Thursday, December 5, 2013

Demystifying the Male - Is Make up a turnon? #DtM #makeup #sexyornot

Is makeup important or even sexy to guys?

1. Your preference for a woman's makeup - natural look vs dolled-up?

Brian: I love the natural look of a woman but i guess it depends on the occasion you know.  Getting all dolled up to have a night on the town or to go on a date is always great. The natural look of a woman is to me the definition of beauty. You see her in the morning when you wake and just stare at her cause she is the most beautiful thing too look at. that is hot then you get to have the morning sex lol. Seriously woman who don't have to do much to make them selves presented able is the best.

Vile: I think the female should always look her best, I also think that is what most strive for. I like a woman who takes care of herself as well. Not too much, I have seen it caked on and after 5 or 6 hours you can see it starting to crack. One of the first things I look at when I meet a woman is her feet and no I do not have a foot fetish, but if she takes care of her feet she takes care of herself. Going out, the woman should always look better than the male. I like showing my lady off to others.

Ramrod: I prefer a more natural look.  it doesn't mean she should not wearing any, just that I like it to look subtle.  It's nice to get dolled-up every now and then but if she is confident, natural beauty is always sexier.

2. Is bright lipstick a turn on?

Brian: I honestly have no opinion on this question. My girlfriend now & past ones really never wore lipstick. I guess this goes with the first question I love the natural look.

Vile: Too much is not good I actually prefer lip gloss, I think lips gloss brings out the fullness of the lips. Lips are a turn on as well. Too much lipstick when your talking- that is all I notice and nothing else, but maybe that will take my attention away from all the cracked makeup.

Ramrod:  It depends on the lips,  Some women it makes there lips look small or real narrow when you highlight them with a bright color.  Those women I think look better with a more subtle shade, but other wise it is a turn-on.  It draws attention to her lips and get me thinking what she can do with them.  I think it's sexy when the color matches something too, like her clothing or underwear.

3. Someone really wanted to know if lipstick smeared on your cock after a bj is a turn on.

Brian: Never had that happen but I don't believe it would be for me.

Vile: Yes it is a turn on but here again I prefer lips gloss. Lip gloss makes a cock look wetter while the female is giving head. Although at times a real dark color lipstick sliding over a hard cock is truly mind blowing.

Ramrod: It's not a turn-off but not a turn-on for me either.  Seeing bright lipstick on her lips as they are wrapped around my cock and kissing it, would be the turn-on for me.

4. Is all the trouble women go through for lipstick, eye makeup, etc really going to draw a guy to her?

Brian: I think that answer is yes cause if it makes you stand out among the other girls guys will flock. I guess it is like going to the bar and you have the nice girls very good looking, great dancers and such. Then you have the wild one who is exposing all for anyone to see. We as men know she's not worth it but we want it. We flock to her. 

Vile: This really depends some women look incredible without makeup, the natural girl next door. Women who have real lite skin should shy away from makeup, and concentrate more on the eyes, women who are dark skinned or tanned look much better with makeup on. 
What men really want is someone who really cares about how they look and dress.

Ramrod: It will defiantly get our attention but is not the only thing that draws us in.  The attitude she is projecting with way she is dressed and her makeup is what draws us in or pushes us away.  It can be easy sometimes to overkill sexy and come off as slutty.  When you find the right balance between hair, clothing and makeup, it is a huge turn-on and we appreciate the effort.  It doesn't go unnoticed. 

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  1. So the bright red lipstick I was wearing on Old Hollywood night at Romanticon wasn't a good look? I'm so confused. :-p

    Generally speaking all I wear is a little blush so I don't look like I have mono (yes, I'm that pale) and lip gloss, but if I'm going out on the town I oftentimes do the red lipstick and little else. Either do the lips OR the eyes, but not both. That's what I was taught. And since I have glasses, lips seemed like a better choice.

    1. The bright red lipstick looked great on you, then again you are beautiful with out the bright lipstick anyway. Makeup doesn't make a woman beautiful, it is an accessory to enhance what already there. That sexy little black dress looses some of the enticement if it is worn every day but when its worn only on special occasions, it makes it that much more special. Makeup is the same, you have your daily makeup and your special occasion makeup. I usual prefer a more natural look on a daily basis but I do appreciate the dolled up look as well when the occasion calls for it. Hope that makes more sense

    2. Ramrod i could not have said it better myself. He is right cassandra and obviusly im on is page