Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday- Scott King

Scott King
to Tattoo Tuesday

I'm 36, 6 foot 2 inches, live in Leicester UK and am a fitness model dj/radio presenter for Demon 107.5 FM. Every Sunday UK time 2pm til 4pm. Click live on the real player to hear my show.

I was a ladies hairdresser for top salons in my city as a young man. I loved it, had a great time doing the London thing with all the top guys. Then I found boxing. Google Scott king boxing to find out more also YouTube Scott king boxing and see some videos of the old me. I was a gent in this sport, then I retired and changed the way I looked @ the world after losing my mum. Little Jean who adopted me from 7 days old, who I miss so much @ 36 and to feel alone. She made me the man I am today.. I miss you every day mum..i Ijust hope you are proud of the man I have become. xxx

I am a fun loving guy- kind, good to be around. I love to challenge myself on a day to day basis. I'm always am true to myself and other. I can break dance..lol not as good as when I was 17 but it still keeps me fit....I was in a dance crew...for many years haha

I love tattoos. Ink is my world and I have lots more, I mean lots more, ink to be done. So with my artist we are planning something special. I live in a city in the UK called Leicester city. I work with charity's. And are in the process of putting a calendar for children with cancer together, as children are our future.

I have no regents on any ink work just always improvements. My advice, think and plan your ink AND don't rush. It takes years to develop. My tattoos are the story of what I stand for as a man. A life story which is ever changing. The words describe feeling. Strength, hope, honour, and wellbeing ..and a man's quest through life with obstacles on the way and the way to true happiness. I live my life through the law of attraction and practice positive living, and through my body I express my life through ink. And I cant wait to get more inked. Well lots more...I love it.

Wow I've been addicted since my first ink session. Pow ...Booom That was it. I've made it apart of my life.

Goals? Just to be happy with my self/friends /family...and all who show me love will come right back to you.

I was a semi pro boxer. Google (Scott king boxing) and @ 35 thought it was time to finish ..so I retired, but still remained fit..I've always had a passion for sport and fitness, and a friend @ the gym asked if I would like to compete in a fitness competitions and I thought is was a wind up @ first. And he was honest and said no Scott your in great shape. Look in to the world of fitness sport modeling...so I did ..and to be honest, it has given me the same buzz as boxing did when I first started. The athletes who compete @ this level are incredible. The diets and training programmes are on another level. And adjusting to this sport was hard. All the different sides ..I had to learn like I was starting all over again.

My first competition was the north east beach body finals witch I came 2nd.......I loved every minute....of it on stage with the best body in the north of the country UK

My second comp was the Miami pro European championships ...and to be in this final was a great in site to the top level. And from this show I have to say my body was in league with all the other athletes but my work on stage presence needs to be improved...poses- posture- classic swagger...it all about owning the stage ...standing out.......so no I'm taking stage classes and working on my total look. On stage. This is key..

Stephanie Pantling is my friend and she took my first picture...which brings me to all my family and of fans on my model page as she posted my first ever picture on the net .

If I was a super hero I would love to be Spartan warrior......with the power to heal...........to see others in pain is my weakness ...the over whelming response not being able to comfort....the ones you love and the feeling of helplessness

 I would like to work in film...and try my hand @ acting ...my friends think this is another possible goal...I'd love to be a villain's accomplice...or the hero that saves the day ..lol in a gang film

My favourite tv shows are ..Green Arrow/and Small Ville

My comfort food is chocolate...and hariboz...being a single father me and my son love nothing more then kicking back watching a film with goodies. I am a normal guy that does the same as most guyz with there kids

My favourite books are the Law of Attraction. And positive thinking and way of life books...I'm also a romantic ...yes ....and I would love to be on the front cover of a best selling book lol

Quick questions:
Bottle or Can: bottle

Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate

Motorcycle or Muscle Car: muscle car

Morning or Night: night owl

Roller Coaster or Bumper Cars: bumper cars

I would just love to say follow your heart and always have a go @ want ever you want to achieve in life...have no regrets...life is for living ...and what we give to the world will always come back...one love. Love yourself. But I mean in a way of just being happy with who you are, not what everyone else wanys you to be. Live for you be happy with you. No money in the world, job, house, car, etc., all this means nothing if your not happy with you. Love you for the amazing person you are. Give love and love will come back to you.

What things do I value most in my life. I value my family and friends. And all the people who are close to me with all the love I have to give. I have a son Connor who is 8 years old he is my world a father's love for his child is unconditional to see his face and happiness is what I live and breathe for..I value love ...what we put out to the world comes back. Honesty and to be true to myself no matter what I do. I'm just me a real guy with all the same life issues as every one else I'm not perfect in any way. But am real.

Find Scott:
twitter @scottkingmodel
 for bookings scottking2012@hotmail.co.uk

I would like to shout out:
To my loving lost mum there is no day I don't think about you mum I hope you are so proud of the man I have become..

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  1. Scott,

    I loved reading about your journey. That was real, honest, and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life. You're a wonderful man and Ok sure your mum is VERY proud of the man you've become.
    Your Friend Always,
    One Love ♥♥

  2. You had 3 fights against poor opponents, lost the last 1 then quit... Your in great shape though , and seem like an ok guy now , but when u was boxing you thought you was better than everyone!

    1. you havent got the balls to put your name perhaps he whopped your ass in the ring and youre jelous of his sucess...

  3. Been chatting to Scott for a while now,yes he has his down days like we all do,but you will see him staying postive and sharing his posativity through his posts to his friends.
    Hes worked damn hard to get where he is today and no one can deny that-i for one like many look forward to hearing from him and seeing his transformations,like nature constantly growing and developing.

    Big hugs to you
    love Tracy xx

  4. Scott is an inspiration to a lot of people and is a truly wonderful person. Its easy to sit behind a computer and ridicule others, its people like scott that are out there living life, spreading joy and allowing us into his life and for that im grateful.To those people who spread hate and have nasty opinions keep it to yourself because no one is interested in you or what you have to say.

  5. Scott is a true inspiration..he's has been though so much..and always smiles, I look forward to seeing more of his pictures and I feel I no him a little more. Well done Scott King for sharing with us x