Thursday, May 30, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 25

If you had to pick what weather to be outside in while having sex, what would it be (rain, snow, blazing hot, something extreme) and why that temp/weather?

Vile: I love sex outside, I find it to be really erotic. The beach at night, with a towel of course. The moon above, the sound of the water, and the chance of someone walking by. Not to mention its somewhat cool at night.

Ramrod: Butt naked, outside in the pouring down rain on a warm summer day.  A warm rain would keep us cool while we are getting busy but not too cold that we wouldn’t want to be completely naked. The odds of people being out in the rain would be less, so you could go to more open places like parks or bike trails with less risk of being caught. You also don’t have to be as quiet cause the rain will muffle sounds and again no one will be out if they can help it. The only other weather situation that has my interest is sex out in a snow storm. This would take a preplanned wardrobe on your part. You would need to have some kind of crotch less leggings on under a skirt for easy access but still keep your legs warm. The turn on for me is the temperature difference between the air and snow to the warmth of your pussy. It would be like playing the hot/cold game but outside in a public place and the fact that I can nail you with all your clothes on is also a huge turn on too.

Jose: I would like it to be 80s with rain because I've never done it in rain and always wanted to. I don’t think the snow will be that fun, but what do I know ha

Preference: water-based or oil-based lubes? For all reasons, slickness, ease of washing off, staying power, etc. 

Vile: If your really into long foreplay, then an oil base lube is the way to go, stays wetter, and slicker a lot longer, it is just real hard to wash off. Water based lube is ok, but when doing anal sex you might have to stop and add more.

Ramrod: I really don’t have a preference on either type of lube since I don’t use them that much, but if I had to pick, I guess the water-based.  It is easier to clean up with a quick shower.

Jose: Idk cuz I never paid attention lmao…I just know that the flavor ones get sticky and I don’t mind the stickiness as long as it gets the job done.

Where are some of the weirdest, funniest, most interesting places you've stashed condoms/lube/etc. in case you needed them? 

Vile: My socks always handy cannot forget them, when I was younger I would put inside my baseball cap.

Ramrod: I have never had to stash condoms or lube since I hardly use either.  As for condoms, I am almost always raw-dogging it.  And as for lube, 99% of the time, what I am poking at is self-lubricating anyway. For the rare instance I would need lube, I just grab it from the toy box in the bedroom.

Jose: I never stashed them away, I had them in a candy jar on my living room stand next to the candy jar. Just call me the candy-man :)
Lea Note: Anyone else singing 'candyman can' in their heads now? You know, from Willy Wonka?

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  1. Great one! :) Also nice to see the men behind the post. :)

  2. Oh crap, now I can't get that song outta my head, thanks Jose! haha
    I think you need a 'Candy Man' t-shirt.
    Ramrod, at least you live in the right state for snow adventure.