Monday, September 30, 2013

Alpha in Hiding- 25% off for 1 week

Alpha in Hiding, my paranormal/shifter erotic romance published with Ellora's Cave, is on special for one week at 25% off!

It’s tough being the Alpha’s daughter. Emily Prescott spends half her life helping to manage the pack’s business and the other half putting horny hewolves in their place. When her father sends her on a mission to bring a weak wolf into his shifter side, it seems like just another pain in her ass—until her bitch perks up and takes notice.
Seth has spent years fighting to keep his wolf at bay, but something about Emily brings out the animal in him. Wild sex with Emily turns into an uncontrollable urge to mate her and make her his. But Emily needs a strong mate—someone who can dominate and defend her. If weak, geeky Seth wants to woo her, he has some changing to do.

With a deep breath Emily pulled the pungent, pine-scented air into her lungs. She inhaled as fully as she could, trying to pull the smells all the way to her toes. Relaxation was a foreign concept to her, but when she was at this cabin, surrounded by nothing but nature and quiet, she could actually let her guard down. The peace of the area bled slowly into her body, muscles relaxing that she hadn’t even known she had clenched. She threw her head back, closed her eyes and flopped her arms out away from her body. The stance probably looked as if she were offering herself as a sacrifice but she just couldn’t care. The slight breeze ruffled her hair, bringing fresh smells to her. They invaded her senses and gave her a moment of absolute tranquility.

“I’ll just take our bags inside.” Seth’s low voice brought her back to her surroundings. She needed to keep a better handle on her behavior around him. For some reason she felt no need to keep her guard up around the male. She hadn’t even taken two steps from the Jeep before starting her sensory indulgence.

Okay, Emily, get a grip.

She turned to find him watching her with a mixture of amusement and understanding. Anger rose in her gut. How dare he try to play the understanding card? He didn’t know a damn thing about her. She growled low in her throat. “Nope, put the bags back in the vehicle. We’re going for a run before we do anything else.”

The look of panic that crossed Seth’s face made her grin. She flashed partially elongated canines at him. The hard swallow he took could be heard across the clearing. “A run? Now?”

“Yep.” She laughed at the squeak in his voice. “Come on, wolf boy, strip and shift.”

She turned and quickly shed her clothes, folding them and making a tidy pile on the hood of the Jeep. Nudity wasn’t an issue for her. She knew she looked good and after years of shifting in front of hundreds of people it just didn’t bother her anymore.

She called her wolfy self forward, pulling her animal to the forefront, and sighed as her bones started to pop and change. The shift didn’t cause her pain anymore. It actually felt as if she were scratching that elusive place on her back that itched all the time but she just couldn’t reach. A sense of relief flooded through her. The change from human thought patterns to animal was wonderful. Things were so much simpler to the animal. The world was much more black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. Gray areas didn’t exist in her animal thoughts. Silly human emotions like confusion and embarrassment became muted in animal form. Within a minute she was on four black paws, shaking out her fur. She rumbled low in her chest. A yip of exaltation escaped her lips.
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