Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Damaged Characters and how I ache for them

I'm working on something new. Something so dark that I get goosebumps as I write it. My hero, Leo, is tortured, angry and guilt-ridden. The path that he must walk is filled with pitfalls and he just wants to jump in each one.

And, I'm loving it.

I didn't see myself as the tortured soul writer. Really I envisioned myself as a light and fun writer, but the more I dig into Leo's head and see the darkness there the more I'm intrigued. He's not light. Oh, no. He's slid off the path of light and is swimming in the darkness within.

I'm not sure I'll be able to go back to light characters after this, although I might need to after the journey Leo and I are on. I've cried more writing his story than I have with any other's. He's hurting so badly and is so torn inside. I ache for him and the near future, knowing there is so much more for him to endure before he can see some resolution. It's interesting to know that there is someone in my head so bent on destroying someone else. Might be scary if I wasn't writing.

So, what is this dark and evil story? Well, I can tell you that it's a story of super powers and lust. Will Leo find a HEA? Maybe... Ok, yes, but not for a while. He's tortured and needs to forgive himself before he can believe. He and his heroine need to come to grips with the process needed to release her and in the end they'll scar another woman to do it.

I'm not the only one being pulled into the shadows. Oh, no. Danica Avet is along for the ride as well. Check out her blog today to see what types of pain she's writing for her character.

In the end we will be releasing these books together, the beginnings of a series. What is it you ask? Well, you'll just have to wait and see...

For a taste of Leo and his anger here is an unedited snippet:
Red invaded his vision and his power spiked. Shattering glass and wood splintering filled his ears but all he could see was the image of his wife, perfectly still on filthy pavement. Shards ripped into his flesh, but the pain did nothing but enhance his despair. A dark place in his mind hissed with satisfaction as he tore his own skin open. Rivulets of hot blood coursed down his body, soaking into his shirt and pants.

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