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Alpha in Hiding- 25% off for 1 week

Alpha in Hiding, my paranormal/shifter erotic romance published with Ellora's Cave, is on special for one week at 25% off!

It’s tough being the Alpha’s daughter. Emily Prescott spends half her life helping to manage the pack’s business and the other half putting horny hewolves in their place. When her father sends her on a mission to bring a weak wolf into his shifter side, it seems like just another pain in her ass—until her bitch perks up and takes notice.
Seth has spent years fighting to keep his wolf at bay, but something about Emily brings out the animal in him. Wild sex with Emily turns into an uncontrollable urge to mate her and make her his. But Emily needs a strong mate—someone who can dominate and defend her. If weak, geeky Seth wants to woo her, he has some changing to do.

With a deep breath Emily pulled the pungent, pine-scented air into her lungs. She inhaled as fully as she could, trying to pull the smells all the way to her toes. Relaxation was a foreign concept to her, but when she was at this cabin, surrounded by nothing but nature and quiet, she could actually let her guard down. The peace of the area bled slowly into her body, muscles relaxing that she hadn’t even known she had clenched. She threw her head back, closed her eyes and flopped her arms out away from her body. The stance probably looked as if she were offering herself as a sacrifice but she just couldn’t care. The slight breeze ruffled her hair, bringing fresh smells to her. They invaded her senses and gave her a moment of absolute tranquility.

“I’ll just take our bags inside.” Seth’s low voice brought her back to her surroundings. She needed to keep a better handle on her behavior around him. For some reason she felt no need to keep her guard up around the male. She hadn’t even taken two steps from the Jeep before starting her sensory indulgence.

Okay, Emily, get a grip.

She turned to find him watching her with a mixture of amusement and understanding. Anger rose in her gut. How dare he try to play the understanding card? He didn’t know a damn thing about her. She growled low in her throat. “Nope, put the bags back in the vehicle. We’re going for a run before we do anything else.”

The look of panic that crossed Seth’s face made her grin. She flashed partially elongated canines at him. The hard swallow he took could be heard across the clearing. “A run? Now?”

“Yep.” She laughed at the squeak in his voice. “Come on, wolf boy, strip and shift.”

She turned and quickly shed her clothes, folding them and making a tidy pile on the hood of the Jeep. Nudity wasn’t an issue for her. She knew she looked good and after years of shifting in front of hundreds of people it just didn’t bother her anymore.

She called her wolfy self forward, pulling her animal to the forefront, and sighed as her bones started to pop and change. The shift didn’t cause her pain anymore. It actually felt as if she were scratching that elusive place on her back that itched all the time but she just couldn’t reach. A sense of relief flooded through her. The change from human thought patterns to animal was wonderful. Things were so much simpler to the animal. The world was much more black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. Gray areas didn’t exist in her animal thoughts. Silly human emotions like confusion and embarrassment became muted in animal form. Within a minute she was on four black paws, shaking out her fur. She rumbled low in her chest. A yip of exaltation escaped her lips.
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Tattoo Tuesday- Lance Jones

Tattoo Tuesday
Lance Jones

Hey my names Lance Jones, born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I'm a personal trainer/concrete contractor. I love to work out and get tatted. I'd say I'm a beach kinda guy but live in AZ, so always enjoy going to Cali. If I ever had to leave AZ , my choice to live would be San Diego.

My first tattoo was the start of my left sleeve, the joker on my right shoulder.

 I do not regret any of my tattoos,  I love them all. No serious meaning to them, just love the art work. 

And yes I'm definitely addicted and plan on getting a lot more.

My favorite tv show would probably be Walking dead or pawn stars :)

Quick Questions:
I'm definitely a bottle over can kinda guy
more of a chocolate flavor over vanilla
love motorcycles but would prefer muscle cars over a cycle
I'm more on the morning person side but definitely love the night life :)

You can find me on FB at

FB fan page is

And instagram is @lancejones2k

All images are copyrighted by Richard Rusch, Rob Kristian, Angela Vargas, Dave Kelly and/or Lance Jones. They may not be used, reposted, shared or otherwise transferred without writing permissions from the photographer AND the model.

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Sensual Saturday- Byte Marks: Story 1 Fated Mates, Inc. Series

0.99 only until October 2nd!

Welcome to Sensual Saturday...

Byte Marks: Fated Mates, Inc. Series, Story #1

Fated Mates, Incorporated- The premiere dating service company. They promise to find that perfect someone within three pairings.

Liz stepped into the waiting room for Fated Mates, Inc with trepidation. Driven to the dating service by her meddling family, she walks in hoping for something but expecting nothing. What she received was a chance encounter with a hunky tattooed man. Byte happens to be interviewing for his first date assignment as well.

A building-wide power failure causes a lock-down that throws them together and the sparks fly.

Sexy Snippet:
Warm lips brushed against her neck, surprising her. She hummed at the sensation and stilled enough to catch his head in her hands. “Wait. Let me take this off.” With shaking fingers she stripped off her shirt. She needed to feel his skin against hers. Warm, moist breath feathered over her, raising goose bumps down her arms. She sighed. “Better.”

Byte sucked lightly above one breast and flicked his tongue against the skin. He blew lightly over the moisture and she shivered. She started rocking against him again, brushing her throbbing clit against the fabric separating their pelvises. He unhooked the front of her bra and thumbed both nipples. She cried out. The slight roughness against her sensitive nubs sent jolts of pleasure to her pussy. Her wet panties were soaked again and increased the friction as she ground down.

“Come for me, sweet Lizzy.” His words skated like a hot caress...

Want to read more? 0.99 for the next few days:
All Romance eBooks

Want to meet the cover model? Click here for his interview and you can follow both him and the photographer on Facebook.

Cover Photography by Jamie Dominic Photographer

Modeling by Matt Savard

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Author Spotlights: Sunset Point Series #newrelease #sirenauthor

Welcome Hennessee Andrews and Susan Hayes! They have some VERY exciting news... 

Thank you for having us today!

A long, long time ago, (okay, it was back in early spring)  a group of erotic romance authors were diligently avoiding working on their various projects by posting pictures of tantalizing men on Facebook and then commenting on each other’s timelines. (What? It’s part of our creative process, yeah...that’s it…)
 In the course of this mayhem, one of the ladies in question uttered a simple question that resonated with the universe and set all sorts of things in motion. “Wouldn’t it be fun if we actually got together and wrote a series of books about these guys?” A secret Facebook group was formed. People were invited. Plots were hatched. Ideas were bandied about. More pictures were shared. (We told you, it’s part of our creative process!)
In the end five women who have never met in person created an entire world, and we called it Sunset Point. We filled our world with landmark places and colorful characters that appeared in every book, and then we wrote five separate ménage romances whose characters and lives intersect throughout their stories.  It was challenging, occasionally crazy making, and worth every tweak and email.
Today we’re here to share the results of our labor. The Sunset Point Series is coming to Siren-Bookstrand the week of September 16th through September 19th, 2013. Our titles, Breaking Point by Susan Hayes and Tattoos and Cupcakes by Hennessee Andrews, are out September 19th.
We hope you come visit us in paradise.

The Sunset Point series, now available for presale at Siren-Bookstrand. Buy the entire set of five and get 20% off . (for a limited time only)

Tattoos and Cupcakes


Being sequestered on Sunset Point Island is the least of Lane Erikson’s worries. Being a witness to a murder may be her demise. What does one do when a network of FBI wanted criminals are looking to kill you? You run like hell, even it’s to a place you’ve never heard of.
Dane Hutchinson, local tattoo artist, sets his sights on winning Lane’s affection and sharing her with Bannock Garrison, Sunset Point police officer. Bannock never wanted a ménage relationship, even though his parents have lived a happy life in one. The idea of sharing a woman bothers him, but losing Dane’s friendship bothers him more.
As the relationship begins to soar with possibilities, Lane is faced with her world crashing down again and her life hangs in the balance. Can Bannock and his colleagues save the day? More importantly, can Bannock overcome his distrust for women and allow Lane into his heart and share her with his best friend?

Hot Excerpt:

“Tell him to open his jeans and pull out his cock.” Dane said with a growl next to her ear.
She stuttered. “Puh, pull,”
“No, not like that. Demand him to do it.” Dane’s voice rose and a new round of heat coated his fingers. “Do it, Reece. You know you want to see him do it. Now make him.”
Lane did want to see Bannock’s cock. She wanted it so badly she found her voice and strength. “Pull out your cock and stroke it, Bannock!”
Dane chuckled softly in her ear. “Good girl.”
Bannock’s expression didn’t change and at first, Lane thought he wasn’t going to do it. Then, his hands slowly worked at the button of his jeans and she cheered inside. He lifted his ass and slid not only his jeans, but his boxers down with one shove. His large cock jutted out and she felt her body respond. She licked her lips as a tremor built. Bannock gripped his shaft and slowly worked from the base to the top. His thumb swept over the tip, gathering his lubricant and rubbing it down his long pole.
“Isn’t that the biggest cock you ever laid eyes on?” Dane asked her and sped up his pace.
“Yes.” She cried out.
“Show him how much you appreciate watching him. Come for him.”
Lane burst and felt electrified. She shook and quivered in Dane’s arms as liquid heat leaked from her cunt. “Yes!” She squealed and pulled Dane’s hair and head forward, holding him tight. Her teeth bit down on her bottom lip as she took rapid intakes of air through her nose while keeping her eyes open, directing them at Bannock.
Dane lovingly brought her down with sweet kisses to her neck, his thumb gently rubbing her swollen pussy. She exhaled and inhaled, unsure if she could catch her breath again. Seeing Bannock with his cock in his hand, leisurely stroking had pushed her over the edge. When her release struck and she cried out, he gripped his dick so tight his knuckles turned white. The scene fueled her and the small aftershocks kept rocking her body.
With a strong embrace, Dane held her close and kissed her cheek. “Are you ready for more?”
“Yes,” she whispered.
Dane turned her around to face him and kissed her while cradling her face in his hands. “You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever had the pleasure to look upon.” His eyes were genuine and loving.
“Thank you.” She leaned into his hand, loving the gentle caress.
“Climb on the bed. We have a show to give Bannock.”
Lane climbed up on her knees and stared at Bannock. She felt sexy and wanted. Dane was everything she needed or craved in a man, sweet, loving, and demanding. All the qualities she desired, wrapped up in a sinful package. She looked over her shoulder and watched him roll a condom over his large cock. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside her. Dane noticed her watching and gave her a seductive wink and she melted.
Dane eased up behind her and nudged her legs further apart with his knees. Lane faced Bannock and his eyes were watching, his hand stroking his cock with liberal strokes. God, she wanted to taste him so bad. Dane caressed her ass and delivered a slap to her right cheek. She whimpered and felt her body continue to heat up.
“She has a beautiful ass, too.” Dane rubbed away the stinging pain left by his hand.
When Dane nudged her pussy with his enlarged shaft, she bowed her back and pushed toward him. Slowly his cock eased in and began to stretch her wide. She wailed with delight and closed her eyes, enjoying each inch, and every ripple of his shaft.
“Mercy she is so hot and wet. So fucking tight too.” Dane stroked her ego and gasped with delight.
 He eased in and out to the tip, returning over and over at a medium pace. Lane wanted to demand what she wanted but was too caught up watching Bannock’s expression and his hand working his own cock. She wanted him to join in. She was hot and ready to share. Her body was so keyed up, she doubted service from both of them could calm the tsunami they’d created.
The pace increased causing Lane to hum. She could feel Dane’s balls hitting her clit, giving her a double stimulation. He gripped her hips tightly and she felt his cock swell inside of her. Sounds of his hips slapping her ass echoed off the walls, feeding her more delightful stimulation. “Yeah, Dane, just like that.” She gasped for air and felt her breasts bouncing.
“Oh, hell yes.” Dane groaned. “Ah, man, her pussy is so fucking awesome.”
 Lane heard Dane’s strangled words and loved the sound of them. They pushed harder, faster, taking as much pleasure as they could get. Lane grasped the sheets and held them tight.
“Tell Bannock to stroke his cock harder.”
Lane leveled her gaze on Bannock with her tits jiggling while Dane fucked her into dreamland. “Stroke it harder, Bannock!” her voice boomed, demanding what she wanted to see, what Dane knew she wanted to see.
Bannock gripped himself harder and started pumping his cock faster. His expression had changed. He was turned on, but trying hard to deny it. The sight pushed Lane closer and she began to pant. “Fuck me harder, Dane!”
Dane pounded against her ass harder and his thumb gathered up her wetness and rubbed her tight bud. Lane gasped and felt her body tremble. Slick heat from her pussy enveloped Dane’s cock and he growled when he felt it.
“Oh, fuck yes.” Lane looked directly at Bannock. “I’m close, hell yes, so close.” She shuddered. “Come with me, Bannock!” She squealed as her orgasm ripped through her. “Yes, yes.” She continued to let out all that had been locked inside.
Want to read more? Buy Link:

Breaking Point


Lexa Fox lost her childhood the day her mother took her and fled Sunset Point. Twenty-three years later, she’s returning to claim her inheritance from a father she barely remembers, in a place she doesn’t belong.
Detectives Beau Rivers and Diego Mendez grew up in ménage families and always knew they’d be a trio if they could find the right woman. They’d found her once, but fate took her out of their lives long before they were old enough to stake their claim. No woman since has ever managed to live up to their memories of Lexa, so when fate brings their childhood sweetheart back into their lives, they do everything they can to convince their gray-eyed, world-weary beauty to stay.
There are dangers to be faced and enemies to overcome, but in the end it’s up to her men to show her that some hearts never give up hope, and some loves have no Breaking Point.

Hot Excerpt

 “If you think I’m going to lie here while you two eat all the cupcakes you are sorely mistaken.” Lexa started to get up again, but Diego pressed a hand to her chest and stopped her from moving.
“You are dessert. Now lie still, little cupcake, and let us frost you.”
“Wha—” Something cool and thick was brushed over the lips of her pussy and Lexa stopped talking, all her attention riveted on Beau’s fingers as he stroked her labia. She lifted her head and saw Beau staring down at her sex, a partially eaten cupcake in one hand.
Diego’s approach was more direct, and she had to bite back a moan as he simply pressed one of the cupcakes against her breast, transferring the frosting to her skin. Her nipples puckered the instant the cool icing touched them, and the scent of sugar and coconut ticked her nose when she drew in a deep, shuddering breath.
“Close your eyes,” Diego instructed her and she did so, focusing on her other senses instead of just her sight. Something brushed against her lips and she parted them, letting the tip of her tongue dart out to taste the dab of frosting she found at the corner of her mouth. Beau’s fingers slipped between her folds and cool air hit her overheated skin when he parted the lips of her pussy, exposing her clit.
“Now that is the sweetest treat I have ever seen,” he groaned and then his tongue was lapping at the frosting, flicking over and around her clit as he devoured her. Every touch of Beau’s mouth sent molten pleasure flowing through her body and she tried to arch herself against his lips, craving more, but her legs were dangling and his hands were on her thighs, keeping her legs parted and she couldn’t get the leverage she needed to move. She growled in need and frustration, only to nearly come up off the table altogether as Diego suckled one icing covered breast into the furnace-like heat of his mouth.
They had been quick studies, and now Lexa found herself being touched and stroked with deadly precision. Every move her lovers made was intended to ratchet her need high and push her closer to orgasm. Beau eased two fingers into her sopping pussy and curved them upward until his fingertips brushed over her G-spot. That one touch sent her senses spinning and her pussy clenching tight around his fingers. Sensing her control was slipping, Diego nipped the pebbled nub of her nipple sharply and then released it before dropping his head to her other breast and attacking it with the same hunger as the first.
Beau laved and nibbled at her swollen clit, his fingers tapping out a relentless tempo deep inside her channel. The onslaught of sensation became more than she could bear and a wave of pleasure crested and then crashed over her, sending her into mind-searing release. Her nails raked the desktop and her entire body shuddered as she lost herself in bliss, barely managing to hold back her ecstatic cries.
“Nothing in the world is as beautiful as watching you come,” Diego whispered as he released his mouth from her breast and moved to kiss her. “I want to see you do that again, with Beau’s cock inside you, and then mine. You’re not getting off that desk until you’ve shown us that glorious display at least two more times.”
“Still pushy,” Lexa opened her eyes and grinned up at Diego and then at Beau. “Good thing I think it’s sexy as hell right now.”
“You’re going to regret telling him that,” Beau warned, already tearing open the fly on his pants in his eagerness to be inside her. When he flipped open his wallet and pulled out a condom Lexa laughed. “You always carry one of those around in your wallet in hopes of getting lucky?”
“Sweetling, since you came back we’ve started stashing rubbers everywhere. There is no way we ever want to be without if there’s a chance of getting you naked.”
“How romantic… I think.”
Warm lips brushed over the curve of her ear. “You’re the only woman who has ever made us so crazy we jumped her at the office. Hell, you’re the only woman Hattie has ever let past the front desk. She knew you were special.”
She turned her head and kissed Diego’s cheek. He tasted of coconut and sugar and an underlying spice that was part of his own personal flavor. “You taste good.”
The thick head of Beau’s dick pressed against her entrance and she heard Beau groan with pleasure as he eased himself inside. “You feel like heaven, cher. Diego, you’re going to want to help her stay on the desk because there’s no way this one is going to be slow or easy.” He winked at Lexa and rocked his hips into hers, driving himself in deeper. “You better hang on tight.”
“Hang on to what?” Lexa asked, but Diego was already moving. He lifted her legs and then slid an arm under her knees, gently drawing her legs up toward her chest and holding them in place. His other arm settled under her head acting as a pillow.
“Fuck, she just got so tight it’s like a vice around my dick.” Beau’s voice came out as more of a strangled groan and he started grinding his body against hers so that his balls brushed her ass and her clit was pressed up against his pubic bone. Sparks sizzled in her veins as her inner muscles pulsed, gripping him even harder.
“Stop talking and fuck me!” she demanded, her need now overwhelming every other thought. She didn’t care who heard them, didn’t care if the whole damned department walked in right now, she need to come. 
Want to read more? Buy Link:

Those are some smexy reads! Check them both out! Thanks for hanging on my blog today!

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Dear Vile: Aftercare (BDSM)

Aftercare (BDSM)
From: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the sexual practice. For other uses, see Aftercare (disambiguation).

In the context of the sexual practice of BDSM, aftercare is the process of attending to one another after intense feelings of a physical or psychological nature relating to BDSM activities. BDSM experiences can be exhausting; and drain the participants of mental, emotional or physical energy. As a result, one or all participants may require emotional support, comfort, reassurance, and/or physical tenderness. Along with this, he or she may experience everything from an exhilaration to traumatization. Aftercare also may include a review or “debriefing” of the activities from experiences of both the dominant and the submissive.
Some participants may wish to be left alone or have other means of processing the experience. While the desire to be left alone could stem from just needing rest, it could also result from no longer feeling safe in the current environment or situation.
Common aftercare practices may include hugging, kissing, hair-stroking, cuddling, words of praise or gratitude, or general affirmation of an emotional bond between partners. Occasionally, more "vanilla" sexual activities such as intercourse or oral sex following an intense scene may also be considered as part of aftercare.
It is often thought in a submission/dominant relationship, only the submissive requires aftercare following BDSM activities. However, a dominant may require less, just as much, or more aftercare depending on the scene, person, experience level, and other factors. The role of submissive or dominant is unrelated to the amount of aftercare someone needs and should not be thought of as a metric in this regard.
In long distance relationships, a potentially useful practice when engaged in remote BDSM activities is to facilitate aftercare by the exchange of emotionally significant items which can be clung to for reassurance, though success of this depends on both parties' level of emotional investment in the relationship.

If you sat down and wrote a list about your needs while in a M's or D's relationship aftercare should be the first thing. It'd better be at number one, not two or three or five or six, number one. Here in a few I will explain my proactive aftercare.

You start playing or maybe you call it a session, maybe your submissive or slave is into hard impact play. Maybe you the Dom enjoys getting rough, but the submissive is really not into the rough play but goes along with to please. If your anything like me my play time can last for an hour or more. 

During this time the sub is giving all they have, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We take what is giving and then more. We want satisfaction out of our play time. Sometimes we go as far as pushing limits, just to see how far we can take our property. If we have pushed or maxed a limit we the Dominant gains a high, a rush, the adrenaline starts to flow. I have gotten so excited I have had to take a break so I could gather my thoughts, catch my breath, and the submissive is just laying there waiting not knowing what is on the Dominants mind, or how much longer the session is going to go on for. 

After play this is when the first of aftercare kicks in. Communication should be first, asking and digging for questions. We want to know where the submissive is at right now, what their thoughts are, how they are feeling. Talk about any limits that were pushed.  This is very important. We need to know if we pushed to far, what if the submissive did not like something it should be talked about, maybe there is another avenue we can take to make that part of the session different.  Many will play and give even if they are getting nothing out of it, this is done just to please. 

We should hold and cuddle while in the aftercare mode. We should praise and speak very highly of the submissive's actions. Make sure to cover every part of the scene, being sure to not miss anything.

Okay I am guilty of not going into the full aftercare mode at times, but when it does come to aftercare I am proactive. 

Proactive aftercare consists of constant praising, when something is done comment about it.  The idea is to build up, make one feel confident. We want to build up their self esteem if needed and in most cases it is needed. This is what I mean by being proactive.

If aftercare is not performed sub drop occurs and despite what most think I do believe sub drop can be prevented with the practice of aftercare. Sub drop occurs mostly when the two do not live together or the submissive is left alone.

The proper aftercare is very important and will vary from submissive to submissive. Some, after play want to be left alone for a period of time, giving them time to gather their thoughts and feelings, while some do not want any aftercare at all. 

You the submissive, if you feel this area is being neglected speak up, you have this right to insure you are being taking care of, you have the right to express your needs.

I am telling you from experience, if aftercare is giving and the proper amount, what use to be limits will soon start to fade away, what use to be inhibitions will soon begin to fade away. The more we as Dominants care and we show we care the more the submissive will want to give. 

Aftercare is a must.

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RELEASE DAY: Touching Chopper: Fated Mates, Inc. Series

Story 3 in the Fated Mates, Inc. Series
Touching Chopper

Chad 'Chopper' Deiter walks into Samantha's physical therapy office and she can't help but trip over her own feet and tongue each time she sees him. All that leather and denim sets her heart racing. When Sam shows up for her first Fated Mates date and Chopper rolls in on his motorcycle she nearly faints. What's she supposed to do? Blow off her dating service setup or the man she's been eyeing?

Sam steeled her nerves, knowing she’d end up stumbling over her tongue if it was Chopper who’d just come wandering into the office. She knew by the deep-voiced humming echoing through the waiting room that it was indeed the biker. She watched Becky grin and then wink before heading out the doorway. Sam tried to stop her friend. The impish gleam in her eye let Sam know Beck was going to do something to embarrass her.
“Chopper. Dude. You’re looking ripped. We were just talking about you.”
“Oh. We who?” Deep, sensual and gritty. His voice dripped with southern charm and a touch of bad-boy attitude.
Becky continued and Sam could tell she hadn’t gone too far from the door. “Samantha and I.”
His heavy riding boots made a distinctive noise as he strode across the room and came ever closer to the office.
Sam looked around for something to keep her eyes focused on. Papers? No, that wouldn’t work. She didn’t want to seem rude by not making eye contact, but his eyes were always so intense. They held her captive each time she spoke to him.
“Hey, darlin’.”
God, his voice made her melt. She peeked up and felt the creeping heat along her cheeks. Fuck. She couldn’t even look at him without blushing. It was good that she had naturally darker skin and for once she’d worn her hair down. At least the curtain of brown locks gave her something to hide behind.

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Author Spotlight- Amy Ruttan - Safe in His Hands

Born and raised on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario Amy fled the big city to settle down with the country boy of her dreams. When she's not furiously typing away at her computer, she's a mom to three wonderful children, who have given her another job as a taxi driver.
A voracious reader, she was given her first romance novel by her grandmother who shared her penchant for a hot romance. From that moment, Amy was hooked by the magical worlds, handsome heroes and sigh worthy romances contained in the pages and she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.
Life got in the way, and after the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a romance author.
Amy loves to hear from readers. It makes her day, in fact. You can find out more about Amy at:

Dare she place her heart in his care?
Dr. Charlotte James will do anything to save her best friend's unborn baby--even turn to her ex-fiancé, Dr. Quinn Devlyn! Their relationship ended badly after the loss of their own little miracle, and while Charlotte trusts the hotshot neonatal surgeon's amazing ability, she doesn't trust the man who buries his emotions in work....
A career-threatening injury has left Quinn at a crossroads in his life. But, working with Charlotte again in the snowbound beauty of her isolated community practice, he realizes he's been given a second chance to prove that both the baby and Charlotte's fragile heart will be safe in his hands....

Buy link: 



Mills & Boon UK:

Damn. What've I done?

Dr. Charlotte James had been watching the arrivals board in the Iqaluit airport for some time. She was so focused on arrivals she didn't even notice the people coming and going around her. A watched pot never boiled, or so the old saying went, but she couldn't help it. This was probably the longest she'd ever stood still. In her job there was no time to stand still. In fact, she hated it. She could be doing so many other things. Filing, for instance.

Not that she particularly liked filing. She preferred her organized chaos. However, there were a ton of files on her desk, and Rosie had been pestering her for a week to put them away. Instead, she was waiting here for his flight to arrive.

"Flight 207 from Ottawa now arriving at gate three."

The past, when it came to Dr. Quinn Devlyn, was where it needed to be: firmly locked away. She'd moved on and she had no doubt his life had, too.

He was, after all, at the top in his chosen specialty, and she was right where she'd always wanted to be.

This time Quinn Devlyn wouldn't blindside her or suck her into some crazy off-kilter distracting, albeit passionate, love affair.

No, siree.

Her life was good. Not perfect but, then, whose was? Charlotte was happy. Courage.

She spun around and saw the plane taxi in on the small airstrip, blending in with the stark, white landscape of Canada's High Arctic. The only color out there was the brightly painted houses that dotted the landscape. Her pulse thundered between her ears.

He's here.

The pit of Charlotte's stomach dropped to her knees. No. Scratch that. Make it the soles of her feet. Not since her MCATs had she felt this way, as though she was perpetually on the verge of hurling.

She was seriously beginning to doubt her sanity in bringing her ex-fiance up to Cape Recluse. It wasn't a place where she could avoid him easily. He'd be constantly underfoot and she was dreading every moment of it. Would she be able to resist him? The only time she had resisted him had been when he'd left. When their relationship had ended, she'd never wanted to see him again, but his presence here now was a price she was willing to pay to help out her friend. Get a grip on yourself.

A blast of cold air shook her from her reverie. Her gaze focused on the tinted windows, watching the passengers head across the tarmac to the warmth of the bright yellow airport building. Immediately she picked Quinn's form out of the group of passengers.

Tall and broad, even though he was huddled down under his collar against the cold. Just the sight of him made her heart beat a little bit faster, her cheeks heat and the butterflies in her stomach go crazy. Her pulse thundered between her ears like a marching band. She hadn't seen him in five years--not since he'd walked out on her--but he was making her feel like a giddy teenager again.

Don't let him affect you like this, Charlotte chastised herself. She'd moved on with her life. The wound he'd left in her heart had finally healed.

The double doors opened and he stepped into the airport, moving to the side to let more people in from the frigid cold. He set down his luggage and unwound his scarf.

Damn, he still looks as good as ever. Charlotte had been kind of hoping Quinn's fast, career-driven lifestyle would've caught up with and aged him, but he looked as sexy and charming as ever.

Even from a few feet away she could see there was a bit of gray around his sandy-brown temples, but it suited him. Made him look more dashing and debonair.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dear Vile: Subspace

I asked Vile to chat about what subspace really is... 

Subspace: Definition on
The psychological state of the submissive partner in a BDSM scene is sometimes described as subspace or sub space.

The term is unrelated to the mathematical term subspace.

Subspace is a metaphor for the state the submissive's minds and bodies are in during a deeply involving play scene. Many types of BDSM play invoke strong physical responses such as extended adrenaline surges that can cause exhaustion. The mental aspect of BDSM also causes many submissives to mentally separate themselves from their environment as they process the experience.

Deep subspace is often characterized as a state of deep recession and incoherence.

Many submissives require aftercare.

Have you ever been high, I am not talking about getting drunk. The word high, the numbing feeling, you were there but you were not there.

Sub-space is reached at times during heavy play, long or intense sessions. Submissives or slaves are able to reach sub-space at times if they are with a partner they trust. Even with trust, though, sub-space is not obtainable every time.

Play. Real play, most of the time is a pure mind-fuck. The not knowing, the guessing. Lets face it, if your going to play you are not going to go over every detail before play, what fun would that be? This type of play is fun and can be very intense. While during play the Dominant should stay in vocal contact at all times to insure you are not blowing by any limits. Although you are keeping them guessing safety, should be your first concern.

So you have your pet tied to the bed, spread eagle, cuffed, blindfolded, gagged, they have no idea what you are about to do, you have taking away one of their main senses their sight. They have lost the ability to move or speak, their mind is racing. They feel your hand lightly touching them, you're touching where ever you want, their mind begins to wonder, their heart begins to race.

They feel the hot wax being dripped onto their breast, their stomach, not knowing where the next drop will hit. Their adrenaline begins to rush through their body, their endorphins are being released, they are starting to feel numb inside and out. They cannot control their thoughts or their fears.

Fear is a natural feeling, fear is the unknowing.

As you insert a vibrator and turn it on, maybe a butt plug at the same time, their mind is trying to register everything that is happening and it cannot. One step further now the ear plugs, you have now taking away the ability to see and hear. If they are gagged they cannot speak.

When sub-space is reached it is a natural high, even if they were able to move, meaning untied, they would not be able to. You could even untie her and she would still not be able to move. In their mind and thoughts they are moving but there is no control, the limbs feel very heavy. They now feel every light touch, be it just your fingers a feather, or a flogger. The wax you are dripping is felt one thousand times more.

I remember at one time Arianna went into sub-space, but she became giggly, her words were making no sense just off the wall stuff. She could not finish a sentence, or concentrate on any thoughts, she was just out there.

Once sub-space has been reached the pain factor goes up as well, this is why it is very important to stay in verbal contact while playing. If the submissive was not able to take any pain before subspace the pain tolerance will go up. If the submissive enjoyed a little pain before tipping to subspace they'll be able to take a lot more. Be very careful increasing impact play at this point. They are no longer able to let you know if something hurts or not. It's all going to feel different. OR, it may be the exact opposite. It all depends on the submissive and their reaction to subspace.

During sub-space if you should choose to have sex and the submissive reaches an orgasm it will truly blow their mind. All the adrenaline and endorphins have to go someplace.

Yes sub-space can be very intense and fun. The main thing to remember is as the Dominant should not be disappointed if sub-space is not reached every time during play, because honestly it is not going to happen. Just play and have fun, if it happens run with it. I guarantee it will bring both of you closer and closer. Trust is very important, once you have that trust you have the world in your hands.

Lea's Note:
Here's my two cents on this. IF you are playing with someone and you find your self floating, disconnected, euphoric and extremely sensitive mentally or physically you've probably reached some level of subspace. Now, I'm not talking sensitive because you've talked him into spanking you. I mean your skin feels like it's double or tripled in nerve endings. Tell your partner. Make sure you drink some water and cuddle. If you're irritable the next day, weepy, feeling really out of it... tell your partner. Subspace can really influence you hours later. A good cuddle session will help a lot. But make sure you TALK. 

I've asked that Mr. Vile will talk about aftercare which is absolutely necessary for playtime!
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday- Scott King

Scott King
to Tattoo Tuesday

I'm 36, 6 foot 2 inches, live in Leicester UK and am a fitness model dj/radio presenter for Demon 107.5 FM. Every Sunday UK time 2pm til 4pm. Click live on the real player to hear my show.

I was a ladies hairdresser for top salons in my city as a young man. I loved it, had a great time doing the London thing with all the top guys. Then I found boxing. Google Scott king boxing to find out more also YouTube Scott king boxing and see some videos of the old me. I was a gent in this sport, then I retired and changed the way I looked @ the world after losing my mum. Little Jean who adopted me from 7 days old, who I miss so much @ 36 and to feel alone. She made me the man I am today.. I miss you every day mum..i Ijust hope you are proud of the man I have become. xxx

I am a fun loving guy- kind, good to be around. I love to challenge myself on a day to day basis. I'm always am true to myself and other. I can break not as good as when I was 17 but it still keeps me fit....I was in a dance crew...for many years haha

I love tattoos. Ink is my world and I have lots more, I mean lots more, ink to be done. So with my artist we are planning something special. I live in a city in the UK called Leicester city. I work with charity's. And are in the process of putting a calendar for children with cancer together, as children are our future.

I have no regents on any ink work just always improvements. My advice, think and plan your ink AND don't rush. It takes years to develop. My tattoos are the story of what I stand for as a man. A life story which is ever changing. The words describe feeling. Strength, hope, honour, and wellbeing ..and a man's quest through life with obstacles on the way and the way to true happiness. I live my life through the law of attraction and practice positive living, and through my body I express my life through ink. And I cant wait to get more inked. Well lots more...I love it.

Wow I've been addicted since my first ink session. Pow ...Booom That was it. I've made it apart of my life.

Goals? Just to be happy with my self/friends /family...and all who show me love will come right back to you.

I was a semi pro boxer. Google (Scott king boxing) and @ 35 thought it was time to finish I retired, but still remained fit..I've always had a passion for sport and fitness, and a friend @ the gym asked if I would like to compete in a fitness competitions and I thought is was a wind up @ first. And he was honest and said no Scott your in great shape. Look in to the world of fitness sport I did ..and to be honest, it has given me the same buzz as boxing did when I first started. The athletes who compete @ this level are incredible. The diets and training programmes are on another level. And adjusting to this sport was hard. All the different sides ..I had to learn like I was starting all over again.

My first competition was the north east beach body finals witch I came 2nd.......I loved every minute....of it on stage with the best body in the north of the country UK

My second comp was the Miami pro European championships ...and to be in this final was a great in site to the top level. And from this show I have to say my body was in league with all the other athletes but my work on stage presence needs to be improved...poses- posture- classic all about owning the stage ...standing no I'm taking stage classes and working on my total look. On stage. This is key..

Stephanie Pantling is my friend and she took my first picture...which brings me to all my family and of fans on my model page as she posted my first ever picture on the net .

If I was a super hero I would love to be Spartan warrior......with the power to see others in pain is my weakness ...the over whelming response not being able to comfort....the ones you love and the feeling of helplessness

 I would like to work in film...and try my hand @ acting friends think this is another possible goal...I'd love to be a villain's accomplice...or the hero that saves the day in a gang film

My favourite tv shows are ..Green Arrow/and Small Ville

My comfort food is chocolate...and hariboz...being a single father me and my son love nothing more then kicking back watching a film with goodies. I am a normal guy that does the same as most guyz with there kids

My favourite books are the Law of Attraction. And positive thinking and way of life books...I'm also a romantic ...yes ....and I would love to be on the front cover of a best selling book lol

Quick questions:
Bottle or Can: bottle

Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate

Motorcycle or Muscle Car: muscle car

Morning or Night: night owl

Roller Coaster or Bumper Cars: bumper cars

I would just love to say follow your heart and always have a go @ want ever you want to achieve in life...have no is for living ...and what we give to the world will always come love. Love yourself. But I mean in a way of just being happy with who you are, not what everyone else wanys you to be. Live for you be happy with you. No money in the world, job, house, car, etc., all this means nothing if your not happy with you. Love you for the amazing person you are. Give love and love will come back to you.

What things do I value most in my life. I value my family and friends. And all the people who are close to me with all the love I have to give. I have a son Connor who is 8 years old he is my world a father's love for his child is unconditional to see his face and happiness is what I live and breathe for..I value love ...what we put out to the world comes back. Honesty and to be true to myself no matter what I do. I'm just me a real guy with all the same life issues as every one else I'm not perfect in any way. But am real.

Find Scott:
twitter @scottkingmodel
 for bookings

I would like to shout out:
To my loving lost mum there is no day I don't think about you mum I hope you are so proud of the man I have become..

AND to: