Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Romanticon 2013 or Bust #Romanticon13

I'm heading to Romanticon, Ellora's Cave's yearly writer/reader conference, Thursday morning. I'm excited beyond belief. Last year was my first writer's conference ever and it was eye opening. This year? This year I'm doing a workshop, planning a trivia night and all around ready to have a great time.

Some have asked me why I go to writer's conferences. I don't write full time, I'm fairly new to the whole thing, and I have a full-time job I have to take time off from. What others don't understand is the zap of inspiration, the feeling of absolute awe at being with other authors. I go because I need by creative batteries charged. Sitting with a group of like minded (meaning naughty and crazy) authors, shooting the shit, throwing story ideas around... *sigh* there's nothing like it. No one understands my author persona like those people. We've all walked the same lines, dealt with the same closed mindedness from others, have had the same crazy conversations with the characters in our heads.

I'm rooming with A.M. Griffin, hanging with the Cabal of Hotness chicks and ogling my fairshare of Cavemen. Oh, and keeping Danica Avet from drinking Jack and Coke setups. :P

With all of that in mind I prepare my final shopping lists, pack the last remaining items, and bubble over with giddiness. I know in two days I won't be the mom of three, the hard-working technology grunt, the responsible one. Nope, I get to be Lea, the silly and giggling author.

If you're around the Canton OH area Sunday afternoon (10/13) come on over to the McKinley Grand Hotel. We'll be doing a book signing at noon. ;)

Romanticon, here I come....


  1. You DESERVE this!!!! Ahhhh....can't wait for your input.....and pictures!!!!!

  2. I'll be there too, Lea. Hope to see you! Romanticon is great fun.