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Tattoo Tuesday: Daniel Huckstepp #tattooTuesday #sexytats #sexytattoos

Please Welcome
Daniel Huckstepp
to Tattoo Tuesday

Give me four sentences that sum you up: what you do, who you are, where you've been...
I'm 22 years old. Lived in Australia my whole life in Canberra. I've spent last 12 months on the Goldcoast. I'm single, straight and a male stripper. I'm also a fitness model.

What was your first tattoo?  Does it have meaning to you?
A cross with the birth and death dates of my grandmother. It celebrates the life of my grandmother and how she will be with me until I see her again.

Do you have any that you regret getting?
None that I regret 

If you had to pick a favorite piece of ink, which would it be and why?
Favorite piece is my mother's initials behind my ear. She means the world to me and I put it there so it's visible to the world. When someone sees it and asks what it stands for I can tell them about my beautiful mother.
Lea Note: And all the women said 'awww'.

Do you have more tats planned?
Yes I'm being tattooed as we speak haha
Lea Note: I asked if it would be bad if I made him laugh. :P

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?
I believe the art form is addictive. Once you've been tattooed you look at everything, for example paintings, pictures, etc, and think 'damn imagine that as a tattoo.'

What's your life plans for the immediate future? Long-term?
Life plans: I live a pretty relaxed life. My main goal is to live a happy life. That's all I can really hope and strive to achieve.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
I suffered from severe depression and anxiety a couple years ago. The gym saved my life. I also display certain points of my life through my tattoos.

If you could go back in time and give your younger-self ONE piece of advice, what would it be?
My advice would be life is too short. So be happy. Every second you spend being miserable is a wasted second you'll never get back.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?
If I was a superhero my power would be invisibility. My weakness would be kryptonite. haha First thing that came to my head like Superman.

Favorite TV show or station?
Ridiculousness on MTV makes me laugh. It's gotta be my favorite.

Favorite sport/activity to either participate in or watch?
Rugby league is favorite sport.

What was the first vehicle you bought?
First be car was a Holden commodore haha
Lea Note: If you don't know what that is...

What's your 'go to' comfort item (food, place, drink, etc)?
PIZZA!! I love it! haha But for a place? That would be my mum's place it's just home.

If there were no $ or time limitations, where would you be right now and what would you be doing?
I would be on a tropical island being tattooed on the beach.

Quick Questions:
Bottle or can? Bottle
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Salty, sweet or spicy? Spicy
Muscle car or motorcycle? Motorcyle
Morning person or night-owl? Night-owl
Rollercoaster or bumper cars? Bumper cars

Where would you like people to find you? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Email? Website?
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Dhucksteppfitness
Instagram - @dhuckstepp

Any other shout outs you'd like to do? Websites? FB pages?
The photographer who got me into everything and helped me with not only modeling but life - Denis Dwan. And my tattooist Steven McPhee at Tattoo Extreme and my mum. She made me the man I am today. Suzie Huckstepp

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