Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Author Spotlight: Serena Shay 'The Submission' #paranormal #eroticrom #giveaway

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Bio: Serena began her writing hobby at an early age, creating stories out of love and a desperation to bring the voices to life. However, when the mountain of post-it noted ideas toppled, she decided to take her passion for writing seriously.
With encouragement from her family, she began writing erotic paranormals to provide an outlet for the characters rambling around in her head—each one edgy, a little dangerous, with a whole lot of sexy.  A hobby turned into career and she’s never looked back.
Serena Shay, erotic romance author, lives in the north with her super supportive hubby, beautiful, Darling Diva, daughter and two crazy, but loveable dachshund pups.

Author Links:
Twitter:  @Serena_shay

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Blurb: Serena Shay returns with Book Two of her intense paranormal romance series Northwood Jags. The Submission takes you on a journey of discovery as three shifters learn to face their fear of the unknown and open their hearts to love.

Two is better than one. Most would agree with that statement, but not full-blooded shifter LeAnn Turone. To accept her need for multiple partners means facing a lifetime in a one-sided triad. She’s better off denying her heritage even if that means walking away from two of the most delectable alpha males she’s ever met.

Rick Taylor and Trent Warren each think they’ve found their mate in LeAnn, but a midnight meeting deep in the woods proves them wrong. Not only do they both long to connect to the sexy, but skittish female, they also find themselves attracted to one another.

Each member of this triad must free themselves from the fear of the future and submit to the greater power of love.

Content Notes: Intense, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, D/S Elements, Polyamory, Light BDSM, Short MM Scene

Romance Fiction, Paranormal Romance Fiction, Shifter Romance Fiction, Erotic Romance Fiction, BDSM Romance Fiction, Contemporary Romance Fiction

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tattoo Tuesday: Golden Czermak aka FuriousFotog #tattootuesday

Golden Czermak
to Tattoo Tuesday

Give me four sentences that sum you up: what you do, who you are, where you've been...
I'm a professional photographer specializing in fitness and fashion photography, weddings and portraits. I do both personal work and commercial projects. I'm pretty easy going(though some would say I stress... lol) yet professional; I'm also driven yet fun. In other words, an all around a nice guy ;)

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?
Probably about 7 years ago, when I started taking photos for use as stock in some of my creative Photoshop tinkerings.

What is your absolute favorite image you've taken?
Oh that is a tough one! I love all my images and the models featured in them. So hard to pick! I plead the 5th :)

If you could pack up your gear and head off into the wilds of the world, where would you LOVE to photograph people or nature?
Anywhere tropical and beachy.... as you know I have a "thing" for water shots and the ability to combine that with shoot-throughs  of tropical foliage, etc. I think would create some amazing art.

What was your first tattoo?  Does it have meaning to you?
My first tattoo was a piece I designed for my upper back.. pretty much spans shoulder blade to shoulder blade. It is a tribal piece with dragons, interwoven with alchemy symbols to produce the elixir of life. On the right shoulder is Korean for "creation" and on the left "destruction". Above the tattoo I have "the will to live overcomes all things" in latin. The tribal design also descends down the centerline of my back, ending in a sun-patterned pentacle. It all has incredible meaning to me, as my mother contracted and fought hard to battle a rare form of cancer. Unfortunately she lost that battle in late 2012.

Do you have any that you regret getting?
None so far.

If you had to pick a favorite piece of ink, which would it be and why?
My back tattoo obviously has a place in my heart... being first and carrying the most weight, but I would say both my lower legs and the story they tell about me... being totally wrapped.

Do you have more tats planned?
Yes, mainly "fill ins" and patterns to tie things together better, some elements on my quads and possibly additional sleeve work.

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?
Yes... I got all the ink you see within a year. Haha. A little addictive? I think so.

What's your life plans for the immediate future? Long-term?
Immediate plans are to get my photography business up and running to full time capacity. I had been working on it part time over the year and it just grew to the point of needing full time attention. So that piece will be grown and we will also see about online sales, etc. Hopefully this will be the new thing for me long term, too.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
I am a huge, gigantic nerd and gamer.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?
I'd love the ability to fly or use telekinesis. My weakness would be my compassion.

Favorite TV show or station?
Of all time? Babylon 5 (yep, I am a scifi geek). Currently, Supernatural.

What's your 'go to' comfort item (food, place, drink, etc)?
Macaroni and cheese. And peanut butter. And anything that tastes like carbs.

If there were no $ or time limitations, where would you be right now and what would you be doing?
Finding those models and shooting in those tropical locations.

Do you enjoy reading? Who's your fav author, or your fav type of book (suspense, mystery, biography, paranormal, etc)?
Scifi and fantasy. Tolkien's works are a favorite of mine, though they can be a challenge to read.

Quick Questions:
Bottle or can? Bottle
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
Muscle car or motorcycle? Muscle car
Morning person or night-owl? Night owl
Rollercoaster or bumper cars? Rollercoaster

Where would you like people to find you? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Email? Website?
Main web page:
Twitter: @onefuriousfotog
IG: @furiousfotog

Any other shout outs you'd like to do? Websites? FB pages?
Obviously a huge shout-out to you for sharing my images! Along with that a shout out to the FSOS pages, Adonis, Country and Southern Boys and I Love Southern Boys. Without you all I wouldn't be where I am today.