Thursday, April 25, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 22

This segment is extra long with extra questions because there won't be one next week. I'll be at the RT Convention and KNOW I won't be organized enough to get everything set. So, be good. We'll be back 5/9.

Do you like your nipples played with?

Brian: I have to go with no. There is no pain involved when they are being licked or bitten. I guess for me it is just a weird feeling to have it done. It is hard to explain but yeah I'll go with no.

Ramrod: No, I get too ticklish.  I even have a hard time having my peck muscles rubbed if I am sore.  You have to press your hands firm and even then I can still be jumpy. 

Jose: I don’t really care if ya do or ya don’t. I rather her play with my dick!

If the woman you are dating *or whatever works here* would happen to bring a man home for a third, would you be interested?

Brian: I am gonna go with no for this one as well. I have no problem with threesomes. I have one experience with a buddy and his girl but it was just us running the train on her. I can't be with someone and just have her bring some strange guy home. Now if we have talked bout it rationally in the past and were out drinking then a big maybe. I know this is some what a loaded question cause there could be a double standard you know ladies. I guess I'm not strong enough to except it lol. Lea Note: Or, you're strong enough to admit that you're possessive? That's hot, too. :)

Jose: Nope, if I am dating naw I will pass on that. If it’s a random and she want a threesome she can bring a lady friend!! Ha, I got couple people I know that wouldn’t mind doing Eiffel tower.

Ramrod: Would I be interested if my wife brought home another man for a third.  Honestly there is a part of me that is interested by the idea.  I love seeing her pleasured and as long as there is no emotional attachment, physical only then I would be OK.  I kind of would look at it him as a sex toy for her, like a blow up doll that can talk... and fuck her back.  She would be the one to say how far he can go since it is her body.  I would of course have a few rules, If I say for him to go or never to come back he must stop immediately and leave.  We can all play at the same time but there will be no guy on guy, NO sword fights. 

What do men want us to do/not do to remind them of important things?

Brian: I personally need reminded all the time of important things.Well all things I guess. I am awful at remembering things like stuff in the short term. Now long term things I'm like a fox remembering things. I can remember useless thing so well but dates for things, ehhh not so much. You can text me email me anything so I don't forget and I won't be upset lol.

Ramrod: Just be nice about reminding me, I am easily distracted.  Don't make it feel like I can't ever remember, make it feel like you're helping me remember.  If you want to take the emotion out of it, send me a calendar reminder for my phone. 

Jose: Just tell us ha. Its simple you tell us and that’s it. 

What's one thing you wish women stopped doing, either in general or specifically to/about you?

Brian: A woman should stop asking the question "Does this make me look fat?"  There is nothing we as men can say that is in any way the correct answer. No matter what we answer we are in the doghouse.

Ramrod: Quite putting your self down. You are beautiful, quit telling yourself that you are not.  I hear so many women put words in our mouth that are not true.  What make a woman pretty is her believing she is first.  What makes it annoying is when you constantly joke about how ugly you think you are.  When a woman thinks she is beautiful she is more enjoyable to be around.  Just because a woman is not sexy to one guy doesn't mean she is not sexy to another.  I like women that have an hourglass figure with extra minutes where some guys don't.  We all have different tastes so quit assuming we are all the same.  Last, just because I might not find a woman sexy does't mean she is not beautiful.  You are beautiful, so start believing it for yourself.  

Jose: Don’t be too emotional, or chill on attitude. That’s the biggest thing to me. Just be happy and go with flow!

Lea Note: All good advice, don't you think so ladies? 

Is lingerie worth it in the male's POV? AND, what's the most appreciated lingerie? Bra, panties, thong, corset?

Jose: I like it but it's not a must. A white beater only is so sexy!! But if ya dress to impress a nice Vicky secret bra set be SEXY

Brian: Lingerie is awesome and looks great. The greatest thing though is a great pair of bra & panties. You get enough of a visual to get the juices flowing. The bra and panties do it for me.  Now it's so hot to see a woman bent over and her thong hanging out yummmm. I know it's kind of trashy but screw it, it is hot. As I have said I am a huge boob man and a great pair of boobs in a great bra is amazing. 

Ramrod: YES!!! What's the most appreciated lingerie? It all looks good laying in the floor. Seriously I love seeing underwear especially when I can see part or all through your regular clothes.  I think the tease is what makes the lingerie hotter.  I see you in regular clothes and get a glimpse of your underwear and wonder what the rest of it looks like.  Then when I get to see that, I wonder what you look like naked.  The longer the time between clothed and naked the more the build up of the fantasy and lingerie is that buffer to allow the build up.  It is also the trigger to start the fantasying when seen threw regular clothes.  Bras are hot because you can easily show them off with normal clothes.  If you have on a lacy bra sometimes you can see the outline of the lace and that starts me going.  If I get a good cleavage shot to see a part of a cup or a bra strap to see the color, then that just make me think about it more.  Like can you see your nipples through the lace or does it match your panties?  Corsets and teddies are even hotter than bras because they sometimes can be worn with a pair of jeans and without a shirt in public. That gets me to start fantasying about what your panties look like and do they match your top?  If you couldn't tell by now I have a slight panty fetish.  That seems to be where my mind always wonders.  Panties are the hottest when it comes to lingerie because they are the hardest to see when you have regular clothes.  Since I am not a ass man, seeing the back of a thong is not a turn on for me.  Best I can hope for is a short skirt and open legs.  The other thing that makes panties so hot is that they don't always have to come off to have sex.  I think that is why bikini is my favorite but I will take anything I can get, bikini, boy-shorts, silk, lace, cotton, solid, sheer or even crotch less.  They can be matched to a shirt, bra, corset or just by themselves.  Even with out letting me see them on you, you can tease me with them be taking them off and showing them to me.  I now know you are not wearing underwear under your clothes and I know what was just rubbing against your pussy.


  1. The next time I'm feeling bad about myself I'm gonna go have Ramrod tell me I'm beautiful. ;-)

    Great answers yet again, guys!

  2. Speechless. Wait, wait, 2 words. Holy S**t!

  3. LOL Maybe we can do an impromptu interview at RT. Ladies, start collecting your questions!

    1. Speaking of Questions and RT, I do believe I left one unanswered in DtM 14

    2. Would that happen to be about ass pinching? LOL If not we've got that open question yet to answer. :)


    3. Hahaha, I was looking at old Facebook posts and started to grin when I saw it

  4. Wow! Every week keeps getting better and better. You guys continue to impress. Thanks!

  5. You guys tell it like it really is. That's great

  6. Haha Ramrod, no sword fights.
    Great answers guys. It's always refreshing to hear it straight from the source. And you are always so honest with your answers, and it gives us a lot of insight.
    Thanks to you for all your answers.

  7. No sword fights *makes a note to buy some plastic swords before RT*

    Great, informative post as always guys! Love it!

  8. Glad you all enjoy reading them, I have a blast answering them. Thank you all for your comments each week.

  9. Ladies i am so glad that you enjoy our answers and i love answering them for you. Keep them comin and we will oppss. I mean we will keep answering them lol.