Monday, May 12, 2014

If an author is in a forest and stops writing.... #badjoke #writingissues

So, the question should be posed. If an author is sitting in the woods and stops writing does anyone know? LOL I know, a sad play off the 'if a tree falls'...

I've been MIA, AWOL, hiding, misplaced. Any and all of those are appropriate. What does that mean for my writing? Nothing. I've been struggling with my beastly Muse. He's been silent and a pain in my ass for weeks, months. BUT, I've slapped him around a little and given him a few ideas to chew on. I'll be bringing some new stuff to everyone soon.

But, I'm back in the saddle. Which means I'll be bringing Tattoo Tuesday back, and doing more reveals for upcoming stuff.


  1. Your a wonderful author and I always check your facebook post for new releases. Pam Patterson P.S Glad the muse has you writing again.