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Sensual Saturday- Alex Carreras

Welcome Alex Carreras to Sensual Saturday...
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When Steve Wilkinson asks his boyfriend, Nate, of one year for his hand in marriage, he expects smooth sailing on the cruise ship, Destiny. And why shouldn’t he? But if that’s the case, why does Steve feel like he’s swimming against the strongest of tides with no shoreline in sight, instead?

All Nate Montgomery wants is a relaxing five-day cruise of the Western Caribbean culminating in a commitment ceremony with the man he loves, which should prove easy being surrounded by the people he loves…Or so he thinks.

But for some reason, destiny has taken another course, leaving the couple to maneuver the seemingly turbulent waters without the use of a lifeboat. But when sex, pregnancy, excessive alcohol consumption, affairs, and the revelers from the Friends of Dorothy meeting come crashing together all on one ship, anything is possible, even a wedding…or two?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“Dad, you’re alive,” Josh said while Brittany waved at Steve and Nate from the deck chair, stretched out and sunning her long limbs.

“Hair of the dog?” she suggested, barely lifting her head.

Claiming his own deck chair, Steve tossed down his towel and sunscreen, unable to bend due to the thumping in his head. Making love to Nate had helped, but the two aspirin he’d taken would do the trick when their medicinal effect kicked in. “Where’s the rest of the crew?”

Josh pointed toward the pool, chatter and splashing filling the air. “Bartholomew, Andy, and Rodrigo are over there, Mom’s at the bar and Lou’s at the buffet….again.”

Brittany placed her hand on her bare stomach. “I’ve never seen anyone eat so much, and I have two brothers.” She stuck out her tongue.

“Still not feeling well?” Steve asked while stripping off his T-shirt and flopping onto the chair by Josh.

“A little better.”

Nate unbuttoned his white linen shirt. “I’m glad. It’s never any fun when you’re sick, but on vacation it’s always worse.”

“I’m sure it’ll pass.”

Josh nodded and grinned. “I’m sure it will.”

Slipping on his sunglasses, Steve rested his head and inhaled the warm salty air. “Now this is the life.”

Nate mumbled in agreement, throwing his shirt onto the floor. A loud burst of laughter came from the pool. Nate looked toward the action, shielding his eyes from the sun with his left hand. “It looks like the boys are getting along with Rodrigo. I admit he’s a real charmer.”

Carly approached wearing a generously cut red bikini, unlike Brittany’s bikini that looked like it was made for a Barbie doll instead of a woman. Carly rattled the ice cubes in her large plastic cup. “Everyone gets along with Rodrigo.” She cleared her throat. “Everyone except Steve, that is.”

Steve lifted his head, the aspirin finally alleviating his headache. “I just met the guy, Carly. Would you please give me a chance to get to know him?”

“Head still hurting, sweetheart?” Carly sat at the bottom of Josh’s chair, swatting his feet to the side. “I heard you two were the center of attention at the disco last night.”

Steve met Carly’s judgmental gaze. “I didn’t go to any disco?”

Brittany released a jolt of laughter as Nate clapped and laughed.

Steve jerked his head between the couple. “What in the hell is so funny?”

“Dad,” Josh began, sitting up, “you don’t remember leading the crowd doing your best YMCA?” He shook his head. “What is it about gay men and the Village People?”

Flicking water over the sunbathers, Bartholomew answered Josh’s question, waddling up like an overfed penguin. “Honey, you have a construction worker in faded tight jeans, an Indian showing nothing but skin, a chocolate colored delectable cop, and a Harley hunk hiding a hard-on in leather chaps. I can’t believe you have to ask that question, sunshine.”

Nate hooted. “Have you already hit the bar, Bartholomew?”

The stout man with abundant chest hair struck a pose. “Are you insinuating that I’m a drunk?”

Nate lifted both hands, palms out. “Would I do a thing like that?”

Handing Bartholomew a plastic cup filled with a slushy pink liquid, Andy interrupted. “After you’re done defending your little habit, would you please take this because my fingers are about to freeze off.”

Bartholomew snatched the drink from Andy. “Carly, would you mind switching boyfriends? Mine’s getting a little testy in his old age.”

“Maybe for the afternoon,” Carly mused, crossing her legs at the knees. “But you have to promise to bring mine back without a scratch.”

“I never make promises I cannot keep.” Bartholomew winked and sipped from his drink, the pink slush contaminating his dyed mustache.

“Carly, my beautiful mujer.” Rodrigo jogged up, water sluicing down his muscular, permanently tanned body. “You know I don’t mind suffering a few scratches.” He arched a groomed eyebrow. “Just as long they’re given in the name of love.”

Bartholomew and Andy melted where they stood as Josh and Steve groaned under their breath. Josh shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I’m learning so much about my parents this week,” he said. “Things I wish I didn’t know.”

Brittany swatted at Josh’s arm. “With parents as cool as yours, how did you end up being such a tight ass?”

“Plenty of squats,” he shot back, jokingly.

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He allowed his lover to win.

Steve watched as Nate jumped the rocks jutting into the sea, and raced along the last stretch of secluded beach, before ducking into the mouth of the cave, disappearing. Slowing to jog and shifting his daypack higher onto his shoulder, Steve entered the dark cave, nothing but a grotto. The rush of water covered his feet and swirled around his ankles as Nate enveloped Steve into his strong and powerful arms, his lover’s urgent crushing kiss stealing the breath he didn’t have. Kissing back and inhaling through his nose—fighting away a second of light-headedness—Steve felt Nate tear at the front of his Speedos to unleash his cock.

“I need you.” Nate’s declaration echoed from off the walls and reverberated in Steve’s chest.

Tangling tongues and chewing lips, Steve pushed his swim trunks down to around his knees, his cock arching and rock hard in Nate’s palms. Nate stroked long and hard, paralyzing Steve with lust. He tore away from Nate’s mouth. “Fuck, that feels so good,” Steve moaned, wondering how much time they had before the tide consumed the space around them, forcing them out into the open. Taking Nate’s engorged cock with both hands he squeezed, the head flushing to a deep purple. “We have to hurry.”  Steve bent and lapped the drop of pre-cum that surfaced from Nate’s slit. “Are you ready?” he asked.

Of course Steve knew that he was.

Nate reached over Steve’s shoulder and into the bag, removing the lubricant. He poured a generous amount onto his fingertips and then to his cock directly from the open bottle. Steve spun, resting the pack on the only remaining spot of dry sand and widened his legs. He reached overhead to steady himself against the rock as he felt Nate’s slick fingers pushing into his cleavage and readying his aching hole. Steve sucked in air as Nate pushed in one digit and then two and stretched. “I–I–I want your dick,” Steve stammered, desperation tearing at his soul.

Reaching around Steve’s waist and wrapping his arms around his chest, Nate’s rigid cock teased Nate’s cleavage before plunging into Steve’s sensitive flesh. Steve forced himself to breathe through the initial stabs of pain and waited for the inevitable rush of pleasure. He arched his back, forcing his weight against Nate’s slow ride. “You feel so big…so good,” Steve managed through ragged breaths.

Bucking and grinding, Nate angled and licked along Steve’s spine and then sank his teeth into Steve’s shoulder.

Steve released a strangled cry, squeezing his eyes tightly shut.

Nate lapped the sore spot. “You taste so good,” he said, kissing. “Hot and sweet like the man you are.”

Meeting his lover’s urgent thrusts, Steve welcomed the wave of lust that overtook him, lost in his lover’s skillful lovemaking. The sounds of the surf crashed around them as their moans ebbed and flowed much like the tide. More and more, Nate’s searching hands found the intimate spots of Steve’s body, working them over and driving Steve wild. In one, two, three thrusts, Nate screamed out as an orgasm racked his body, Steve, too, shooting his load as Nate’s hot juices filled him completely. The men met physically and spiritually praising their need for each other’s flesh. Finally mustering the energy to speak, Nate pulled out from Steve, caressing his buttocks along the way. “We have to get back and get out of this place or we’re going to drown in here,” Nate said.

Steve shook his dick, squeezing out the last bit of cum. He bent and retrieved his Speedos, tucking himself away. He turned to see the fire that still raged in Nate’s deep green eyes. “I can never get enough of you, you know that?” Steve leaned in and brushed a kiss over Nate’s fleshy lips, warm and wet. “Never enough.”

“I’m counting on it,” Nate mumbled heatedly through a kiss, “until death do us part. For eternity.”

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Your Husband Is Not Dominant?

Your Husband is not Dominant

~Lea's Note: I asked Vile to write out some information for those of us that have significant others that don't understand, or have a tough time with our submissive sides. Enjoy and share...
This happens all too often, something late in life triggers the woman’s feelings. She wakes up one morning with all these weird thoughts, usually sometime in their mid 30′s to early 40′s. Anything could trigger it, something from their past, talking to people, reading, or even a movie.

Back in the day I use to see a lot of married women who were married. Yup they would either come over to my place or they would rent a room. It had nothing at all to do with sex, not in anyway.. These women had desires to be tied up, spanked, humiliated. Some just wanted to be talked to about the lifestyle. When I say a lot I am talking several. Many had talked to there husbands about their feelings. While some could not, because they felt dirty-- something had to be wrong with them. Or there husbands told them they were sick, they needed help-- "get away from me".

What you women are feeling is perfectly normal. Nothing is wrong with you.

Seriously wow... Okay let me get this straight, from my point of view here. If you've been married for many years sex is really pretty boring, foreplay is a thing of the past and it is now a job. The truth is you're having sex maybe twice a month if that, at about 15 minutes maybe shorter because someone is missing the game. Instead of trying to have a greater understanding of her feelings, he push's her away especially if she's voiced the need for 'something different'. She is no longer normal. She is a freak.

I really hope there are a few vanilla guys reading this, because it gets better. And the next little bit is for them.

Your wife has gone through a transformation. She is burning up inside, and you're worried about the fucking Nicks game, seriously? Your wife has turned into most every mans' dream. When is the last time you told your wife, hey come here and suck my cock, go to the bedroom and spread, I want to fuck your ass, or you have the need to just put her on her knees and face fuck her. Tie her up, spank her. These are things husbands get girlfriends for, but here you have a wife who will do anything you want ANYTHING.

What you're wife is feeling is perfectly normal. Nothing is wrong with her.

What does she want in return? You to spend some time talking, be a little firm with her, give her a few task to do during the day, call and check up on her. Hold her at night. She's asking for an hour a day now instead of the fifteen minutes you gave her. She's asking for greater communication so she can express her feelings.

Really? So why not watch the Nicks while getting head? What can be better than that? She will be anything you want: your wife, friend or your whore.

If you guys are not willing to bend, guess what? They're going to stray, begin to talk to someone else who has a greater understanding of their needs, what they're feeling, why they feel this way.

What they are feeling and asking is perfectly normal. Nothing is wrong with them.

As a matter of fact the medical profession is just now coming around and they are accepting the BDSM lifestyle. It is no longer a perversion.

Here is a just few little tricks to begin the transformation, in some cases you can train your husband to be more Dominant.

You as submissives or slaves can do things as well, to feel like you want. Pick simple task to do, things you think need to be done, point out what you have done. Make him tell you what he wants for dinner that morning. Make it clear you made the car payment, paid the cable bill, sweep and moped, dusted everything you do.

Start dressing a little more provocative, be more vocal during sex- I am not talking screaming or yelling- tell him  what you like. During sex talk to him, tell him tonight he can do what ever he has wanted to do without question. You already trust him, so being hurt is not part of the process.While watching TV just out of the blue start to masturbate, being casual about it. Come one now what man can resist that? Unzip his pants go to town or while in bed just do it without a thought. You don't have to wait for him to ask you to give him head. Do things that are spontaneous.

Although sex is not the base of a relationship, it does play a huge part. You can start the process of giving up control without hubby even knowing it. If you are questioned about anything your answer would be "I have the need". Your answer could be "well, I don't know I just have this submissive feeling". It will either raise an eyebrow or it will make him think.

What you are feeling is perfectly normal. Nothing is wrong with you.

Now on the other side, if your married to a Jehovah witness minister, eh, maybe look into buying some good toys, and just keep your thoughts a fantasy.

Maybe a few of these things will help…..


More from Vile:
You can find Vile at his own blog, which ALWAYS has great information and insight into his life

Note from Lea:

Please know that I will be monitoring the comments and will not tolerate belligerence in any form. Vile is a guest and no matter if you agree with his thoughts or not you will not attack him. Healthy discussion is absolutely permitted and encouraged.

Not everyone has to like someone's kink, but they do have to accept it's validity.

Ask questions, pose problems, whatever you'd like!

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Tattoo Tuesday- Cody Sky

Cody Sky
to Tattoo Tuesday

I go by the name Cody Sky as a straight adult male talent. I also model and have acted in some small mainstream rolls. I was born in Montana and raised in the midwest moving around a lot. I used to work construction, roofing, and head cook jobs prior to moving to Los Angeles last year. My birthday was August 11th and I'm now 23. I draw, I used to bmx all the time, I've tattooed, I can scream/sing, and play guitar for hardcore/metalcore music. I'm now a huge fitness freak, and pursue to compete body building one day. 

Being tattooed has it's downsides. I have been turned down a lot of work especially in the midwest from my partial sleeves. The ones on my thigh were the first tattoos I ever did with a professional gun. California is different though, because tattoos are everywhere and more acceptable. The only thing that's set me back from more on camera time modeling and acting are my knuckles which say "hardcore" - music genre/the whole straightedge lifestyle I used to do but I'm in the process of lasering them off.

My first tattoo is the eagle head on my right shoulder with the small tribal linked to it. It was my 16th birthday in Sturgis, SD where I used to live once and my dad took me there. The man who tattooed me was part of a chapter of the notorious "Hell's Angels" biker gang. It did mean a lot to me, and it still holds that first memory today and the addiction to ink I know have. Thanks dad.

Besides my practice ink and the lettering on my knuckles I don't regret any of my tattoos, but at the same time I wouldn't of guessed in a million years I'd be doing what I am now in front and behind the camera. Just wish I would of waited is all.

My favorite tattoo so far is my great white shark on my left shoulder. It was completely different than what I asked for but it blended in with my flowers I drew underneath it as well. 

I do plan on filling in my sleeves. More machine work, evil skulls, ocean critters, and under the skin designs.

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?
Yes, tattoos are very addicting. It's a sick disease that drives through your blood stream and screams more! Haha. 

What's your life plans for the immediate future? Long-term?
As far as my "life plans" go well, the sky is the limit and my time to shine is now. So I plan on only becoming more successful as a model and actor hopefully. One day have a band again. I'm always wondering where I'm going to be in the future and how I can make money for my family and I.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
I think most people know everything about me. It's what they believe is the truth that matters the most. I'm a simple kid. Ask me a question and I'll give you a straight answer. The mistakes, decisions, and choices I've made in life have gotten me where I am now and also taught me a lesson to use in life. I've always done what I needed to do to put bread on my table and survive, so there's no shame or regret in that.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?
If I were a superhero I wouldn't want any fancy powers. I'd be more like a batman guy. Just kicking ass, and driving a blacked out tank that can fly lol. My weakness is gluten, oh gluten how I miss you. Ugh I'd kill for some pizza right now.

Favorite TV show or station?
I find myself on Comedy Central a lot or just Netflix watching horror films and comedies.

What's your 'go to' comfort item (food, place, drink, etc)?
My go to comfort food is really any healthy snack I can find. I recently got a majorly bad gluten allergy and had to change my life's diet. It wasn't fun either because of my weight training schedules. Smoothies, nuts and berries, cereal, or a classic milkshake are my favs though.

If there were no $ or time limitations, where would you be right now and what would you be doing?
Right now I'd probably be in Europe traveling everywhere and watching metal concerts, or hiking some mountain in New Zealand.

Do you enjoy reading? Who's your fav author, or your fav type of book (suspense, mystery, biography, paranormal, etc)?
I actually hate reading. My ADD kicks in and I can't finish two pages. I can read very well, and read fast. The only problem is I don't remember what I read basically. I graduated High School just fine but unless it's a manual, fitness magazine, or paperwork for business I pretty much don't read books.

Quick Questions:

Bottle or Can: Bottle
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Muscle Car or Motorcycle: Muscle Car
Night owl or Morning Person: Morning Person
Roller Coaster or Bumper Cars: Bumper Cars (haha)

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram (where I post some of my own personal photography as well) @codyskyxxx

My Model Mayhem profile is

I'd like to shout out to any previous fans or people that are interested in knowing more about me. Sometimes it's nice to know that people care or are interested in hearing about you. I'd also like to thank my incredibly beautiful future fiance Ash Hollywood for being the most amazing girlfriend a guy could ever want. You're the best baby. Love you!

All images are copyrighted by D'Andre MichaelErick HerfsMak Cielo,and/or Cody Sky. They may not be used, reposted, shared or otherwise transferred without writing permissions from the photographer AND the model.

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Six-Pack Stud-a-thon Bloghop Signup

Authors and Bloggers... do YOU have a favorite smexy cover? How about a model you've seen on Facebook that makes your girlie parts quiver? Mmm, or someone on Twitter or Instagram that had you reaching for your vibrator? THIS blog hop is your chance to share and let us all drool a little over the men you fantasize about.

The men of LaBare Dallas along with Del Green, Justin Whitfield, Jeremy Mooney, Tony Adams and a host of other models/trainers will be warming your screens with sexy pics and yummy prizes! They are working hand in hand (I know, not the body parts we'd like to hold) with this blog tour in exchange for social media love. In payment for their delicious bodies being pimped out they are donating prizes for the Grand Prize.

So, what do you have to do? Here's your handy-dandy checklist:
1. Sign up below in the Linky List (at bottom of post)

2. Grab the button from above

3. Write a post about your favorite model, cover, physical trainer, movie star... whomever. Don't forget that if you include pictures in your blog you need to be VERY careful to use ones you have rights to use (CYA and all that)

4. Figure out what smexy goodness you want to giveaway: books, swag, gift cards, whatever...

5. Include the Rafflecopter HTML for our Grand Prize giveaway someplace in your post:
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6. Either link back to THIS post, or include the Linky List so participants can find the rest of the hosts:
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7. Make sure to get your post active by 1:00am EST on 9/23 (we will be checking and deleting peeps that don't have their blog posts up) 

8. Have FUN! These smexy guys are going to be pimping you just as much as we pimp them... so it's like a promo-orgy!

If you have questions about anything give Lea Barrymire a ring-a-ding via email leabarrymire (at) gmail (dot) com.

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My Name is Vile

Yes I know a pretty weird name, I picked it up about 25 years ago while I was stationed in Germany while in the Army, and it has just stuck with me.

I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for a little over twenty years, really longer before I knew what the name was. I found out very early as a teen, I enjoyed kinky stuff, such as spanking, bondage, just rough sex in general. Yea, so I did not really date too much in high school.

I am married. My wife is my Slave and partner. We have what is called a micromanaged relationship, but this does not make her weak or dumb. She has a very thriving career, she is very smart and intelligent.

We do have an age difference I am 50 she is 36 soon to be 37. Many people seem to be confused about the BDSM lifestyle, most think abuse because they know nothing about it. It is actually a very loving and caring relationship. The base of the relationship is communication. And a lot of it.

Imagine for a minute that you had a partner you could go to and speak what ever was on your mind, be it sexual , kinky, or just something wild you wanted to try. Many women who are married do not have this opportunity, because one they feel weird, or not sure how their husband would take it, or they know their husband would think they are crazy.

Anyway we are going to have a lot of fun. I want questions, about anything and everything.

The only thing I will say these are my thoughts and my point of view. Every Dominant has their own ideas, rules and structure. I myself run a very strict and well managed home.

More from Vile:
You can find Vile at his own blog, which ALWAYS has great information and insight into his life

Note from Lea:

Please know that I will be monitoring the comments and will not tolerate belligerence in any form. Vile is a guest and no matter if you agree with his thoughts or not you will not attack him. Healthy discussion is absolutely permitted and encouraged.

Not everyone has to like someone's kink, but they do have to accept it's validity.

Ask questions, pose problems, whatever you'd like and let the fun begin!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday- Tony Adams

Tony Adams
to Tattoo Tuesday

I am a father of a very beautiful and energetic 3 yr old. I have been a personal trainer for 7 years now. I've spent all my life in Texas. I don't get the chance to venture out a lot due to my son and work.

My first tattoo was a dragon I got on my left shoulder from my uncle. He is a tattoo artist and I've always wanted him to give me one. I got it the week I turned 18. I was also born in the year of the dragon.

Do you have any ink you regret?
I do not regret any of my tattoos. They all tell a story.

Do you have more planned?
After I'm finished competing I will def get more! I love tattoos.

Do you buy into the idea that tattoos are addictive?
I do believe tattoos can be addicting.

What are your long-term and short-term goals?
Lol my plan is to compete as an IFBB Pro and represent my team and family as well as the state of Texas. My long term goal is to go back to school and finish up my degree. I'd love to get a degree in health promotion or kinesiology and eventually help kids learn how to live a positive and healthy lifestyle. (The way my mother taught me).

One thing most people don't know about me is I am a quarter Vietnamese and Italian.

If I could have any superhero power I would like to be able to see the future. I always wonder where I'll be in 10 years. My weakness is my own mind, I am very hard on myself and it can be my worst enemy at times.

Favorite tv show is definitely ESPN. I love sports!

My go to food of choice when I'm not dieting for a show is Chinese or Pizza! (With ranch)

If I had any dream vacation it would be to take my grandmother back to Vietnam where she is from and to meet my family I've never met.

I am not much of a reader but have become better as I now read to my son before bed. I prefer picture books!

My favorite types of movies are documentaries.

Quick Questions:
Bottle or can- bottles
Chocolate or vanilla- chocolate
Muscle car or motorcycle- muscle car
Morning or night person- morning!
Roller coaster or bumper cars- roller coaster

I would love to thank my mom (Donna hall) for always being by side and supporting me through everything. I am a huge Momma's boy! Without her I would not be the man I am today.
Instagram @tonyadamsfitness
Twitter @tonyadamsfitnes
The last s is left off of Twitter because someone already have that one

All images are copyrighted by Jay Fuertez, Anthony Isambert, Sandra Lynch,and/or Tony Adams. They may not be used, reposted, shared or otherwise transferred without writing permissions from the photographer AND the model.

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Sensual Saturday- Justin's Desserts AND Freeze Tag

Justin's Desserts: Fated Mates, Inc. Series

Fated Mates, Incorporated- The premiere dating service company. They promise to find that perfect someone within three pairings.

Alicia prides herself on the chocolate confections she creates. But running her own business leaves her lonely. When someone pays for her to have a month's services from Fated Mates, Inc. she can't pass up the opportunity and waits impatiently for her first match to contact her.

When Justin walks into her store, Sweet Success, she can't help but melt like the finest of Belgian chocolates.

Naughtiness abounds with melted chocolate, sprinkles and other sticky fun...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sensual Saturday Snippet:
He slowly ventured around the prep table, closing in on her with a gleam in his eyes. She fought the urge to step back. Her body was onboard with any plan that got the two of them naked, but her mind wanted to swap innuendos and trade secrets. A little indulgence would do her good. He slipped her hands into his and slowly pulled her against him. She inhaled and closed her eyes on the scent wafting off of him. He smelled of cookies and caramelized sugar, spicy and bitter in just the right way. Alicia’s mouth watered. A shiver trickled down her spine when his warm breath whispered across her ear.

“If anyone is going to be hard, it’ll be me. You make me want to do things to you that are illegal in most states.” His voice, deep and gravelly, had goose bumps erupting on her arms. His lips lightly brushed against the shell of her ear before he leaned back.

He dropped one of her hands and dipped a finger into the bowl of hot-pepper-infused chocolate. Her entire focus zeroed in on that digit as he brought it to his lips and slipped it between them. Just the tip of his tongue peeked out and swept around the chocolate. Her mind transformed that simple movement to an image of him teasing a nipple in the same slow way. Heat blossomed and rushed along her skin and a moan escaped.

His dark gaze held hers as he slipped his wet finger from his mouth. His raspy words made her stomach clench. “I’d love to coat you in that. Mm, you’d be delicious. Hot enough to make my taste buds tingle. Sweet enough to have my mouth watering. I could nibble and lick until all I tasted was you on my tongue.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Want to read more? Check out Justin's Desserts at any of the below:
A Crushes to Cravings Tale 1

Not everyone finds the love of their life in a game of freeze tag at five years old, but Dahlia Flanagan did when Foster Blanchard caught her. Twenty years later he’s finally realized she’s the woman for him and everything is wonderful, until gossip of Foster's infidelity rolls around the tiny town of Grand Terre, shattering Dahlia’s hopes for the future.
With her world crashing around her, Dahlia breaks up with Foster in the middle of Walmart and makes plans to leave her hometown. She’s heading for a new life, with a new attitude, which includes buying some sexy clothes to prove to herself no skinny skank has anything on her! But the therapeutic shopping trip takes an erotic turn when Foster shows up in the fitting room to convince her that when he tagged her all those years ago, he meant to keep her forever.

Sensual Saturday Snippet:
“Yeah, you see where you went wrong, don’t you?” Foster asked in a low, raspy voice that sent shivers down her spine. “You didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt, didn’t let me tell you what happened. You attacked and then you ran.” The arm around her waist rotated and slid until his big palm cupped her right breast. “You took off before I could ask you what the fuck you could possibly be thinking to believe I’d touch that bag of bones when I got a woman like you in my bed.” His thumb rasped over her tight nipple, the soft fabric of the tee catching on the calluses he’d developed through hard work. “You think I want some skinny crack whore when I could have you? Are you out of your fucking mind, baby?”

He caught her tight peak between his thumb and forefinger and pinched. The sharp, pleasurable pain lanced through the blanket of anger and hurt and betrayal that had covered her since that fateful trip to Wally World. Without giving her a chance to recover, to shore up her defenses—if she were so inclined—he rolled her nipple the way he’d learned she liked. Dahlia finished melting into him, her body his to command. She didn’t even care that he still covered her mouth with his hand. In fact, she was glad he had her mouth covered. Foster had a way of making her scream and beg and make so much noise Harlan had banged on the wall more than a dozen times in the last six months. And the gleam in his eyes right now suggested he intended to punish her in a way that would have her wanting to scream the roof down.

Want to read more? Check out Freeze Tag at any of the below:

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Author Spotlight- Jessica Lee

Missing excerpt... missing link... whatever you'd like to call it. Either way, the excerpt that you've all missed is HERE

 Jessica Lee is an EPIC eBook Award winning and bestselling author of paranormal romance. She lives in the southeastern United States with her husband and son. Jessica loves writing and can't wait for that quiet time each day when her son is in school, and she can get lost in another place and world with the fantastical, sexy creatures in her head.

She's a member of Romance Writers of America, Carolina Romance Writers, and FF&P.


Landry Michaels, lead enforcer for the KinKaid pack has a secret. Well…make that more than one. He’s in love with the alpha’s sister, Rosa, and his best friend, Kaleb. Wouldn’t be so bad if having either of them was in the realm of possibility. Landry’s past, and his present, contain one too many stains, making him a bad fit for the pack’s beauty. And when it comes to Kaleb… The fact the male is straight is only the beginning of why he’s “hands off”.

Kaleb Dalton is a male who has it all. A great family. A job that allows him to work every day with his best friend, Landry. Everything should be great, right? Except for the fantasies about his partner that plague his days, and the desires for Rosa that taunt him in his dreams at night. Two people, if he had half a brain, who should not be on his short list for lovers. As a male who’s earned his reputation as a player, settling down with Rosa is out of the question.  As for Landry…? Kaleb’s heterosexual, born and breed from one of the top families in the pack—so what the hell is the other male doing in his daydreams?

Ever since she was a little girl, Rosa Kinkaid has had Landry and Kaleb’s attention. But it was never anything serious. They were friends. Besides, there has always been plenty of time for her to choose a lover—a mate. Her family needed her, and they came first. Until now...
Rosa's going into heat.

But that's not their only problem. The KinKaid and Gregorson pack are on the verge of war. And there are long-buried family secrets, feelings, and hidden desires rising to the surface along with Rosa’s heat. Some will be shocking and others more disturbing than any of them are prepared to handle.

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Kaleb was the Daltons’ only son. One of the pack’s wealthier families who enjoyed spending their evenings all suit-and-tie amongst the other social elites. Kaleb loved his family, but he’d despised growing up on display as the Daltons’ prize offspring and burdened with the stress to fulfill all their dreams. So, it wasn’t hard to understand the other male’s strong affinity for his privacy—out of the pack and his family’s prying eyes.

Hell, after spending every day while growing up wishing he could hide the black stain on his own family—or just erase it all together—Landry could certainly relate to the need for solitude.
Landry pulled his vehicle onto the gravel drive, the stones crunching beneath the twenty-inch wheels. Kaleb had passed out on the return trip, his face pressed into the passenger door’s glass. Landry grinned at the sight, finding it hard to bring himself to reach over and wake his friend. He’d be happy to sit there until dawn just watching him.

The male was irresistible. Only Kaleb could manage to pull off sexy in his drunken-passed out state. His friend was oblivious to just how destructively handsome his looks were.

A thick fan of dark lashes rested on Kaleb’s cheeks, his generous mouth hung open. A slight snore reverberated from his throat with each inhale and exhale. Landry barely resisted leaning over to lick the full swell of the other male’s lower lip. Maybe he’d slide the seat back, straddle the other male’s thighs, positioning just so until Landry could release his pounding dick from behind his zipper, then…

Landry’s breath hitched at the thought. His pulse raced. Shaking his head, he attempted to erase the mental image as if his brain were an Etch-A-Sketch. He glanced back over at his unconscious partner.

Good luck with that, Michaels. You’re never going to get the guy out of your mind.

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Can you tell me what unique combination of scents Kaleb smells like to Landry?

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Lovestruck Giveaway and Hop 2013

Giveaway Hop Hosted by Under the Covers, runs August 14 – August 20

Love-struck: (adjective) having a passionate or overwhelming feeling of love; smitten

We were tasked with discussing a book that left us breathless and wanting when it was over. I have to say there have been a few characters that have left me that way. I'll admit I tend to fall in love with each and every one of my heroes. I think it's because as a writer you get to know the men so deeply. Even if you aren't writing all of the sordid details of their lives you see it in your head.

Every time I start a new book that hero becomes my favorite. I just finished editing my first menage and I have to tell you, those two guys are awesome. BUT, seeing I can't give away a copy of that book yet we'll visit with my second favorite hero: Nick.

I know that 'Half in Love' is really supposed to be about Willie and her journey, but Nick stole the show for me when I was working on the book. He's a vampire who knows what he wants in life... and after meeting Willie she's what he wanted.

Here's a short snippet that proves to me why Willie had no chance at all when Nick decided he was taking her as a mate:

A slight huff escaped her lips before she clamped her eyes and lips shut. Her body relaxed against his body, and she offered her throat to him. Nick knew that he needed to let her go, but something deeply imbedded in his psyche pulled him to the cradle of her thighs. The submissive gestures only inflamed his need to take her and mark her as his. Her warmth and arousal called to the baser side of his vampire-self. He groaned from a deep, dark place inside and thrust his hips against hers in a slow, sensual grind, mimicking all the things he wanted to do to her. His cock rode against her softer body like heated steel. The need to push himself into her wet core made his balls ache. He wanted them to be naked, sharing the slick slide of sweat as he entered her.

Burying his nose in her neck helped soothe the raging need. Her scent calmed him like nothing else ever had. Blood pounded through her body in a beautiful rhythm, making his gums itch with the need to extend his teeth and sip of her nectar. Instead, he placed a light kiss on her throat and nipped her collarbone before trailing his tongue to her ear. She moaned and arched slightly against his chest. That was all the invitation he needed. The rage still pounded through his veins, fuzzing his thoughts and allowing his primal self to emerge with a roar. He would take her and make her see that they were meant to be together.

See what I mean. He's hot and focused. Definitely one of my favorite characters!

So, what am I giving away? :) One ebook copy of 'Half in Love' and an ebook copy of my latest short erotic story 'Byte Marks'

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter... I'll let select one lucky winner.

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Tattoo Tuesday- Joshua McCann


Joshua McCann

to Tattoo Tuesday

Give me four sentences that sum you up: what you do, who you are, where you've been...
I love to make people laugh & put smiles on peoples faces best feeling in the world, who I am I'm myself and I'm always myself with someone never change who your are for anyone, ware I've been not to many places NY and Georgia I'm from a small town in Venice Florida haven't even seen snow yet.

What was your first tattoo?  Does it have meaning to you?

My first tattoo was on my side it was a fortune Cookie I got when I was down in the dumps it gave me hope. Its said faith is knowing there is an ocean when you can only see the stream.

Do you have more tats planned?

Yes I want to get my life story tattooed on my other arm I have an owl for my grandma that past away to start.

Do you buy into tattoos being addictive once you start getting them?

Yes there addicting because its a pain that's enjoyable in a sense stress reliever.

What's your life plans for the immediate future? Long-term?

I want to either be a top model or a stand up comedian.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?

Something that most people don't know when they see me as how out going and full of life I am.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weakness?

If I was a superhero I would want to be able to cure broken hearts, weakness would be seeing people sad.

Favorite TV show or station?

favorite show tosh.o .

What's your 'go to' comfort item (food, place, drink, etc)?

My comfort zone is my bed

If there were no $ or time limitations, where would you be right now and what would you be doing?

I would love to see china and explore I find oriental scene so amazing.

Do you enjoy reading? Who's your fav author, or your fav type of book (suspense, mystery, biography, paranormal, etc)?

I don't read too much actually I have a hard time focusing due to ADD. 

Quick Questions:

Bottle or can? And I would much rather drink out of a can it taste way better a bottle gets flat.

Chocolate or vanilla? I'm a vanilla guy.

Muscle car or motorcycle? Muscle car of course bikes are too dangerous.

Morning person or night-owl? Morning person I wake up ready to go.

Rollercoaster or bumper cars?Bumper cars of course get to smash people duh 

Find Joshua on FB and Instagram.
@big_nasty_14 on Instagram