Monday, April 29, 2013

HB's for Care Package- Soldier and Puppies in Combat

My hubs was in the military for 5 years. In that time I spent a lot of time prepping care packages for our friends. I've done a few things with other groups since then, but about two months ago I stumbled across a fantastic group.

These ladies organize sponsors for human and canine soldiers. They put in tireless hours collecting names for both folks in need and those willing to help.

If you've ever had the thought of doing something nice for a soldier or two, please take a few moments and check these guys out.

Now, I know you're already asking yourself if you want to be bothered with this, but let me tell you something really totally awesome about this group and the technology. You don't need to go to a store and the post office. Nope. Not at all. If you have an Amazon account you can order items and ship directly to the soldiers. MOST of the time you can even get 'SuperSaver' Free shipping.

For those of you that want to touch the items and throw a note in the box, don't worry. You can still do a traditional package as well.

How do you get started? Go to this page and read the instructions. It is super easy. You join a Facebook group, friend a couple of lovely ladies and let them know you're ready to sponsor by adding a comment to a Facebook post.

Note: Please have funds available to ship a care package when you apply. Once you apply you're given a few days to look through group before being matched. Once matched you'll have 7 days to gather and ship the items. You *must* post a photo of your package to our wall once everything is gathered and send us the tracking number from your package! After that, come back and re-apply if possible! :)

If you would like to contribute funds without doing the care package thing they are ALWAYS looking for funds. You can go donate any amount here.


  1. This is great information Lea! I've been doing something similar for nearly nine years, but via Whichever organization is used, the whole idea is to tell the troops overseas THANK YOU!

  2. Very awesome! As a army wife I am telling you the soldiers appreciate them!!

    1. Yea! I love sending stuff to the soldiers, especially if it's something fun. They need the distraction. :)

  3. What an awesome idea! Caring for soilders and the puppies is tremendous. Sharing this blog post on my FB page. :)