Thursday, June 13, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 26

Why is it good for a woman's mouth, pussy etc to be hot? What difference does it make?

Vile: The mouth here we go, I love pouty lips just watching my cock slide in and out drives me crazy. I am not sure if you have ever heard this, but when a female has a slight temperature, the pussy is smoking hot, nothing like the warm wet feeling, it feels so good you just want to slide it in and stay still.

Ramrod: Except for the mouth playing the Hot/Cold game(switching between ice water and hot water during a blowjob), everything is always just body temperature so I am not sure how to answer. 

Are there any erogenous zones that women tend to ignore or maybe we don't even know about? How about the ears? Erogenous zone or gross? If erogenous what do you like being done?

Vile: For some reason all women want to go for the ear, Really? It sound like a wash cloth full of soap. My zone is my neck, like your french kissing, I go from soft to hard in under 60 seconds. I love having my balls rubbed it can put me to sleep, Licking right at the base of the cock as well.

Ramrod: Erogenous zones? Not that I have found.  Most women know their hot spots pretty well and I am pretty good at targeting them in. Ears are ok to nibble on gently, anything that can remind me what you can do to my dick is good thing.  Not much into have them lick but feeling the warmth of your mouth and a little tugging and biting from your teeth will get the heart racing.

Oh and biting (as long as not breaking the skin obviously) - cool or ow?

Vile: Nah not into the biting thing, one of my allergies is pain.

Ramrod:  The only other place I like biting or nibbling is my dick.  There is something so fucking hot looking down and seeing your teeth biting down on my cock just hard enough to be pleasurable but not hard enough to cause pain or damage.  Think it is the danger of using something that can cause immense pain and yet can create great pleasure.  No dragging of your teeth but biting down the shaft and on the tip are perfectly allowed.  For more cock biting details read DtM 21 Biting hard on the tip as I am cumming give me an explosive orgasm.  I have looked down and had teeth indents on the head of my dick and a smile on my face, little pain with a lot of pleasure. 

How important is it that your woman shares a lot of interests with you? ie liking sports/shoot-em-up movies, etc

Vile: I want to know everything, Her interest become mine. I do things a lot of time even if I have no interest. Showing you care really goes a long way. It is very important to share, I ask questions millions of questions I want to know her inside out.

Ramrod: It is important to share some interests but how many depends on the couple.  The more independent each person is the less interests they have to share but you have to have something to bring you together as a couple.  But even if you are not interested in something your partner is into, you should appreciate and not put down what they are interested in.


  1. Great article. I never imagined rubbing balls could put someone to sleep. I definitely agree that shared interests is important but time apart is also great. :)

  2. Awesome as usual. Thanks, guys, for sharing!

  3. That is awesome advice, Ramrod! I think the partner should try to be interested in a few things the other is interested in.
    Laughing at Vile's answer about being allergic to pain. Too funny.
    Great answers guys.

  4. Very interesting first time to read Demystifying the Male. I must say it was awesome. It is always good to get inside a male's head. I will be back!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, feel free to ask us questions anytime

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