Thursday, May 9, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 23

1. If you're playing with a vibrating toy, where do you like it to touch you (nipples, cock, balls, taint) and where should something like that NEVER touch?

Brian- I honestly don't have answer for what I like for this question. I have used toys on girls but never on me. I think if she had a vibrator on her clit while I am pounding away the vibration on my balls would feel amazing or just staying inside while she has it on her clit. Lea Note: Me thinks Brian has some homework to do.

Vile- Wow touchy subject there Lea. Hmm something to think about. I can honestly say I have never used a toy on myself, not that its taboo or anything, just not my thing. If I were it would be on my balls, as a matter of fact I will let Arianna try that tonight.

It is hard in the D's lifestyle when it comes to a slave. There are many things such as using toys on their master as a sign of a weakness. No slave likes to be in control.

Ramrod- I like it used all over, tip, shaft, balls, and down close to my ass but not in.  You can use it while jacking me off or giving me head for some extra stimulation.  They can be used during sex, place it at the base of my shaft and it turns my dick into vibrator and every time I thrust in, it presses against your clit.  With a little coordination you can use two vibrators using one in your pussy and one out while have sex at the same time.  The trick is using a small egg vibrator in your pussy and use shallow thrusts.  The larger vibrator on the outside turns my dick into a vibrator and I get an extra tingle when the tip of my dick touches the vibrator in your pussy.

2. Does holding back your orgasm during sex/foreplay really make it stronger/better?

Brian- I do think it does make it more intense and it also allows more pleasure for the woman as well. Being able to just slowly stop and push it back then go back to work especially pullin' all the way out and thrusting back in. Now you can not hold it too long as the blue ball effect does come into play as well and that ain't no picnic lol. As I wrote in a past one that sucks and hurts bad.

Vile- Yes indeed holding back does make it better and it comes harder. More intense if the foreplay last for a while 30 to 45 minutes gets my balls to that boiling point. Also it depends on how into the play the female is.

Ramrod- Holding back can make for a stronger orgasm but you can only hold back so long before something has to give.  Think of it as a windup toy, you can wind it up fast or wind it up slow.  The more wound up, the more the power but if you over wind without letting go………Things start getting uncomfortable real quick.

3a. Can you tell if a woman is orgasming while you are inside her?

Brian- I can tell is she is cumming while either inside her or while my face is down there.

Vile- In my times and travel sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Women tend to fake orgasms during sex. I am not sure why. I guess it is so they do not hurt the male ego.  I would not think cumming every time wouldn't really matter. It is the closeness the two feel. Many women depend on vibrators when alone, and after a while just like anything else it becomes a habit, makes it harder to cum during sex.

Yes at times a man can feel a woman cum, but this happens when she is on top. Very few women cum when the male is on top. So ladies do not worry about the ego just have fun.

Ramrod- Yes I can feel you having an orgasm when inside your pussy.

3b. What does it feel like? (we describe it as milking, rhythmic pulsing, gripping, etc. are those acceptable wordings from a guys POV)

Brian- Now my point of view the way I can tell is when the build up for her gets so intense her legs start squeezing and obviously the moans or screaming is there. Now while inside her I feel the intense squeezing as it slowly builds up around my cock till I feel the wet running down my cock and balls. The tenseness slowly goes away till I go back to it lol.

Ramrod- It can feel like a gentle or hard squeeze depending on how powerful your orgasm is and how strong your kegel muscles are.  I would best describe it as a pulsing squeeze just inside your pussy lips but it is not a squeeze down the entire length of my dick.  As the orgasm starts the squeezing is harder and fades as it goes on.  It is not enough to bring me to an orgasm but will send me over the edge if I am close. \

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:

Jose Da Hood from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio. Coordinator of sex toy testing (email him or message him if you want to test items!)

Mr. Vile Woods blogger, Dominant, all around open guy. Check out his blog HEREMuch love to all the women who read Lea's blog.

Brian Nelson My newest addition. He works for Ellora's Cave as well, but I honestly don't have a clue what he does. :o)

Ramrod Director of Project Management for Ellora's Cave Publishing  If it plugs into a wall, battery operated, needs built, rebuilt, lifted, driven, fixed or figured out... that's me

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  1. I kept forgetting it was Thursday. The vibrator answers were interesting since I've gotten free toys with my vibes for couples' use, a vibrating ring that went around the base of the cock (could either stimulate his balls and her ass if placed in one direction, or stimulate her clit if in another direction) but never got a chance to use it. I wonder what I did with it *frown*

    Great week of answers as always!

  2. Great answers, as always :) Thanks again for the honest answers. I always learn something with you guys. Dr. Lea rocked it once again. :)

  3. Can't comment. Making notes like crazy for a future book! Thanks all! Great info, as always.

    1. Babe, you need to send me some questions for later segments!

    2. Okay honey. Sorry. I meant sweetie. Honey Bear. Oochie face. Dah-ling. <3

  4. Lea, I was sent by Crystal and Sherrie. Looking forward to exploring your blog and signed up for the emails! :)