Thursday, March 28, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 18

If you were turned into a woman for 24 hours, what would you do? 

Ramrod: Well since I am not flexible enough to eat my self out for a day (and you know from previous DtM's, if I could I would) I would have to say.......... fuck a guy.  Yes you read that right, fuck a guy. No blowjobs, no hershey highway, that can be done no matter what gender I am.  If I have a pussy for a day I just want to feel what it's like to have it pleasured.  I want to be ate out, fingered and finally have my pussy fucked till we both cum.  I want to know what it feel like to have tongue licking my clit?  What does it feel like to have fingers probing and playing around my pussy.  Last, what does if feel like to have a dick going in and out of me?  What does it feel like to squeeze down on a cock when I cum instead of being the one squeezed.  For me, I would use it as a learning experience to better pleasure a woman.

Vile: Wow Hmm I would bang as many dudes as I could just to see what it felt like.  Then hit a bar and see how many drinks I could get off of guys. Maybe a little flashing in public, wow the list goes on and on. I know if I was a female I would be a total slut.  (That is a question you should ask your girls, what does it really feel like to get banged. I am speaking from the time it enters and the pumping starts until the finish.)
Lea Note: Vile, I will definitely add that to the list for the next 'turn the tables' blog!

Brian: Oh man that's such a great loaded question. The first thing I would do if turned to a woman is play with my boobs. I have such a boob fetish now I could only imagine how it be just for a day if I was a girl. I would definitely play with myself as well. Now after all that I would go to the bar to find the hottest girl and try to fuck her. I would play with her for as long as I could. I don't know if I would have time to do anything else hahaha....

Jose: Shit ummm, I would touch myself and rub my tits, just cuz I can!! haha But also I def use my lady ways to my advantage $$$ haha
Lea Note: Jose's such a hooker! ROFL

What's more of a turn on: bare boobage or a tight shirt with a hint of cleavage?

Ramrod:  It's the teasing and getting the imagination to run wild, that is the biggest turn on for me.  If you have on a bra, what does it look like and how much does it show?  Once I get past your shirt and/or bra, what do your tits look like.  Do you have big or little nipples?  Do you have large or small areolas and are they light or dark?  Getting to see an over all shape but not the fine details is the fun of it but I am sure as hell not going to complain if you just decide to free the puppies right away.

Vile: A hint of cleavage, I do not want to see all the candy at once, I like to have my imagination run wild. I do like a tease, just showing a little keeps a man wondering.... By the way I am giving free Breast exams next month, not really checking for anything in particular...
Lea note: Vile... *shaking my head* not sure they'll go along with that, but it's a nice try.

Brian: I love both. I love seeing some bare breasts with the nipples standing at attention yummy. As I said in question one I love tits. I love seeing a woman playing with them and if she can lick her nipple yeah buddy. Now in the sense of a tight shirt I think its so hot when a girl has a wife beater on and that is it. So hot seeing a great pair of boob's in a little shirt & no bra. the best of both worlds.

Jose: That is a good question...the tight shirt showing the cleavage is so hot, keeps us thinking about it...but I am a man so I wanna SEE THEM, so I go with BARE!! SHOW MY YA TITS!!

If you have a weekend to do nothing but things you wanted (no $$ constraints, etc.) what would you do?

Ramrod: The Richard Petty Driving Experience full racing package at Daytona Internationale Speedway.  After spending some time in a racing school classroom I get to take a 165 mph stroll out on the 2.5 mile track with an instructor.  Once I pass all the tests, I get to run a 50 lap race with up to 9 other cars.  At the drag strip you might hit 165 mph for a few seconds but at Daytona, I would be driving it for over 40 mins.  Why Daytona, It is the Super Bowl of NASCAR.  It would be like getting to play a game of basketball in Madison Square Gardens.

Vile: This is a tough question. I would rent a private island, and take Arianna away for the weekend. I know it is a boring answer. Okay I get an F for the answer.

Brian: I would take my family to Disney world. To see the joy on my kid's faces for being down there and having a great time is so priceless. They could get whatever they wanted go on any ride hang with the characters woohoo. Now if it was only me being selfish I would go down where they are filming the Walking Dead and pay to get on as a extra zombie to get awesomely great death seen. I am obsessed with this show. I have my son completely hooked on zombies.

Jose: I would def hit Vegas on Saturday gamble a lot, then the club where I just have a blast make sure I take 3 women back to telly also the bunny ranch haha, Sunday I fly the fam out to Disney world and spend the day with them and enjoy it. And Friday be my business day, I am just going be buying and shopping all day with fam!! I also start giving to charities and paying for college and HS in advance haha. (Are there restrictions with this question??) I will invest in stock and more.....Friday-SHOP, INVEST, CHARITIES, & BUSINESS DAY, SATURDAY- GAMBLE< PARTY AND FUCK ALL DAY, SUNDAY FAMILY DAY @ DISNEY

By the way... A big sloppy Happy Birthday to Jose!!! I found this cake just for you... :)


  1. ROFL @ Lea. Love that cake!!

    Awesome answers, guys. I can totally see you all as girls for a day and it is hilarious. Only if we could make it happen.

  2. Great answers guys! If I go out and see a group of women acting out I'll now wonder if they're men in female bodies.

    And happy birthday, Jose.

  3. Wow, I think that's the most Jose has ever had to say when he answers a question. Very nice answers guys. I think it's going to be very difficult to answer Vile's question of what it feels like, other than awesome. :)

    Happy Birthday Jose!

  4. Lol,very funny.Loved the cake.Happy Birthday Jose!