Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Author Spotlight- Sheryl Zaines

Author Spotlight:

Welcome Sheryl Zaines...

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Angelica has had David as a friend, confidant and bowling buddy forever. Lately, though, he’s on her mind a lot—and she’s not thinking about the kind of scoring they do on bowling night. Trouble is, David’s not single and Angelica isn’t willing to risk their friendship for sexual gratification.David’s been unsatisfied with his dead-end relationship for a while now. After he mans up and breaks it off, he has to overcome an even bigger hurdle—facing his true feelings. Much to his surprise, the perfect woman has been right in his own lane the whole time.Once David’s realized that Angelica’s the one for him, he’s ready to get the ball rolling on their relationship. He’ll stop at nothing to prove to Angelica he’s right up her alley.

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Ellora's Cave


Anne has always been the wild friend, the risk-taker. When she moves away, Tori’s life is going to be a whole lot duller. But of course Anne insists on one last adventure—tailing their hot hunk of a neighbor, the one they watch through his window as he works out, to see where he goes on Thursday nights.

A bowling alley—this might be the first time one of Anne’s schemes hasn’t gotten them into trouble. Until Tori finds that her friend has a little matchmaking in mind.

Collin is instantly smitten. He has no trouble getting into Tori’s bed, but the next morning she’s gone. What will he have to do to convince her to let him into her heart as well?

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Author Bio:
During this summer heat, when the beaches of Northern California are crowded, I often visit the redwoods. Nothing is more humbling that standing in a grove of old growth trees that have been there for over a thousand years. The best way to see them is from my motorcycle. I can't get the wind in my hair, because I obviously wear a helmet, but I do have a better appreciation for the size of the trees without a metal frame around me or a roof to block my view. Now, I just need to get a side car, so my dog, Zoe, can go with me.

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