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It's BACK: Demystifying the Male - Come Back Tour #DTM

Back by popular demand are my favorite guys and the questions we all want the answers to...

I've heard a lot about a woman holding Pop Rocks in her mouth during a BJ. Any of you guys experience that, and does it feel good?

Vile: Yea pop rocks I have never tried but I'm game. Sounds like it could be interesting.
I wonder what the effect would be eating pussy with pop rocks in your mouth. Keeping the bedroom alive and well is the secret so being open to different things really make a huge difference. Two people can get into a rut, and it makes sex really dull, it becomes work then. You keep changing things up make it interesting, keep thinking of idea's. Many people for what ever reason want to plan sex.
Using different things such as pop rocks sex should be fun.

Ramrod: I have never tried it before and thanks to MrsRamrod for offering her talented services I can now answer this questions... It fucking sucks.  It is like grinding my dick in gravel.  In theory it should create a tingly sensation from the popping of the Pop Rocks but there was nothing tingly about it.  Just grinding from the rough edges of the Pop Rocks with every movement of her mouth and tongue.  Even when she kept still, the sensation was not enjoyable.  For a tingly Blowjob, I will stick to letting her use the Violet Wand when she wants to spice things up.  

Brian: I have not personally experienced that with any woman. I was talking with my girlfriend about this last weekend and we thought about trying it but I was too scared lol. I was so afraid of getting a pop rock in my peehole owwwwww. I would have been singing the Alicia Keys song" This Boys Pee Pee is on Fire" So needless to say we skipped this one.

Jose: I never felt it and I wanted to try it just to see the rave about but Ramrod told me fuck that shit lol. I stick with the just a wet sloppy BJ

How about changing the temp of the mouth during a BJ? Hot or cold? Like? Dislike?

Ramrod: I love the Hot/Cold game.  It is even better when I am blindfolded so I can't tell it's coming.  Glass of hot tea and a glass of ice water and let the fun begin.  You can use only one but when you go from one extreme to another it is even more fun.  It adds another variable to the endless equation of possibilities.  You have squeezing pressure, depth, speed, sucking pressure, biting and now temperature control to keep me guessing.  You can even play the game with using your hands too.  Get your hands cold and mouth hot, then slide your cold hands down my shaft as you follow with your hot mouth.  I get to feel both hot and cold at the same time.

Vile: I do love getting head with an ice cube from time to time feels pretty intense. Hmm I have never tried anything warm. I know I really get into it knowing my partner is enjoying going down herself. I think that is the most important aspect of oral sex. Doing it because you like to please and you enjoy it. You can tell if your girl is not really into it. Now that I think about it I just may have to try some warm hot chocolate.

Jose: I never did the ICE or cold temp. I love the warm, hot moist mouth so never thought about the cold temp just figured it wouldn't work haha

Brian: I have never had any experience with hot but cold, why yes. I liked the cold, it wasn't too awful. the feeling I would describe would just been a very wet & cold BJ. I was afraid if it was too cold that he would crawl away for the winter . I think the hot BJ would be excellent as long as it wasn't too hot. Too hot might be the same answer as the first question. A nice warm wet BJ would is heaven. I can just sit back and relax and enjoy the wet slippery ride so to say.

Seems I ran into some that are totally against getting cum in their mouths, so they only give head with condoms. Any of you experience that? Can you talk about the loss of feeling or whatever the differences are?

Ramrod: I have never had an issue with that either, so once again I got MrsRamrod to offer up her talented services and try it out.  I am defiantly glad I have had no one request that in the past because I do lose so much of the sensations that makes a blowjob so exciting.  I lose the feeling of the different textures from inside her mouth.  Her tongue, lips and inside of cheeks all feel the same since all I can feel is the pressure of them pushing against me.  I don't feel the wetness of her mouth with a condom on either.  With no condom there is no cleanup or anything to throw away after and you don't have to have a pit stop to change out rubbers if play time is going to continuing either.  The only plus could be since there is no direct contact and I have the loss of sensation, a woman with bad tooth control would probably not hurt me.  Yes, I have stopped a blowjob from an Ex because she had no tooth control.  If I had a say in it, I would rather have her start with no condom on and finish with a hand job than have a blowjob (start to finish) with one.  I am just glad that I have a woman who doesn't mind a regular oral dose of penis-cillin.

Brian: I never have experienced that as well. Honestly I understand if a woman doesn't want cum on or in her mouth. The feeling would be just as if you were having sex with a condom on. You lose feeling for sure and is not the same as going rawdog what so ever. I put it this way for you, ladies, as a man when we go down on you we get soaked and deal with dangers all the time. We could get lock jaw, you could squeeze so hard we pass out. Yes ladies it's the same for us men with your lovely juices not always tasty but dam worth the trip. The other example would be to have us use a sandwich baggie and go down on ya and probably wouldn't feel right now would it.

Vile: Most of my relationships have been long term, before I met my now wife I was pretty lose, and I always insisted on a condom. Getting head wearing a condom is like taking a shower with your socks on your getting your feet wet but there is really no feeling.  When I do cover my buddy up I cannot bust a nut no way.On the other side I love eating pussy, but you have to really know someone I would think, but what if I was getting ready to go down and I said wait let me use a dental dam, a female condom that would just blow the moment, besides I love the taste, the wetness, the lips sucking on them, and the clit. I love feeling the clit getting hard while sucking on it, or french kissing it. 
I suppose there are some who need to wear a condom, maybe if you fuck around a lot. That is just not me.

Jose: Head condomless only lol but I am not kissing no female after I nutted in her mouth, go ahead and call me a 68 haha
Side note: Jose hung out with a bunch of us at Romanticon and we discussed head, spitting, swallowing, kissing after, etc. It was educational for all. ;)

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:

Jose Da Hood from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio. Coordinator of sex toy testing (email him or message him if you want to test items!)
Mr. Vile Woods blogger, Dominant, all around open guy. Check out his blog HEREMuch love to all the women who read Lea's blog.

Brian Nelson My newest addition. He works for Ellora's Cave as well, but I honestly don't have a clue what he does. :o)

Ramrod Director of Project Management for Ellora's Cave Publishing  If it plugs into a wall, battery operated, needs built, rebuilt, lifted, driven, fixed or figured out... that's me

If you have other questions you'd like to pose, ask your questions by leaving me a comment, shooting me an email or finding me on Facebook or Twitter. I'll make sure your questions are answered. Make sure you come back and visit every Thursday for another installment.

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'Winning Isaac': Fated Mates, Inc. Series #NewRelease #ReleaseDay #Yay


'Winning Isaac' is #4 in the Fated Mates, Inc. short erotic story series.

Fated Mates, Incorporated- The premiere dating service company. They promise to find that perfect someone within three pairings.

As one of the techs for Fated Mates, Inc., Casey Michaels leaps into action when the entire virtual system fails. Working for the dating company is rewarding and fun until there's a problem. Of the two-legged variety.

When Isaac Steffens, the man she’s been lusting and crushing over, walks into her office to help she can barely keep her hands to herself. The suggestion to test the interview programs has her panicking, but how can she tell him she’s afraid to let the system record her reaction to him?

The surprise he planned for her will get her geeky heart pumping. Perhaps even Fated Mates employees find their ‘happy ever after’.


And YES that is Mr. Steffen Hughes on the cover. And, YES, I played off his name for Isaac. LOL

If you're looking to get a signed cover you can. Steffen and I worked out a way. Check it out here:

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Tattoo Tuesday- Adam Rowland

Welcome Adam to Tattoo Tuesday...

Give me four sentences that sum you up: what you do, who you are, where you've been...

Active Duty Air Force, Munition Systems Tech/AMMO Troop to put it simply I build bombs for aircraft, SSgt (E-5) currently stationed in Texas but originally from Connecticut. Stationed in Utah, South Korea, and Germany, been deployed twice (Iraq and Afghanistan). 

I'm a simple man with a simple dream to be happy. I am a sucker for a pretty smile and high heels.

Name is Adam "Big Row" Rowland

What was your first tattoo?  Does it have meaning to you?
First tattoo was a Celtic cross on my left shoulder. Got it done about 6 years ago when I was in tech school. It is a replica of the cross my grandmother wore for as long as I can remember before she passed. 

Do you have any that you regret getting?
Don't regret any of my tattoos

If you had to pick a favorite piece of ink, which would it be and why?
My favorite would be a draw between my two chest pieces. The clover with my last name and initials is all about family and how close we are and they are my everything. The other would be my CT outline with "Home is where the heart is" banner. I am from a small town but always carry my CT pride with me. In all my travels throughout the time I have been in I haven't met many people from CT so I'm always unique. I love to talk about my state and represent it to the fullest. Also I got it shortly after the Newtown, CT shooting. I live in a town just outside of Newtown and one of my dear friend's child was killed in the shooting so its also a memorial to them.

Do you have more tats planned?
I have a few in the works but I have a few select artists I like to work with and haven't had a chance to get anything scheduled with them yet. One simple script piece and a Banksy piece.

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?
I don't believe they are addictive but I believe they change the way you look at them and at the world. After getting one you change your perspective on how to represent and remember things. You look at them as art and a timeline rather than just ink and skin. It allows you to capture things in a different way. Rather than taking pictures or writing people will get things tattooed as a representation. 

What's your life plans for the immediate future? Long-term?
I am settling down with my beautiful girlfriend (sorry ladies). I am planning on doing my 20 years in the Air Force and then getting out to hopefully open my own business.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
I am a twin. Also I love classical music.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?
I think I would prefer to be a superhero like Batman, who doesn't have superpowers per se, but who relies on his intelligence and use of the right tools to get the job done. But if I had to choose one I think X-Ray vision because boobs (lol) and my weakness would be awesome boobs.
Lea Note: I laughed right out loud at this. I was imagining a super hero collapsing when a nice rack came too close. ROFL

Favorite TV show or station?
ESPN during the day and Comedy Central/Cartoon network at night

What's your 'go to' comfort item (food, place, drink, etc)?
Steak and whisky

If there were no $ or time limitations, where would you be right now and what would you be doing?
I'd just be out with my family and friends having a great time and enjoying life

Do you enjoy reading? Who's your fav author, or your fav type of book (suspense, mystery, biography, paranormal, etc)?
I do enjoy reading and have been recently reading a series by Chad Kultgen (average american male series). Great series!! and I am a huge Chuck Palahniuk (fight club) fan as well. 

Quick Questions:
Bottle or can?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Muscle car or motorcycle?
Muscle car  I have horrible balance so I don't trust myself on a bike

Morning person or night-owl?
night owl

Rollercoaster or bumper cars?
bumper cars

Where would you like people to find you? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Email? Website?
Hit me up on instagram bigarow86  twitter -@bigrow86  or facebook

Any other shout outs you'd like to do? Websites? FB pages?
Shout out to all my other fellow serive members especially those serving in deployed areas -come home safe

Everyone else love your life and enjoy it - Love Peace Skeet and Cheese and me and my friends say

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Blog Blitz: Kara Leigh Miller #giveaway #blogtour

Kara Leigh Miller - Jilted

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: Scorching

Publisher: Books to Go Now
Length: 49K
Kara is a multi-published romance author who dabbles in young adult, new adult, paranormal, and contemporary romances. However, her genre of choice will always be erotic romance. She's a member of the CNY Writers Haven and the Romance Writers of America. Writing is her passion and she loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with her fellow authors and her fans.

Today, Kara resides in Upstate New York with her husband, five kids, three cats, and two dogs. When she's not reading or writing, she's spending time with her family and friends.
Nothing excites Kara more than hearing from her fans. So, send her a note. She'll go total fan girl over it!

Social Media Links:

Amy and Brett have been friends since they were kids; and their friendship has withstood the test of time. But can it withstand Brett's fiancée, Vanessa?

Brett Hudson has often wondered what it would be like to be more than Amy's friend, but when he's chosen as the newest professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars, he meets Vanessa, one of the shows costume designers and it's a whirlwind romance that ends in a wedding proposal. As the big day draws closer, Brett begins to think that marrying Vanessa might be a bad idea. She wants him to give up Amy. Completely. Will he give up his best friend for the woman he's supposed to marry?

Amy King is heartbroken to learn that Brett is marrying another woman. But, when Brett is jilted at the altar, he begs Amy to go on his honeymoon with him. A week on a tropical island with her best friend, the man she's fantasized about for years is a dream come true for Amy. But when Brett suggests crossing the line from friends to lovers, Amy is reluctant. Will she risk years of friendship for one night of passion?

"I'm telling you, man, this is a mistake," Steven said.
Brett glanced at his brother, annoyed. "Mom said the same thing to me earlier." The wedding was scheduled to start in less than twenty minutes, and he was going to take his place at the altar to wait for his bride. Once he took his spot, he looked out at the seated guests.
Steven put his hand on Brett's shoulder. "We all know the woman you should be marrying is sitting out there," Steven nodded, "fourth pew back."
Brett's gaze landed on Amy, who was talking to his mom. Amy looked gorgeous, as usual. She said something to his mom, and then laughed. The sight of her smiling face made him smile, until he realized that he wouldn't get to see her like that very often anymore. "Amy and I are just friends."
Steven laughed. "Stop wearing your ass as a hat and open your eyes. Amy King has never been just your friend."
"That's real nice, Steven." Brett sighed and shook his head. Marrying Vanessa wasn't a mistake. It wasn't. And Amy was just his friend. He was doing the right thing by marrying Vanessa. Wasn't he?
"I'm your brother. I don't want to see you make a mistake."
"Exactly. You're my brother, which means you should support my decision. I love Vanessa. I'm going to marry her."
Steven shrugged. "If you say so."
Brett turned and glared at him. "And you decided to have this conversation with me now? Ten minutes before Vanessa will be walking down that aisle. Nice timing." He went to run his hand through his hair, but stopped, not wanting to mess it up. Vanessa hated when his hair was messy. She said it made him look sloppy, as though he didn't care. Amy never seemed to mind though. In fact, she laughed at him every time he messed up his hair. He sighed and turned back around to look out over the pews. His gaze once again wandered to Amy.
"It's not like you've been around much. It’s been kind of hard to talk to you," Steven muttered.
He was right. Brett had been occupied with Vanessa and pulling the wedding together in such a short amount of time. "I know. Sorry."
They were silent for a few moments before Steven leaned close to Brett's ear and whispered, "It's not too late, Brett. You can still call this off."

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Author Spotlight: Wendy Jay #blogtour #TreasuredSeries

Blurb: Jude Delaney…A dark haired Adonis with a slightly kinky side. He fell in love with a red haired beauty in high school, only to have her torn from him and sent away. Miranda, his first love…his only love.
Ross Guthrie…A tall, sexy man who carries a gun. Jude’s best friend from college. More brother than friend. Ross now works for the FBI and his assignment sends him to Jude’s hometown…to protect Miranda.
Miranda Jones…A sassy red-head. She takes charge of her life and runs from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Hank Castile. Leaving California behind, Miranda moves back home…and right into Jude’s loving arms.
Two best friends…Both determined to protect this woman at all costs. Will Jude and Ross have what it takes to save Miranda from Hank Castile…the man who abused her and now wants her dead?

Buy link:


Blurb: Undiscovered Treasure is book 2...the sequel to Another Man's Treasure. Jude fights against the odds to protect his one and only love, Miranda. His best friend Ross is there to help and finds his heart in a turmoil over the beautiful Francine. Journey with them through the good and bad times. Is luck on their side for happiness?

*This book is a continuing story and not a stand alone. Adult themes and language.

Buy link:


I live in Northern NH, in my hometown. I have enjoyed reading and writing since I was a young child and wrote poetry since I can remember. Through my school years, I took every opportunity to take a literature or creative writing class.  I worked in finance for 28+ years until Feb. 2012 when the company downsized and I lost my job.  The opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream of writing a novel came about when a Facebook friend encouraged me to try after reading a couple blurbs I spit out upon being asked some advice!  I took my vivid imagination, my gift of words which I attribute to God, and wrote my first novel Another Man's Treasure.  Admittedly, I fell in love with my own characters and continued their story with my second novel Undiscovered Treasure.

I write romance/erotica and at some point in the future want to try my hand at paranormal and adventure/action.  My biggest inspiration is my sister Jennifer.  She has stood behind me all the way and given me so much emotional support.  Along with her, I have some amazing friends who I refer to as "my cheerleaders".  They keep me motivated along my writing adventure.  When I am not writing, I have to admit I am an electronic junkie.  If it has a push button, I either have it or want it!


Tour long Giveaway: One (1) set of both ebooks and five (5) sets of rack cards

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Romanticon Recap #Rcon13

I can't believe it's Friday already. I wanted to do a recap of Romanticon just because if you were on the fence about coming this year hopefully this will tip you over to come next year.

Piper Trace trying to write with John and Tyrone watching

Firstly let me say that Ellora's Cave's Romanticon is the best conference I attend as an author. Yes, RT and others are great, but if you are looking for a celebration of naughtiness you NEED to come to Romanticon!

Alnita Miller, Danica Avet, Sasha Devlin and A.M. Griffin watching a twerking video

This was my second year attending. Last year I'm sure I looking like a deer in headlights most of the time. This year? Oh, this year I knew the score and was expecting the crazy.

John, Tyrone, Tammy and Judy getting it on in my bed.

Danica Avet, Cara Carnes, A.M. Griffin and I put on a workshop called 'There's an App for that'. It was a complete blast. We brought in blowup dolls for participants to use in an Olympic-style contest. I laughed so freaking hard through the entire hour!!! 

The SPI crew after the workshop

Oh, and Danica and I did a Trivia Hour after Bingo. That was a lot of fun, too. Nothing like watching mostly drunk peeps trying to be smart. LOL

'Cumshot' the winning team at Trivia Night

The best part of the entire conference, though, was just hanging with people and chatting. I met new friends, saw old ones and had a good time talking about anything. There is nothing like shouting across the bar about spitting or swallowing and having every single person answer you instead of looking at you funny.

I feel recharged and ready to take on the year. I have books to write and will be laughing about the weekend for months.

Thank you Ellora's Cave for putting on such an awesome event!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Romanticon 2013 or Bust #Romanticon13

I'm heading to Romanticon, Ellora's Cave's yearly writer/reader conference, Thursday morning. I'm excited beyond belief. Last year was my first writer's conference ever and it was eye opening. This year? This year I'm doing a workshop, planning a trivia night and all around ready to have a great time.

Some have asked me why I go to writer's conferences. I don't write full time, I'm fairly new to the whole thing, and I have a full-time job I have to take time off from. What others don't understand is the zap of inspiration, the feeling of absolute awe at being with other authors. I go because I need by creative batteries charged. Sitting with a group of like minded (meaning naughty and crazy) authors, shooting the shit, throwing story ideas around... *sigh* there's nothing like it. No one understands my author persona like those people. We've all walked the same lines, dealt with the same closed mindedness from others, have had the same crazy conversations with the characters in our heads.

I'm rooming with A.M. Griffin, hanging with the Cabal of Hotness chicks and ogling my fairshare of Cavemen. Oh, and keeping Danica Avet from drinking Jack and Coke setups. :P

With all of that in mind I prepare my final shopping lists, pack the last remaining items, and bubble over with giddiness. I know in two days I won't be the mom of three, the hard-working technology grunt, the responsible one. Nope, I get to be Lea, the silly and giggling author.

If you're around the Canton OH area Sunday afternoon (10/13) come on over to the McKinley Grand Hotel. We'll be doing a book signing at noon. ;)

Romanticon, here I come....

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Sensual Saturday- Angling for Love #menage #newrelease

Arin Walters decides that after ending her long-term relationship with her cheating boyfriend, she needs a vacation in the Montana mountains. She packs her fly-fishing gear and heads off for a week of relaxation and emotional healing.
Brent and Jared have been best friends since childhood. The abuse they suffered as children binds them together. They want a woman to share and build a life with but they’ve been burned in the past.

When Arin shows up at their fishing lodge, sparks fly and all three feel the beginning of something they crave—acceptance and love. Now they must hope that the passion between them is enough to help them leave the past behind.

Inside Scoop: This ménage contains M/F/M scenes, double penetration and lots of sexy fun in the great outdoors.

Warm palms skated up her sides under her shirt until Brent was forced to release her. Jared pushed it up and tapped her arms. She complied, stretching her hands above her head. Goose bumps pebbled her skin under his hands, sending a shiver down her spine. Her shirt came off in a cool slide and hit the floor somewhere behind them. The next moment found her bra unhooked and sliding down her arms. Chilly air peaked her nipples and wafted across her already sensitive skin. She looked up into Brent’s face to find him staring heatedly at her breasts. She grinned and gave a slight shimmy.

“Oh, don’t tempt me, darlin’.” His growl sent a fresh rush of heat through her veins. His eyes moved slowly up to her face, caressing her skin. His eyes had darkened with lust. “You are so beautiful, Arin.”

She had one heartbeat to absorb his words before a pair of calloused palms cupped her naked breasts and fingers gave the nipples a light pinch. She hummed. It felt so good having Jared pressed against her back, his hands on her body as Brent watched. Her pussy heated and a rush of moisture slicked her panties. Each tug on her nubs sent another rush to her belly, pooling hot and heavy there. Her eyes slid closed as he kneaded her flesh.

“Move your hands, man. I want a taste.” Brent’s words hit her ears at the same time as his hot mouth sucked a nipple in. He flicked his tongue around the nub. She gasped and moaned, flopping her head back against Jared’s shoulder.

“She likes that, Brent.” His words were low and soft against her neck. Jared pushed her head until she was baring the entire column of her neck to his questing lips. He licked up her skin and nibbled from her ear down to her shoulder. She shivered and melted against his chest the moment blunt teeth bit down on the muscle of her shoulder.

Arin lost the ability to track anything other than sensations. Hot lips tugged on her nipples, rough hands skimmed over her skin, soft lips and hard teeth tested her body.