Thursday, May 23, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 24

1. If pulling out actually worked as a birth control method, would you chose that (being able to go bareback but pull out and having to finish outside her body) or condoms? (assume no STD's are involved)

Vile: Skin to skin WOW nothing like it. The heat, the wetness, the feeling is always the same, but I think each time it feels better. While in a long term relationship I do not like using  condoms, like taking a shower with frigging socks on.  I think they mess up the whole intimacy part, in the heat of the moment you have to stop open the fucking package slip it on then resume. It just fucks everything up. The feeling of being together is not the same. Then if you are in a long term the female should either go on birth control, or the male should get his nuts cut. Many men for what ever reason want to put all the responsibility on the female.  Back in the day I was like a little whore dog, if it had a pulse I was hitting it. Things are different today, you cannot go to the docs office and get a shot.  So yes pulling out then finish by jacking me off or the GREAT MOUTH HUG.

Jose: Hell yeah!! Nothing feels better than raw dogging some pussy. Definitely a better feeling than strapped up.

Ramrod: Bareback w/pullout or finish inside using a condom...........Bareback.  I will pull out and hotdog you to the big finish.  I want to feel your pussy, and yah, yah, you don't loose that much sensation with a rubber but it is still a barrier.  There is no direct contact between cock and pussy.  I want to feel you stretching open as the tip of my cock presses against your pussy.  I want to feel your wetness as your pussy inches it's way down the length of my shaft. To feel you stretched around my cock, touching every square inch all at the same time.  I want to feel you gripping me tighter and tighter as you cum harder and harder until you can't squeeze me anymore.  To truly touch you in a place where few have ever been, deeper than most have gone.  

Brian: OK, so if there is no chance of getting an STD and it was a birth control method, yes I would bareback it in a heartbeat. The best feeling is feeling a nice smooth wet pussy engulfing my cock. Nothing else feels the same.

 2. When you're masturbating are you visualizing someone? Imagining you're doing something? We've heard for eternity that men are visually stimulated, so I was just wondering what plays through your mind while you're taking care of yourself.

Vile: All men masturbate yea even me, when Arianna was away it was like tug a war. If I was smart back in the day I would sue Hustler Mag for Carpal tunnel syndrome. I am a visual man be it looking at something, or just closing my eyes I am doing somebody.

Ramrod: I am visually stimulated but once stimulated, I can stare at a blank wall and what I am thinking of will be so strong, it is as if I am watching it with my eyes.  What am I think of you ask.............Pussy!  Eating it, toughing it, smelling it, fucking it.  What triggers it.........anything....everything.... Your outfit, the way your hair is done, something you said, something I read, something I saw (TV, Movie, Magazine) the list goes on and on.  What ever it is, my mind makes a short video fantasy about it.  Even if it came from a picture (Playboy, Internet, Lane Bryant add) my mind makes up a fantasy video about it.  It is usual a 60 second loop that plays over and over in my mind till I get close.  Then it trims down to about a 3 second loop of the best part till I blast off.  I might view it in first person, I might view it in third person, I might not even be a character in it.  It is almost always is something that could happen in reality that in reality will never happen.    

Jose: I watch porn! I can picture something but I need a chick to say it or text it then I be like ok. But most of the time I gotta see something like porn or naked picture atleast. What about ya'll ladies lol (might need to be in the next round to the girls)

Brian: If I have no porn to watch to masturbate too then, yes, I visualize what I need to get hard and to get off. Now as I am a lil older I don't do that a whole lot anymore, but in the day man it didn't take much to wanna beat off. Stiff wind? I'm like OK time to go.
3. If a woman is whispering dirty things in your ear is the words, the tone, the warm breath skating over your skin or something completely different that turns you on?

Vile: Nothing like the words FUCK ME Wow. So if I am hitting it and your tired whisper in my ear FUCK ME and I am done. FUCK ME DADDY my nuts explode I shake all over Like a kid locked in a cake factory.

Ramrod: It is a combination thing, choice words, tone you speak in, feeling you close to me, our surroundings (as in are we alone or are there people in ear shot) affect how much it can turn me on.  But the biggest turn on out of those is choice of words.  The kinkier, the dirtier, the naughtier the better.  But you could read me a computer programmer text book and make my dick hard if you get in close and use the right tone also.  You will just have to work a little harder at it but it could be done.

Jose: I think the dirty talk itself is the biggest turn to me. Ladies always are held classy so when a chick dirty talk; I am like boner! Especially when they ready to do what they are saying!!

Brian: A woman talking dirty is hot. Now I'm not a fan of the freaky: piss on Me or choke me talk. Get a woman with that right tone whispering "I wanna feel your hard cock deep inside of me" or "I wanna taste every bit of you" as the breath tickles my ear. Getting chills just thinking about. Actually I think now after thinking of this I better go take care of your second question now. Gotta run bye lol Lea's note: ROFL

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  1. As usual, the answers were informative. And entertaining. I'm gonna start dirty talking whenever I want something, no matter where I am. "Give me the last slice of pizza," she whispered seductively in his ear. "I'd like a discount on that oil change." Hey, if it works...

  2. LOL! Cassandra. Right, if it works, why not! Maybe you could do some research at Romanticon.
    Very informative answers. And Jose, you crack me up.

  3. holy shit batman...think I just fell in love with Ramrod...and I have a ton of text books to read from LMAO

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