Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Order of Themis Revealed #newseries #superheroes

Welcome to the world of The Order of Themis... where supernatural powers are accepted

The Order of Themis is a millenniums old organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the mundane and supernatural worlds. Our highly-trained operatives in both the Forces units and Securities Division are skilled in all forms of combat. Our employees use military-style tactical training as well as genetically developed personal powers to aid them in all missions. We provide personal protection, surveillance, search and rescue services, victim retrieval as well as negotiating services. We also provide counseling, guidance and community services as part of our dedication to the goodwill of our fellow man.

It is the Mission of the Order of Themis to provide civilians, governments and private organizations the protection and justice every man, woman and child is entitled to. Honor, loyalty and bravery are cornerstones of the Order of Themis. We are committed to community betterment and client satisfaction.


Danica Avet, Cara Carnes, Amy Ruttan and myself are working on this series. The books? Dark, passionate and filled with deep emotions. The characters? Supernaturals, normals and everything in between.

Touched by Lightning is the first in the series written by Danica Avet. It will be releasing soon... 

Want to check out more about the world and the company that is the Order of Themis?

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