Thursday, November 14, 2013

Demystifying the Male: #piercings, marking their territory and more

Have any of you been given head by someone with a tongue piercing? Did it do anything at all for you (increase sensations, etc)?

Vile: I have had my cock sucked by a woman who had a piercing , I could feel a little around the head, felt good. I do find it very hot when a woman has tongue piercings though....

Ramrod: Fuck, I would love to experiment with this one but MrsRamrod doesn't have one.  Unless one of you can sweet talk her into letting you join her as another lab partner, I will just continue to dream about it.

Brian: I tell ya these first few weeks back i feel inexperienced with these questions. I have not had experienced a woman with a tongue ring. I have always imagined that it would be amazing but I'm a kid in this regards to the tongue ring.

Is it really a turn on or a satisfaction to see your cum dripping from your woman's pussy? Anus? Why? Or why not?

Ramrod: Ass.....No, but pussy....fuck yeah.  Anyone who has read previous DtM's knows I love pussy.  Fuzzy, shaved, trimmed, so why not cum soaked dripping wet.  A women's pussy is a beautiful thing and a cum soaked one is just a hot.  It meant no condom and no pullout which is a huge turn on for me.  Plus it is a satisfaction thing, I can sit back and look at that freshly fucked, gorgeous, cum dripping pussy and say with a smile, Fuck yeah, I did that.

Vile: This is a huge turn on. Just sitting there between her legs and watching it slowly drip back out, or on her knees just slowly pulling out of her ass and telling her to push a little watching it run back out, HUGE HUGE turn on.

Brian: I think it's a hell of a turn on to see my cum dripping from my girlfriend's pussy. I look at it and think damn i just tore that pussy up. I love the look of watching her throb as it drips. I take it as looking at a fine piece of art hahaha.

What's the deal with coming on a woman's breasts, face, ass? Is it a male 'marking your territory' thing? Which, if you could choose, would you prefer to come on (and I'm talking deliberate jerking off to come on the woman, not pull out because of some other reason).

Ramrod: I have never had the desire to come on a woman's face and would probably feel weird even if I was asked to do so.  I could understand blowing my load on her tits if she were giving head and didn't want cum in her mouth but I haven't run into that issue either.  I have cum on her pussy and by the request of her on several occasions.  Even though she wasn't feeling good, she enjoyed watching me masturbate and I enjoyed the view of her pussy as my cock brushed against it.  If I can't make a mess in it, I can at least make a mess on it.  It is even more of a turn on when she asks me to do it and has became a nice treat for doing every now and then.

Brian: I have never purposely done this unless it was for pull out purposes. I think as a male when we pull out and cum on there face, butt or whatever it is a little marking our territory. Now i have been asked plenty of times to do that for her but never of my own volition.For me to do that would be living out my porn fantasy you know. I think every guy has or wants that sex like in a porno. I understand not all woman like it like that but hey to the ones that do, you get a gold star from me.

Vile: To me it is a sign of ownership, I do prefer the face, or grabbing a handful of hair tilting her head back a little and making her stick her tongue out and shoot , I love watching it slide down, and then to watch that final gulp.

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  1. Very interesting questions, Lea. I can see why you were smiling. Thanks again guys for answering honestly.
    Have any of you guys thought about getting your tongues pierced to see how your lady would like it when you eat her pussy? Ever thought about cock piercings???? That's a fantasy of mine, sex with a guy with piercings just to see how it feels.

    1. No Piercings for me either, she will need another lab partner as well

  2. I love the tongue rang if she know what she is doing., The head and tip, and drag down the shaft, oh my!! Even seeing a chick playing with it is a INSTANT BONER lol
    I love busting on a chicks face(mouth). Its the porning thang and cuz a lot females say taboo. But bitch better do it or some one else will :) haha and busting on tits is slick. It could be like marking them also.