Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Name is Vile

Yes I know a pretty weird name, I picked it up about 25 years ago while I was stationed in Germany while in the Army, and it has just stuck with me.

I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for a little over twenty years, really longer before I knew what the name was. I found out very early as a teen, I enjoyed kinky stuff, such as spanking, bondage, just rough sex in general. Yea, so I did not really date too much in high school.

I am married. My wife is my Slave and partner. We have what is called a micromanaged relationship, but this does not make her weak or dumb. She has a very thriving career, she is very smart and intelligent.

We do have an age difference I am 50 she is 36 soon to be 37. Many people seem to be confused about the BDSM lifestyle, most think abuse because they know nothing about it. It is actually a very loving and caring relationship. The base of the relationship is communication. And a lot of it.

Imagine for a minute that you had a partner you could go to and speak what ever was on your mind, be it sexual , kinky, or just something wild you wanted to try. Many women who are married do not have this opportunity, because one they feel weird, or not sure how their husband would take it, or they know their husband would think they are crazy.

Anyway we are going to have a lot of fun. I want questions, about anything and everything.

The only thing I will say these are my thoughts and my point of view. Every Dominant has their own ideas, rules and structure. I myself run a very strict and well managed home.

More from Vile:
You can find Vile at his own blog, which ALWAYS has great information and insight into his life

Note from Lea:

Please know that I will be monitoring the comments and will not tolerate belligerence in any form. Vile is a guest and no matter if you agree with his thoughts or not you will not attack him. Healthy discussion is absolutely permitted and encouraged.

Not everyone has to like someone's kink, but they do have to accept it's validity.

Ask questions, pose problems, whatever you'd like and let the fun begin!

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