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Tattoo Tuesday - Jason JC Kurtis #tattooTuesday #sexyink

Jason JC Kurtis
to Tattoo Tuesday

Give me four sentences that sum you up: what you do, who you are, where you've been...
I've been building my body for almost 18 years. I'm 27 years young. Everywhere I go I draw a crowd LOL (not purposely) I'm a Criminal Investigator Combat Vet Sergeant in the Army. I'm also a certified Personal Trainer I love helping people achieve what they believed was the impossible, and last but not least Personal Security Team Mission Leader.

My Passion is acting and modeling. I've been doing this for 11 years now :-) My dream is to be an actor or model and set my family up for life so no worries from them. I've also been all over this globe to such places as India, Afghanistan, Norway, Ireland, England and Germany. I've lived in Pennsylvania since I was 20 then moved to NC. After that moved back to PA, then off to the army where I lived in Missouri, Maryland, Colorado and soon to be Hawaii.

What was your first tattoo?  Does it have meaning to you?
My First Tattoo was my praying hands tattoo on my left shoulder. It's my favorite tat, it means everything, God is Love and without him nothing is possible.

Do you have any that you regret getting?
All my tats mean something to me. I regret nothing :-)

Do you have more tats planned?
I don't have more tats planned right now. I would like to be more established in the industry then go for it :-)

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?
The feeling for tats I believe is all mental and a sign of expression. No, I don't believe it's addicting as I believe you can stop. But my one addiction I have is working out I WON'T STOP till I'm dead LOL

What's your life plans for the immediate future? Long-term?
I have 3 Years left in the active Army those remaining years will be spent in Hawaii or if I can get out sooner I definitely will. I plan on moving to Los Angeles, using my GI Bill to pay for college work as a personal trainer and pursue my dream of being an Actor :-) If it doesn't pan out OK I'm fine with that but at least I took a shot no regrets, remember.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?
I would have the Power to read Minds, or BEING A PSYCHIC. I always wanna know what people are THINKING. My weaknesses? Loud booms bangs or pops, for example fireworks. Since returning home from my first deployment I have been scarred ever since. PTSD Sucks but hey, you drive on!!!!!

Favorite TV show or station?
Favorite Tv show is the Office. I love that show. I love Tru-TV hahahahah

What's your 'go to' comfort item (food, place, drink, etc)?
My go to is the gym it's my sanctuary or fortress of solitude. I am all natural and have the tests to prove it. I'm always striving to be better :-) I pride myself on never using Roids. They are unnecessary and for losers who wanna BUY muscle.

If there were no $ or time limitations, where would you be right now and what would you be doing?
I would be traveling the globe I'm a huge history buff.

Quick Questions:
Bottle or can? Bottle
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Muscle car or motorcycle? I have both a motorcycle and SS Camaro lol so I have the best of both worlds even tho I have a sportbike I want a HARLEY Fatboy
Morning person or night-owl? Night owl
Rollercoaster or bumper cars? rollercoaster

Where would you like people to find you? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Email? Website?
Facebook Fanpage @ https://www.facebook.com/www.JasonJC.Kurtis I welcome everyone even Haters LOL I'm never phased. I will be a star I'm destined for it.

Thank You for your time. Shout outs to all my Fans on my page I love 'em all, Golds Gym, International Sports and Sciences Association for an awesome education and the troops who are currently fighting and their families because they go through Hell. Also my family and amazing girlfriend Chelsea for being right by my side, for now anyway LOL.~Jc

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