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Blog Blitz: Melissa Schoeder 'Logan' #eroticromance #newrelease @melschroeder

From an early age, USA Today Bestselling Author Melissa loved to read. First, it was the books her mother read to her including her two favorites, Winnie the Pooh and the Beatrix Potter books. She cut her preteen teeth on Trixie Belden and read and reviewed To Kill a Mockingbird in middle school. It wasn’t until she was in college that she tried to write her first stories, which were full of angst and pain, and really not that fun to read or write. After trying several different genres, she found romance in a Linda Howard book.

Since the publication of her first book in 2004, Melissa has had close to fifty romances published. She writes in genres from historical suspense to modern day erotic romance to futuristics and paranormals. Included in those releases is the bestselling Harmless series. In 2011, Melissa branched out into self-publishing with A Little Harmless Submission and the popular military spinoff, Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance. Along the way she has garnered an epic nomination, a multitude of reviewer’s recommended reads, over five Capa nods from TRS, three nominations for AAD Bookies and regularly tops the best seller lists on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Since she spent her childhood as a military brat, Melissa swore never to marry military. But, as we all know, Fate has her way with mortals. She is married to now retired AF major and is raising her own brats, both human and canine. She spends her days giving in to her addiction to Twitter and spends her days thankful for their new home and the short trip to Wegmans.

A man who always sees beneath the surface.

Logan has lived his dream of being an artist for hundreds of years. He’s painted some of the most beautiful women in the world, but none of them compare to Meghan Campbell. When they are paired up to go after the next jewel, resisting her becomes almost impossible, but he knows he must. The witch is hiding something and until he knows what that is, he cannot fully trust her.

A woman who can lure any man.

As a witch with siren abilities, Meg has never had a problem with the opposite sex. That is, until she met Logan. The irritating man seems to be the one person in the world who doesn’t succumb to her spell. Unfortunately, he is the one man she really wants. No matter how hard she tries, he resists her.

As they embark on their quest for the next jewel, tempers flare and passion ignites. But when a new layer of the curse is revealed, they discover their failure could put lives in danger. The two must work together to fight the rising power against them and hope that those who support the Clan survive the fight.

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Photog Thursday: HeatherLynn Portraits #coverphotos #sexypics #photogthursday

Heather Almendarez of HeatherLynn Portraits
to Photog Thursday

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

1. Give us the lowdown on who you are... where have you been? What have you done? What makes you tick.
My name is Heather Almendarez. I own and run HeatherLynn Portraits. I live in Round Rock, Texas which is just outside of Austin. I have lived here all of my life. I have been in the photography business off and on since high school. I worked for Sears Portraits Studios for 10 years on and off. Only taking a small break to have children and raise them. Now that they are less dependent on me  I was ready to go back to my passion. I never expected it to take me where I am today.

So, a little more about me. I am a mother of three great kids. I have an 11 year old son and identical twin 10 year old daughters. I have a wonderful husband who I have been with for 20 years, married for 15 this year. I have a degree in Computer Animation and Design. I love anything ART!! I am an avid reader. I run a book club and also have a blog where I post reviews and such for authors. I am a Geek! I love all this comic book wise, Star Trek and Star Wars. I am a HUGE hockey fan!!!! I love my TEXAS STARS (AHL)!! I am also a huge Dallas Stars and Red Wings fan. I do also follow the Oilers only because my favorite player was traded there and I don't care who he plays for!!

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

2. When did you first know you wanted to be behind a camera for a living?
I discovered Sears Portrait Studios at the mall and they were hiring. I applied and got the job the next day. After my first week I fell in love and didn't want to do anything else. The looks on the parents' faces when they saw what I captured of their beautiful child were amazing.

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

3. We all want to know how you find these sexy guys to take photos of... tell us the process
Well, I do not only work with men. I also work with women, teens and children. I still shoot other things besides book covers. I met my first models at a book convention when a few of my author friends introduced me to them. Several of my models are dancers and I met them at the clubs that they work at. I basically introduced myself to them, told the what I did and what I was looking for and if they were interested to contact me. I usually had a number before I left. My newest models are all fitness models. I found most of them on Facebook. After I work with a new model they have all been amazing and sent new models my way. I am adding sessions with new models everyday.

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

4. How do you get the models to give you what you want? Do you coach before the set of pics? During? Shouting out 'turn left, no your other left'?
Every model is different. I have some that do not need any direction at all. They have been modeling for a few years already and know what poses I am looking for depending on the type of shoot that we are doing. I have other models that are actually modeling with me for the first time. For those models I will begin a session and see how they react. Some just are naturals while others need a little coaching. I can yell out directions with some of the but others I actually need to show them what I want. I do that by either doing the pose myself or by showing them a photo. I usually save a few photos on my phone or in my Pintrest. As I said before though it truly depends on the model. Each one is different.

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

5. What's the coolest location you've every photographed in?
I think the coolest location that I shot in was an old abandoned house. There was paint peeling off the walls and broken windows. Someone had broken into the home and turned it into a haunted house. Blood dripping down the walls, words like " Hush little baby" written on a wall and pentagrams painted on the floors. It made for amazing photos.

6. Do you love using digital medium, or are you nostalgic about the old 35mm?
I actually prefer 35mm but I am learning to love digital. I love how much more creative I can be with digital.

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

7. What was your first camera?
My first camera was actually a Polaroid. I loved that thing. We were always at the store buying more film. After that it was a Nikon 35mm.

8. Have you taken classes on photography? Photo editing software?
The only photography classes that I have taken were back in high school and it was really just basics of shooting and developing. I recently took a lesson for a couple hours from a photographer friend. Other than that, I am self-taught. When it come to editing I have never had a class. I play around till I figure out what I like or I google it to learn.

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

9. What's the best part of your job?
The reactions that I get from models or clients when I send the a finished product. Too see in their eyes how they feel about the photo that I took from them.

10. If we were to peek into your office space what items would we see that might surprise us?
My office space is in my bedroom. The one item that I have in there that would surprise you you probably wouldn't see right away. In fact, you wouldn't see it unless you were making my bed for me. There are some really cool straps hidden under my mattress ;-)

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

11. Do you listen to music while you edit photos or doesn't it matter?
No, I actually have the TV on. I don't really watch it either I just have noise. The radio distracts me too much because I like to sing and dance with it.

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

12. What do you absolutely enjoy about working with models and authors for covers?
A few years back a friend introduced me to JR Ward. Ever since then I have become an avid reader in a few different genres. I attend many events on a regular basis and have quickly became friends with many authors. I have learned by talking with them what they look for, what the publishers look for and as a reader I know what the readers like when it comes to a cover.

I also feel that, as one of the few females in the industry, I see the images from a completely different perspective. When I look through the lens I see what I feel other women would like to see. I feel it is easier for me since I know what we like. Probably 95% of the readers in these genres are women. So being female gives me that advantage. It helps when you are telling the male models to look into the camera like they want you. It is sometimes harder for them to get that authentic look starting at another male. With the females I have learned that most of them are more comfortable with a woman shooting.

I love that I have so many things working to my advantage in this field and appreciate every one that I have to opportunity to work with.

 Besides who wouldn't want to work with their friends everyday?

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

13. Who do you have coming up on your schedule that we might be interested in?
Ripp Baker
Cole Butler
Eric Madden
Anthony Wilson Jr.

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

14. What ONE item would you absolutely have to have on a deserted island?
My kindle... without a doubt

15. Quick questions
Chocolate or vanilla   Chocolate
Morning person or night owl   Night owl
can or bottle   can
wine or beer    neither. I do not drink.
train or plane  neither. I prefer to drive myself.
Vegas or Disney World  Nope I can't pick one!
Modern or classical art  ALL ART

Contact HeatherLynn Portraits if interested in this photo or any similar images

16. Where would you like authors and other interested folks to get in touch with you?

I can be found on Facebook at

My email is

17. Any traveling you'd like to promote?

I will be in Dallas the weekend of the 29th thru the 31st of this month
I will be in San Antonio the weekend of February 19th-21st with Wild Wicked Weekend (doing boudoir shoots for the attendees)
As of right now that is all that is planned. Most of my models come to me.

Author Spotlight: Alexa Day- Turnabout Day #steampunk #erotica @alexajday

Alexa Day

She has an absolutely sexy new steampunk story out! Check out the excerpt and her interview.

Sugarcane heiress Chloe Newton said goodbye to indentured servant Peter Darrow with her first kiss, on a hillside one long-ago summer night as mechanized cane cutters worked the fields below them. Now Peter's returned, no longer a boy and no one's servant, to take charge of the fleet of machines that work Chloe's estate. On Turnabout Day, Chloe takes on the uniform and duties of a maid, and she seeks the courage to offer Peter more than a celebratory drink. By giving in to his commands, she'll surrender to his need and become mistress of her own desire.

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Musa Publishing

All Romance Books


Barnes and Noble

Here's my site:
On Twitter, for when I'm watching TV:

She reached for his mouth, wanting to stroke his full lips. He intercepted her hand and pressed her fingers together almost painfully.

“Listen to me, Chloe,” he whispered before releasing her hand. “I won’t be like those rich boys you’re used to. I won’t treat you as if you’re made of glass.”

His promise, his desire-­laden voice, made all her empty places ache, and she sighed. He slid his hands down her bare arms.

“Tonight, you must do as I say, love. You must do anything I say. Is that what you want, Chloe?”

She flattened her hand against his chest and summoned her friend Beryl’s flirtatious spirit. “What do you think?”

He leaned down toward her, moving with a torturous slowness, and she pressed her lips to his. Her skin burned where it met his. The smooth, soft surface of his generous mouth teased her. Need erupted in her, and she fought the desire to wrap her arms around him.

Before she could remind herself that she was Beryl tonight, he pulled away from her. “Chloe, kiss me. Kiss me.”

She pulled him to her and kissed him hard, the way she’d wanted other men to kiss her. She locked her mouth to his, but she’d only begun to ease his mouth open when he parted his lips for her. Then he took control, his tongue eagerly taking possession of her mouth.

Oh, yes. Yes!

Author Interview

Are you a plotter or a pantser, or a hybrid?
I'm a hybrid, definitely. As the story's first taking shape for me, I'm a pantser, with a very intuitive process. I can see flashes of the story in my mind, and I can hear bits of dialogue with my characters. After the story unfolds in my head, I have to do something to nail it down. Usually I make an outline out of the stack of Post­It notes and index cards I create during the pants process. I've tried to do this without the outline, and I usually end up about halfway through the story with no idea what happens next. From there, I end up in a shame spiral. Oh, God! You don't know what happens next! What kind of writer are you?! This is why you don't ever finish anything! Yeah, it's not pretty. Outlining prevents the shame spiral.

In your opinion, what makes a great hero?
I think a great hero is a good man, even when he's not in a relationship. He's passionate about something in his life. He's smart. He's a good friend and protective of his loved ones. He does have a blind spot or two — everyone does — but he's trying to be a better guy because he knows he isn't perfect. I don't like my heroes to be too alpha, in part because of my strong heroines. I find that the stronger a woman is, the less attention she may devote to her own feelings. That woman needs a man who is at the very least aware of her feelings in a way she may not be.

Do you prefer strong women for heroines, or the ‘damsel in distress’ type?
I definitely prefer a strong woman for a heroine! I think they are most likely to neglect their love lives, either because they don't think they need a partner or because they're not making the time to actively seek a partner. They're a different kind of challenge for a hero who wants to be a necessity in her high­-powered life. She thinks she's doing just fine without him, so the way to her heart is definitely an uphill climb!

Do you have anything in common with your characters?
There's a little spark of me in most of my characters, I think. Some of them have the same sense of humor, a couple of them have worked similar jobs, many of them live in Richmond like me. They all feel like very different people, though. I often wonder if they'd get along with each other — you know, all the characters in all the stories — but that gets me thinking about all the stories in the to-­be-­written queue, which is sometimes depressing.

What item, or items, is absolutely necessary to your writing mojo?
I absolutely have to have spiral notebooks. I started writing when I was in class, supposedly paying attention, so I trained myself to write in the margins of my notebooks, and now it just feels natural to have a stack of them. Invariably, during the course of a project, I lose one of the notebooks and fly into the shame spiral. Oh, my God! Why can't I use a computer? Why can't I keep this house clean? Why can't I just use one notebook? And then the notebook reappears and I don't learn from the experience. You would think, with all the time I spend in the shame spiral, that I would do more to change the way I work, but no. I'd rather do something easier like have a donut or play with the cats.

Do you have any rituals for writing or special locations that you prefer to inhabit when you’re writing?
I'm realizing as I write this that I can't wear a lot of constricting clothes when I'm writing, which sounds absolutely vulgar. I don't even like to wear shoes. I think it comes from my late night study sessions from law school, when I was in the library in sweat pants and T shirts. I guess the elastic waistband means we're ready to get down to business (ha ha, heyo!) or something. Of course, I can't wear any of that to my day job. Draw your own conclusions.

Right now, what items are on your desk that you’d be embarrassed to admit to?
Right now, under a layer of dust, is a flip phone from three upgrades ago. It's a pink Motorola, and I guess I took it out for something, but I'll never remember what it is. I also have two pairs of handcuffs on my desk, but those don't embarrass me at all.

What’s the strangest (neatest, coolest, etc) thing you’ve ever done?
As part of my research for a story I still haven't finished, I needed to know what it was like to be in a single-engine plane. I called down to a local flight school and bought a discovery flight (which is really not expensive at all). I thought we'd do a little walk-around, and then he'd take me up for a little joyride and that would be it. Even when he put me in the left seat, I told myself that the plane must be like a British car with a right­-side drive. I didn't get it until we were at the end of the runway and he said, "Go ahead and take off. Try to keep it in the center of the runway." I looked at him for a second, wondering what I had said or done to convince him that I could fly the plane. But then I went for it. That feeling, when the plane is wanting to leave the ground, is absolutely terrifying when you're in the driver's seat with no clue how to fly a plane. But it was just another day at work for him.

What is one place in the world you’d love to visit which you haven’t already been?
Tough question! I've been fortunate to travel to so many great destinations. But I have always wanted to go to Russia. Once during some down time, a coworker and I priced some seats on the Siberian Express, just for kicks. It's actually not that expensive! We clicked away from that fast. It seemed safer to think about when we thought it was impossibly pricey. Still, sometimes I wonder if the Russians believe in girly drinks and cake­-flavored vodka.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what type(s) do you lean towards?
I actually spend more time listening to music when I'm plotting and planning. Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Bear McCreary's music are really good for brainstorming. I like a lot of Massive Attack, too. My characters must like all that dark, angsty music! I discovered that once I'm writing, I can distract myself for hours trying to find a radio station or a playlist on iTunes or Spotify, so I have to coach myself to work with whatever's on at the time. Or just play Pink Floyd's Echoes over and over again. It's a good exercise, really, since it's a little under a half hour long, but I suspect it's not so good for the old sanity if you play it more than eight or ten times in a row.

What book are you currently reading?
Right now, since I'm working on a couple of projects, I'm not reading much inside my genre. I'm a little over halfway through Born to Win by Zig Ziglar right now. After that, it'll be time to read Dracula again; I try to read it once a year.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
I love Scott Turow. He draws the reader into the story so skillfully that we're right next to his beautifully flawed characters, unable to look away when he starts to put them through the wringer. He provides such a deep emotional experience; it's so vivid and dark and ultimately rewarding. I also love Megan Hart. Her characters feel so real, and she's all about putting them into complicated situations. Also vivid and sometimes dark and ultimately rewarding, but with more sex than Turow's work.

What was your favorite subject in high school or college?
I took Latin in high school. It made every language I studied easier (except Chinese). But the best part was reading Cicero. His political works about Catiline, a Roman senator accused of murder, adultery and two separate attempts to overthrow the government, captured my imagination. I'm sure Cicero didn't mean to make Catiline sound like a classic bad boy of romance! But that sort of thing is irresistible in high school.

What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?
Right now, I'm working on the sequel to Illicit Impulse, which was my first book. After that, I have a couple of short stories I'm researching now; one is a historical and one's an alternate history like Turnabout Day.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
Mostly, I'm working. If I'm not on the day job or the real job, I volunteer with a cat rescue group, explore the back corners of used book stores, and watch way too much television.

Coffee of tea?
Tea. Mom's from Jamaica, and she started us off with a hot cuppa every morning, even in July. Today, it's a soothing morning ritual, and an excuse to shop for tea accessories.

Wine or beer?
I do love a cheap, domestic beer. The resurgence of Pabst Blue Ribbon in finer drinking establishments has made me a happy girl indeed.

Beach or mountains?
I'd say the beach only because I haven't been there in a long while. The sound of water is magical.

Summer or Fall?
I definitely prefer the fall. I'm still a nerd at heart, so I love my school supply sales, and the fall makes me nostalgic for field hockey season.

Pedicure or massage?
Definitely pedicure. I've only had one massage, and the intimacy with a total stranger was so strange that I had trouble relaxing. I guess I can't get my head around the idea of nonsexual massage. Don't start me talking about the chiropractor.

Paper or plastic?
Paper! You can't make a cat fort out of plastic. 

Cats or dogs?
Well, there are three cats in the house, and one of them is watching me type, so I'm going to say cats. Working in animal rescue has taught me to admire the dog, though. I've worked with dogs who are willing to give humanity a second chance, even after they've experienced the worst our species has to offer. We have much to learn from the dog.

Here's my site:
On Twitter, for when I'm watching TV:

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Tattoo Tuesday- Ry Williams #tattooTuesday #covermodel #fitnessguru @TheRyvolution

Ry Williams
to Tattoo Tuesday

The photo is available for purchase through Alex Wightman Photography

Give me four sentences that sum you up: what you do, who you are, where you've been...
I'm Ry, a 25 year old fitness enthusiast from Cheltenham, England. I work as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Model and I also host parties and events across the country. I'm always up for having a laugh, not taking life too seriously and trying new things! One life - LIVE IT!

What was your first tattoo?  Does it have meaning to you?
My first tattoo was a Lion on my left calf. It has the word 'Freedom' written underneath to reference the fact that, at the time, I had moved into my own place and was making my own path in life. A lion because, well, I like Lions ;)

What's your favorite piece of ink?
My sleeve on my right arm is still incomplete so ignoring that I'm glad I had the writing on my chest. "Omnia Causa Fiunt" meaning everything happens for a reason, which is something I like to believe in... Especially when something bad happens.

Do you have more tats planned?
I have 3 more sittings booked to complete my sleeve. It is a medieval/olde English/playing card theme done in a Polynesian style. I love Polynesian stuff but felt I needed some of my own heritage included.

The photo is available for purchase from Simon Barnes

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?
Tattoos can be addictive. I certainly want more, but I wouldn't say that I am personally addicted haha.

What's your life plans for the immediate future? Long-term?
My plan for the future is to compete in a physique show this November and win it. I want to continue fitness modelling and gain sponsorship. Long term my aim is to become one of the biggest/most recognizable stars in the industry!

The photo is available for purchase through Alex Wightman Photography

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
Here's something not too many people know... I have a lipstick tattoo on my arse cheek...

If you could go back in time and give your younger-self ONE piece of advice, what would it be?
If I could go back in time and give myself not bit of advice it would be, don't let anything hold you back! If you want to do something, DO IT. "Believe to Achieve".

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?
If I was a superhero, I would be Arnold Schwarzenegger! His power, being the ability to capture an audience and be the best at everything he does!

Do you have a good luck charm or ritual you have to do before competition, travel, etc.?
My only good luck charm is my family. They give me the belief to go out and do my best!

Favorite TV show or station?
Oh dear, embarrassing, maybe WWE wrestling haha.

What's your favorite sport to either watch or play?
I don't really have a favourite sport, I just love the fitness lifestyle. That said I am partial to a cheeky 18 holes of golf! "Tiger Williams" they call me...

What was the first vehicle you bought?
First car was an old Renault Clio in Blue, SEXY!

The photo is available for purchase through Alex Wightman Photography

What's your 'go to' comfort item (food, place, drink, etc)?
I find too much comfort in food! There's a rather chubby lad under my exterior. He likes sweets, chocolate, McDonalds, but luckily I'm disciplined and 95% of the time I resist the temptations and stick to my clean diet... Most of the time...

If there were no $ or time limitations, where would you be right now and what would you be doing?
I'd love to go to Tokyo. It just looks like a whole different world. Also I'm yet to come to the US! California in the sun would be lovely.

Do you enjoy reading? Who's your fav author, or your fav type of book (suspense, mystery, biography, paranormal, etc)?
I do enjoy reading! Usually autobiographys though. I'm nosey and just like knowing what other people have done in their lives. 

The photo is available for purchase from Simon Barnes

Quick Questions:
Bottle or can? Bottle
Chocolate or vanilla? Close, but chocolate
Salty, sweet or spicy? Close again but sweet
Muscle car or motorcycle? Muscle car
Morning person or night-owl? Now adays- Morning person
Rollercoaster or bumper cars? Bumper cars

Where would you like people to find you? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Email? Website?
Twitter/Instagram @TheRyvolution

All images are copyrighted by Alex Wightman Photography, Simon Barnes,  NeufNeuf Photography and/or Ry Williams. They may not be used, reposted, shared or otherwise transferred without writing permissions from the photographer AND the model.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Series: Coyote Bluff #paranormal #shifters #eroticromance

Hello my lovelies! I haven't been a good girl about letting anyone know when new books were coming. BUT, I do have some news. I have a brand new series coming very soon... very, very soon.

Coyote Bluff is a small, quaint town in the mountains of Virginia. With it's diner run by Mama, the police force of one and a single stop light it's much like every other small town in America. Well, until you take a closer look.

Feel free to come visit Coyote Bluff... but keep an eye on the wildlife.

Accidentally Yours: Book One 

Cammie has had one hell of a night. Her long-time abusive boyfriend pushed her to the limits and then a freaking wolf hit her car. While clutching a bag of frozen peas to her swollen eye she manages to rescue the animal and make it home. But what’s she do with it after that? 

Ian can’t believe his luck. After a stupid decision he’s been run out of every shifter territory he’s entered. Hoping Coyote Bluff would be different seems to have been his downfall. After a bunch of coyotes chase him through the night he finds himself being coddled by a tempting woman. His canine half is already in love with her. 

Cammie’s ex comes calling, Ian’s found out by the local Alpha and the town seems bent on keeping them apart. Can they fight against everyone at once to find happiness together? Better question would be will Cammie accept Ian once he admits to being the wolf she so readily confided in and nursed back to health?


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blitz Tour: Brought To His Knees #eroticromance #boxset #awesomeauthors

Authors found in the set:

A.M. Griffin
Amy Ruttan
Anya Richards
Cynthia D'Alba
Danica Avet
Felice Fox
Jennifer Kacey
Lynne Silver
Sabrina York
Sayde Grace
Tina Donahue

The Alpha male. Strong. In control. Letting no one and nothing rule him...until he meets the one, and all bets are off. The world tilts, the bed rocks, and suddenly that tough guy finds himself Brought to His Knees--in more ways than one.

This collection of ten hot to erotic novellas and one short erotic novel will take you on journeys of lust, love, and adventure, leave you breathless and quite possibly in need of a cold shower.

A.M. Griffin ~ Dark Wolf Enterprises ~ Murder, mayhem and imprinting with a hot wolf shifter... And they say being an accountant is boring.

Amy Ruttan ~ Building Bridges ~ A vet tech and a lone wolf rancher ride out a sudden storm, but can they weather the emotions they stir up in each other...

Anya Richards ~ Three Strikes ~ Two lonely men. One secret affair. Irresistible passion that will push them both to the breaking point, and beyond.

Cynthia D'Alba ~ A Cowboy's Seduction ~ One exhausted cowboy + One uptight account x A tropical resort = A hot seduction. But who is seducing whom?

Danica Avet ~ Born To Sin ~ A tomboy in love makes a desperate attempt to seduce her best friend and succeeds beyond her wildest dreams. But this Alpha male isn't easily tamed and has secrets that could very well tear them apart.

Felice Fox ~ The Sound Of Your Name ~ Their silent erotic encounters change his luck and awaken his soul, but secrets and cowboy superstitions can only keep them apart.

Jennifer Kacey ~ Beneath The Pages ~ One wicked night with her did nothing but whet his appetite. Now he'll settle for nothing less than her complete submission.

Lynne Silver ~ Cruising For Love ~ A vacation cruise comes
with surprises--like the BDSM theme and her high school love, the one man she can't resist.

Sabrina York ~ Whipped ~ A scalding attraction. An irresistible passion. A pity she's the one woman he can never have...

Sayde Grace ~ Chief Sin ~ A taste of Sin isn't enough. Instead she wants all of him, including the heart she once broke.

Tina Donahue ~ Make Me Surrender ~ When it comes to two of the hottest guys in town, she has a win their attention, passion, hearts.

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Book Cover Photographer Thursday- Kruse Images & Photography #photogThursday

Shauna Kruse of Kruse Images & Photography
to Photog Thursday

1. Give us the lowdown on who you are... where have you been? What have you done? What makes you tick.
Who am I?  What makes me tick?  Well, that answer could probably get a little long, so here's the short version. I am a kind, giving person, I had an idyllic childhood with amazing parents who made me the way I am today. I LOVE what I do.  I love being behind the lens and finding something that I am so very passionate about and being able to give back using my talent.  I love reading, I used to write, and I love doing anything outside.  So combining my passion for photography with my passion for books by having my photos on covers is AMAZING!  I was born in Colorado, grew up in Idaho, went to school in Washington and have lived in LA, Davis, Ca., Lake Tahoe and New Hampshire.  I have been in almost every state in the country, and Mexico and Canada.  I want to go everywhere, so I hope that soon my photography allows me to travel to other countries as well.  I am a hockey freak, and have season tickets to our local WHL team.  If you want to hang out on a weekend during hockey season it better be at a game.  Short version... there is so much more, but I only have so much space!

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

2. When did you first know you wanted to be behind a camera for a living?
My mom gave me her old camera when I was 8 years old, and I have been that person taking photos at every event and get together ever since. After college I moved to Lake Tahoe to take a year off, and ended up working at Heavenly Ski resort taking photos of families in their skis.  And the rest is history.  I knew I had found my passion and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life...especially when I started my own business.  It is definitely what I am meant to do!  Each time I have a shoot I am happy, I have a kind of high, and I love it.

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

3. We all want to know how you find these sexy guys to take photos of... tell us the process
Hmmm... I found my first sexy guys to shoot by asking my military friends if they knew anyone.  They produced some smoking hot soldiers, and I was hooked.  Since then I have followed a lot of hot guy facebook pages (for research of course!) and approached people there.  I have also found them through my friends.  I even picked up one at my gym.  I now find myself checking out guys when I am out and about.  Not because I am thinking about dating them, but because I am sizing them up to see if they would work well for a photo shoot.  For the record I am shy...but when there is a hot guy who I want to shoot?  I have no problem walking up to them card in hand.

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

4. How do you get the models to give you what you want? Do you coach before the set of pics? During? Shouting out 'turn left, no your other left'?
I always talk with my models leading up to the shoot, about ideas, clothes and location. I love creative input from my clients, and find that several brains are better than just one!  My main goal the day of the shoot is to make them comfortable so that I can get their best.  With many of my shoots I am meeting the model for the first time, and we basically meet then I get them naked.  So being comfortable is important.  I joke around with them, get them to relax.  We have a lot of fun on our shoots, and if there isn't some laughing going on we are doing it wrong.  I have worked with models who have never done a pro shoot and have no idea how to pose, as well as models who are completely comfortable in front of the lens.  So I just have to figure out what level they are at and what sort of direction they may need.  I love it, and we work hard to make the shoot flow.  Oh and 8 times out of 10, when I say left, they go right. ;)

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

5. What's the coolest location you've every photographed in?
That's a hard one!  I have worked in so many different locations, and each one has its own awesomeness to it.  I did love the ocean shoots when I was in Cali since that was new and fun. I love graffiti for backgrounds, it looks amazing.  Probably one of the most interesting and crazy shoots was my shoot with Chris Van Etten since we had a tv crew following us around and I had a mic on and we had to repeat certain poses, or pause while doing things.  Very cool!

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

6. Do you love using digital medium, or are you nostalgic about the old 35mm?
I love digital.  I love being able to see my work on the back of the camera and make adjustments.  It is also great to be able to show my models and get them excited about the work while we are shooting.

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

7. What was your first camera?
I don't remember what kind it was, it was one of those ones that flip with the film that has rolls on each end...if that makes any sense haha

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

8. Have you taken classes on photography? Photo editing software?

I always wanted to take classes, but instead concentrated on my degree classes, never realizing that I would end up where I am.  However I am happy that I didn't, my on the job training is one of the things that makes me stand out from other photographers, and allows me to think outside the box a little more when it comes to shoots.  I use photoshop, but don't use it much.  I try to get a great photo to start out with so I don't have to do much editing after the fact.  I wouldn't mind learning a little more about photoshop for special effects and such, but I am proud of my photography and not having to edit too much.

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

9. What's the best part of your job?
Being able to make people smile.  To be able to capture the emotions of a moment and have people who are looking at the photo later feel those same emotions.  It is an amazing feeling when someone looks at one of my homecoming photos and cries, or when they look at my couple photos and can feel the chemistry coming off the page.  I also love being able to make a difference with my work, doing something I love.  Whether it is capturing a military family's homecoming so they can live it over and over, or sending an album overseas to a deployed soldier so he doesn't feel so alone, or putting together a charity calendar, these are the things I love.

10. If we were to peek into your office space what items would we see that might surprise us?
My office is in my living room, my seat an easy chair and my desk an end table.  The most surprising thing in my office?  Maybe the kitten playing fetch?  

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

11. Do you listen to music while you edit photos or doesn't it matter?
I either listen to music or have the tv on so that I give my eyes a break from the computer by looking up every once in a while.  The only problem with having the tv on is I pretty much never actually watch something, and halfway through a show I usually have no idea what is going on since I am working at the same time.  Right now I have Glee on my Roku. Yes, I am a dork.  

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

12. What do you absolutely enjoy about working with models and authors for covers?
As I mentioned earlier, I am an avid reader, and love books.  I also used to write when I was younger.  So being able to have my photos on book covers seriously makes me giddy.  Like squealing-every-time-I-see-one-of-my-covers giddy.  And then I do it all over again when the book comes in the mail.  And show it to everyone.  The book geek in me loves it.  I also love being able to work with so many amazing writers, independent business owners like myself who have the passion and the drive to make their dreams happen.  So many people don't understand this drive, so to find so many amazing people who not only get it, but live it as well is incredible.  I enjoy being able to get my models on covers since they get so excited about it.  Plus a lot of my current models are part of my charity calendar and are donating their time, so to be able to get them the exposure a cover brings, as well as get them paid for something they love is an incredible feeling!  I have gotten 10 models their first book cover with our photos, and it makes me so happy to see their excitement at this.

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

13. Who do you have coming up on your schedule that we might be interested in?
Oooh.  I have lots of good stuff coming.  I am shooting with a couple of amazing female veterans in Cali next week, as well as a brand spanking new male model with serious blue eyes.  I have another newbie the week after here in town who is beyond excited to shoot, and who would be perfect for some covers. Then at the end of August I head to Alabama and Florida for the last of my calendar shoots.  I am honored to be shooting with Justin Keeton, and Daniel Hosse, shoots I have been excited about for months now!  I will also be shooting with a couple more bad ass female veterans while I am out there.  Right after I come back I will be heading back to AZ to shoot with Lance Jones, Matty boy Inked, Paul Blake and more...round two and it is going to be epic.  Beyond that?  My charity calendar officially goes to print and we are going to have a launch party/model meet and greet here in Seattle.  Exciting stuff!

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

14. What ONE item would you absolutely have to have on a deserted island?
Oh man.  One?  I can't have three? Camera...for sure. Need to document the beauty and have a record of the trip.  A journal to write about my days...and if I could squeeze in a 3rd, perhaps one of my models to keep me company...who you ask?  I'll never tell.

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

15. Quick questions
Chocolate or vanilla- Chocolate...although not a huge fan of either
Morning person or night owl- Night owl, although I can be a morning person when I have to be
can or bottle- Bottle?
wine or beer- Beer
train or plane- Plane
Vegas or Disney World- Disney World
Modern or classical art- Classical Art

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

I can be reached via:

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

I am heading to San Diego and L.A. August 11th-14th, Alabama/Florida August 23rd-Sept 2nd, Arizona Sept 5th-11th. DC in March is definitely a possibility.

Those are the only trips planned, but I mentioned that I want to go everywhere, so if anyone wants to fly me anywhere else I am game! ;)  I am also looking at author events for next year, so any suggestions would be welcome!

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography

If interested in booking, chatting or puchasing images contact Shauna at

Photo available for purchase from Kruse Images & Photography