superhero, I would be Arnold Schwarzenegger! His power, being the ability to capture an audience and be the best at everything he does!

Do you have a good luck charm or ritual you have to do before competition, travel, etc.?
My only good luck charm is my family. They give me the belief to go out and do my best!

Favorite TV show or station?
Oh dear, embarrassing, maybe WWE wrestling haha.

What's your favorite sport to either watch or play?
I don't really have a favourite sport, I just love the fitness lifestyle. That said I am partial to a cheeky 18 holes of golf! "Tiger Williams" they call me...

What was the first vehicle you bought?
First car was an old Renault Clio in Blue, SEXY!

The photo is available for purchase through Alex Wightman Photography

What's your 'go to' comfort item (food, place, drink, etc)?
I find too much comfort in food! There's a rather chubby lad under my exterior. He likes sweets, chocolate, McDonalds, but luckily I'm disciplined and 95% of the time I resist the temptations and stick to my clean diet... Most of the time...

If there were no $ or time limitations, where would you be right now and what would you be doing?
I'd love to go to Tokyo. It just looks like a whole different world. Also I'm yet to come to the US! California in the sun would be lovely.

Do you enjoy reading? Who's your fav author, or your fav type of book (suspense, mystery, biography, paranormal, etc)?
I do enjoy reading! Usually autobiographys though. I'm nosey and just like knowing what other people have done in their lives. 

The photo is available for purchase from Simon Barnes

Quick Questions:
Bottle or can? Bottle
Chocolate or vanilla? Close, but chocolate
Salty, sweet or spicy? Close again but sweet
Muscle car or motorcycle? Muscle car
Morning person or night-owl? Now adays- Morning person
Rollercoaster or bumper cars? Bumper cars

Where would you like people to find you? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Email? Website?
Twitter/Instagram @TheRyvolution

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