Thursday, August 8, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 29

NOTE: all of Ramrod's answers will be down in the comments :) I'm campin' and my phone isn't copy/paste friendly. 

Do you have a length of hair preference on a woman? Long and pulled back in a ponytail? Short and spiky? Long and left down?

Vile: It actually depends on my mood. sometime ago I had Arianna's hair cut real short the right side was almost shaved while the other side parted over and had bangs. Now it is growing back out, and will soon have a pony tail. I love pulling hair during sex, doggy style or maybe a little face fucking nice to have something to hold onto.

Jose: Length of hair is no biggie for me. They style, color, length have to look right on a lady. So females are sexy with certain styles while some just look dumb as hell trying lol.

What's your go to comfort food genre? Salty? Sweet? Crunchy?

Vile: I am going to say salty unless your speaking about eating pussy then something bad is wrong. I prefer Chinese food which is very salty and you end up drinking three gallons of water after.
Again if your eating at the Y and it is salty um RUN.

Jose: Salty & Crunchy (hot) i think lol. I never thought of it. I go to popcorn (add some hot sauce), hot Cheetos or some type chips lol. For quick comfort lol

What do you prefer passive or aggressive behavior from your partner in bed? By aggressive I mean scratching, pulling hair a little, generally letting the beast out. LOL And passive doesn't mean layin' there like a log. It's more the gentle side of things.

Vile: Well being in a Master and Slave relationship, I will say passive, and your correct that does not include laying there like a log. Passive to me seems really normal, I have never really gave it much thought.
I believe most men prefer a passive partner, someone who will just kinda go with the flow of things. This does not mean their needs should not be taking care of, most of the time it is one sided. So keeping your woman satisfied is very important. If you don't eat the monkey billy boy next door will, thats when the salty taste comes in. eeewww

Jose: I like her more aggressive than passive! I need to know you want it just as bad as i do! Take control evert once in a while! Don't get me wrong i don't want a female trying tko in bed tho haha. Its cool to be passive couple times a week.

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  1. I prefer long hair especially about bra strap length. Not too much a fan of ponytails especially when it is in one all the time. I don't mind it put up in a clip when it can easily be let out and fall down on your shoulders. I actually like watching a woman let her hair down and flip it around. Gives you that wild woman hair look where it looks a little disheveled like you were having a little fun or at least about to. Plus I like the feel of long hair moving against my skin when we are having sex or during a blowjob. Gives it a little extra sensation.

  2. Saltine Crackers, I guess it's the salty since I can stand the low sodium ones, lol. My parents divorced when I was young and nights I couldn't sleep at my dads house, we would sit up and watch TV and eat saltine crackers. To this day I always have a box of saltines in the house. When I worked on cars I always kept a tube of saltines in my toolbox and often would set them under the hood and eat as I worked. As a matter of fact there is a tube in the glove box of the Trail Blazer right now from the trip to Cedar Point. Even now, on nights I am stressed and can't sleep, I will sit and watch TV eating saltines till I am ready for bed. That is sometimes a hand full of crackers and sometimes the whole box.

  3. I have never been with an aggressive woman to make an educated discussion on this but there is a big part of me that would like to be dominated by an aggressive woman in bed for a while. I have only been with passive women.

  4. Once again, interesting answers, guys. My hair is in a ponytail right now, but I rarely do that. Most of the time it's down. I like it better that way too, but when you're doing "serious revising" (those are air quotes) it's nice to have it out of my face.

    I love Cheez-its and Wheat Thins for a salty snack. YUM

    As for the passive or aggressive question, I'll keep that under my hat. You might note, however, that my Cabal of Hotness nickname is Mistress Hotness.

  5. Great answers.Very interesting about the comfort foods. And Vile, LMAO at your ewwwwwws.