Sunday, December 29, 2013

'Made Whole' Release Countdown ~ 4 Days #eroticromance #paranormal

4 Days before 'Made Whole' Releases.... Preorder is available for the second book in the Willie Krenshaw series...

Renae Gioli isn’t looking for adventure but it finds her in the form of an Italian speaking man named Alexandre DiMassone. The moment she hears his voice in a crappy dive bar she’s entranced. His strange behavior on the dance floor leaves her hot, wanting, and scared.
He’s captivated by her eyes and even as he fights it the vampire can’t help himself. Can he push aside his jaded attitude and embrace what Fate has given him before he loses her? His obsession spells trouble and lust for her. Kidnapping her was never in the cards, but he doesn’t have the willpower to let her walk away.
Rogue vampires, cougar shifters, and more intrude on their time. Can she forgive him for forcing his will on her and changing her entire life in a single bite? His arrogance knows no bounds but she catches a glimpse of the confusion beneath.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Siren Bookstrand:

With a sigh she pulled her cell phone from her pocket and dialed Meghan. While Renae listened to the ringing she thought about her best friend. Meghan was outgoing, cute, skinny, blonde, and hell on wheels. Renae’s exact opposite, in fact. They usually made a good pair. Meg was the one that planned their adventures, and Renae was the one who made sure they made it home safe afterward. She just hoped she could stand her ground against her forceful friend. If history was any indication, she should just go change her clothes now.
One ring. Two rings. Maybe Meg wouldn’t pick up.
“No, you aren’t backing out on me.” The knowing tone of her friend’s voice came through the phone loud and clear.
Damn. “Come on, Meg. I’ve had one hell of a day. I don’t want to go to some stupid bar so you can troll for a piece of ass.”
“Come on. Really? You’re going to back out on our Friday night thing?” A touch of whine had Renae gritting her teeth. She hated it when Meg begged. “You have to come. Please? For your own good you need to get out of that house. And, it shouldn’t be just me trolling. You’re going to have to get out there eventually.”
Renae could feel herself giving in already, letting her will bend. Hold strong, little grasshopper. “No. I’m staying in. If you want to see me, you have to come here. We can watch a movie and eat ice cream.”
Meg huffed on the other end of the call, all wheedling attitude gone and replaced with the spitfire’s normal commanding voice. “Renae Ann Gioli. You are going to go upstairs, put on some clothes worthy of a shitty bar, and get your slow ass to my apartment. Period.”
Renae knew what was coming. As soon as someone whipped out the full name she crumpled like a limp piece of paper. “Fine. Be there in twenty.”
“You’re stalling, Renae. Get going.” Meg hung up with a decisive click.

Renae did as instructed, grumbling the whole way. She stomped up the stairs, noting that she needed to dust the photos hung on the walls. Grumping into her room found her staring at her closet, the need to reorganize flitting through her mind. With a sigh she dressed, primped and powdered until she felt mostly ready. She grimaced at her own reflection and then headed to her garage. She’d go and probably have a good time, but she wasn’t going to admit it.

Siren Bookstrand:

BTW, did you know that Siren can send books directly to your Kindle? No? Well, here is the link to the instructions


If you haven't read the first book, Half in Love, here is the information and the links...

Willie Krenshaw wanted nothing more than a few minutes watching the waters of Lake Erie after a long workday. What she ended up with was a drugged male vampire and an itch to be a Good Samaritan.
When her inner kitty starts sniffing around at the male she's helping, she knows Fate's evil sense of humor is in full swing. Being a shifter-vampire hybrid is hard enough, but having a male vampire as her fated mate is just too much.
Nickola, the vampire she assists, finds her breathtaking and does all he can to push Fate's agenda.
Stephen is the male vampire Nickola is investigating for the Council. He takes aim at the couple, intent on pulling Nick to his side or killing him. Between Stephen's scheming and the Council's interest in Willie, can they survive the chaos long enough to test the depths of their passions?

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