Thursday, May 16, 2013

Demystifying the Male: Turning the Tables 2

Because the boys have been so good with the questions we've been asking I'm giving them another round of 

'Turn the Tables' on us women folk

This week's questions are below and some brave souls answered to the best of their abilities. 

Feel free to add your answers as comments... :)

Why are women willing to show boobs before showing their pussy?

A.M. Griffin- I don't know, but I'll show them to almost anyone - anywhere. Lea's Note: This is true... I was on boobie-watch all throughout Romanticon last year to make sure they weren't escaping. :P

Cassandra Carr- We could ask you the same thing. Why are you willing to show your chest and not your junk? I think it's more socially acceptable to show the bare torso than it is to get down to the naughty bits.

Anya Richards- Maybe because to us they're not that big a deal? Here in Canada, by law a woman can go topless if she wants, just like a man can. Also, I think for most of us ordinary women, showing your pussy indicates a certain level of intent. Just think of the "base" system society's been talking about for years...first base is kissing, second is feeling up the breasts, third base is copping a feel of the pussy and/or getting a blowjob, then you have going all the way. If I'm showing you my pussy, I've already decided to go all the way. If you only get to see my breasts, you're probably going to have to get yourself off.

Danica Avet- I've never really flashed my boobs anywhere, but I imagine it's because they're sort of there and easy to access. I imagine if you were a pussy flasher, you'd have to have a whole routine down like "lift this leg up, flap the skirt and try not to fall on your ass" kind of thing going on. Not to mention you don't really want that thing to dry out, you know? So you don't want to be flashing it all over the place. Lea Note: I'm imagining some sort of choreographed routine 

Lea's thoughts- I'm with everyone above. Would I willing flash my ta-ta's? Perhaps, but definitely wouldn't be a pussy flasher. Well, not to anyone other than the hubs, anyway. It all comes down to levels of intimacy. Whipping a boobie out isn't all that intimate. I mean, I've breastfed in public (I know, not the same... but the flesh is.) But, flashing the pussy? Definitely a level of 'wow, I must really like you' to it. LOL

How many times a day do women think about sex or having sex?

A.M. Griffin- More often than men think we do. I usually go real strong in the morning, but it tapers off by the time I get home from work.

Cassandra Carr- Normal women or erotic romance writers? Eh, doesn't matter. Women think about sex a lot. Women like sex. And most women seem to have an active fantasy life - moreso than men from what I've seen.

Anya Richards- I don't think I can answer for the average woman...I think about sex all the time because it's part of my job as well as because I like thinking about it.

Danica Avet- I can't speak about other women, but I think about it a lot. Of course, I think about it mostly in terms of my job. You know, the erotic romance author thing? My mind tends to lean towards the raunchy so I'm always trying to think of what position my characters will be in next. And I'm usually the star of those fantasies, so BONUS!

Lea's thoughts- Hmm. I think I need to ask some non-authors this question as well. Although, I've only been writing about 2 years and I KNOW I was a horn-dog before that. LOL Sex and fantasizing about it fill more of my day than I can even count. I might be remembering an experience from the day before, thinking through a position I want to try (or try again), etc. I spent a lot of time with sex on the brain. :) I think the better experiences you have the more likely you are to think about sex. If your sex life is vibrant (with or without a guy) then you'll spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Does and orgasm feel different or better having something inside your pussy (Dick, a toy, fingers, etc) vs nothing at all?

A.M. Griffin- It feels the same for me.

Cassandra Carr- I think this question is impossible to answer for anybody but myself because there are so many things that affect how an orgasm feels, depending on who you are. It also depends on several other factors - how turned on you are, what type of orgasm it is, etc. In general, I'd say an orgasm feels different having something there, but not necessarily better.

Anya Richards- For me a vaginal orgasm is very different from a clitoral one--stronger and often more intense, BUT when I'm having a clitoral orgasm I want to just enjoy it, so having other stuff going on (being fingered or having a toy in me) is just a distraction.

Danica Avet- This is another one of those "it depends" questions. Nothing at all can leave an empty feeling behind. Penetration and orgasm is... sometimes more pleasure than can you can bear. Especially if you have thrusting during penetration (had a boyfriend who liked to go still while I came and that was okay but not nearly as fun as the thrusting thing while coming). Thrusting and clit stimulation is like 'the fucking Earth is quaking this feels so good'.

Lea's thoughts- Well, you got quite a difference in answers here. I'm in agreement with Anya that the type of orgasm will dictate if I want or need something inside. But, I much prefer something (cock, dildo, what have you) inside even if it's not moving during an orgasms. All orgasms are great in their own rite, so I don't get upset if I'm clenching empty if you know what I mean. LOL I totally agree with Danica, though, on the clit and thrusting. Nothing better than a pounding with clit stim.

The lovely ladies who answered can be found on their own blogs or websites:

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  1. Ladies fantastic answers...... and no boobie watch this Romanticon, let the freak flag fly ladies hahaha. Also side note it's an amazing feeling when a woman is clinching during orgasm while i am in side and thrusting.

  2. I have a feeling if Boobie Watch goes by the wayside we're DEFINITELY going to need that bail fund.

  3. You know I think me anf the guys will help with that fund if Bobbie watch goes bye bye hahaha

  4. You know I think me anf the guys will help with that fund if Bobbie watch goes bye bye hahaha

  5. Hmmmm. We'll take it under consideration.

  6. I will gladly help with boobie watch, I don't want anyone going to jail so I will keep an eye out thinking of calling the cops.

  7. 2: Cassandra, Guys chests are ok to show in public but if it was not I would say for me skin is skin, if you see one fun part you might as well see it all.

    1. Did you see what I did there? I turned the tables on you turning the tables.

      I think for many of us we definitely feel like the boobs are just there. I grabbed Shoshanna Evers' last year at Romanticon without a second thought (Yes, I have pictures). Overall, they're more of a utility for us than the pussy is.

  8. Lea, I think you are right, we need to pose the question about how often you think about sex to non-erotic romance authors. Since your job is thinking about sex.

    1. I'm asking a few readers to see what they'd say... stay tuned for the answers. :)

  9. ok ook, i see yall

  10. I found the answers quite interesting. I had really wanted to answer this turn the tables questions. I was on vacation and unable to get the answers in on time. Please send me future questions!!!