Thursday, March 21, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 17

1. What's your favorite kitchen or garage "corruptibles"?

Ramrod: My toolbox.  It was not just any toolbox, it was one of the huge mechanic roll away toolbox I bought for a previous job. My current job at the time didn't require me to have tools so I had brought it home.  One day we got frisky in the garage and I put her up on the box and we started going at it.  It was almost 3 feet deep and 6 feet long so we had plenty of room on top of it.  With the wheels unlocked it gets a nice rocking motion when you get going.  When the box is rocking don't come a knocking.  I eventually got a job where I took my tools to work and every now and then I would grin when I would go to my toolbox to grab something.  I have since traded that one in, so I Will have to break in my new roll away someday soon.   

Brian: I am all about the ready whip in bed. Love when a woman uses it while sucking a mean dick.

Vile: I have used a lot of stuff from the kitchen, it is a turn on to Arianna when I use different objects. Like the small round bottle of steak sauce. I have a couple of plastic spoons with round handles, lets not forget the almighty cucumber, which everyone at one time or another has used. mostly small bottles. If it looks like it will fit, I will use it. I love watching things slide in and out of a pussy. Just watching the lips fold in and out is a huge turn on.
Lea Note: I love kitchen utensils, too. The only thing here I'd note is that if someone wants to get brave with bottles, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure that the tops aren't sharp.

Jose: I never fucked in a garage yet, surprisingly. In the kitchen counter, chair, and table have been (not at my house thou).

2. If I had elephantiasis  would I let them hack on my nuts?  

Ramrod: Fuck yah I would, fix them babies and if you can't, replace them with some stainless steel balls so they clang as I walk.  That way you can hear me coming as I am walking down the hall.  When I set off the metal detector at the airport, I can say it is because I have balls of steel so don't fuck with me.  If they don't believe me, I will slap a refrigerator magnet to them to prove it.    

Scott: Oh I would definitely take the surgery. Life and all the experiences that go along with it aren't worth the health risks associated with that type of medical condition.

Vile: Fucking ouch I saw that shit. One the pain would be unbearable. Two life without sex, how the fuck does that work. Man I would call a doctor so fast. Yup cut me, fix me. What woman would want to give head.

Jose: You gotta do what you need to do to fix my nuts!!! That shit must be fixed!!! MUST MUST MUST !!!!

Brian: Well i would definitely have that taking care of. I couldn't live life walking around like that. I wouldn't put my kids threw that. I know it is nothing that is anyone's fault but i would rather not have anyone  to be like that. It's a shame that someone would want to walk around carrying his sack like that.

3. What are your thoughts on vaginal sex during a woman's period? Yes? No?  

Ramrod: Interrupt blowjob week to grab my surfboard so I can go ride the Crimson wave.  Sure.  I can always take a shower after or we could just do it in the shower.  The problem is most women don't feel like sex from discomfort or they just don't feel sexy because of it in general.  I am not turned off by it, if anything I am turned on a little more, you have extra lubrication down there.  If I do the timing right and beat the full fire works show, the hormones make it some of the best pussy eating ever.  It just changes how the foreplay works is all.  The plus side for you is Having an orgasm releases endorphins that helps with the pain of cramping.

Scott: I personally only feel it's something I'm comfortable enough with with the woman I could call my one and only. That kind of trust only exists like that.

Jose: I have before but i aint a fan of it. Don’t float my boat, had a episode of that over weekend when me and my cuz went to do a London bridge.

Brian: I am only ok with it being with the woman i am committed too. I could not do that with anyone else. I can wait a for aunt flow to leave to get mine. I have before in the past. I believe its acceptable in the shower and that's it. 

Vile: My thoughts are yes, it does wash off. I know it bothers a lot of women for what ever reason, that is all good as well. Just bust out a towel, fuck in the shower. The only thing I refuse to do is eat pussy during that time. I do not plan on getting my red wings at any time. I am not going down and coming up looking like the joker in a Batman movie.
I also like to fuck while the female has a temperature. Yes guys if you have not, you need to hit it. The pussy is so hot. I am telling you. Now I am not talking about her being in the hospital hooked up to a ventilator, at home. Take a 10 minute ride. It is an incredible feeling.


  1. Have I told you guys lately how absolutely awesome y'all are? Cuz you are. So enlightening, these posts!

  2. We do try, better yet all the answers are true.

  3. All true or maybe we just love pussy probably both or more. I just love women. I love the body from head to toe. No inhibitions is the way to be and go.

  4. Very interesting questions this week, and mostly all I can think of is OMG!! Sorry, my mouth is still hanging open at some of the answers. I have wondered about the Aunt Flow question, and your answers were surprising. Doing it in the shower would be about the way I'd do it at that time. Mostly if I was asked to, I'd say no because of feeling somewhat embarrassed about having sex then. It's fantastic when you don't have to worry about that time of the month anymore!

  5. Okay, Jose, you informed us of the Eiffel Tower, now what is the London bridge? Or did a miss a week?

  6. I'm so happy I found this post. Very informative. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Check out our older posts too and If you have any questions, send them to Lea for her to ask us.

  7. I missed it too! What is the London Bridge? I may need to know that piece of info for a book, so maybe we need another blog post on that one? Love the answers as always!

  8. My eyes are watering from laughing. I confess, I asked about the elphantitis of the balls...Jose's answer killed me "You gotta do what you need to do to fix my nuts!!! That shit must be fixed!!! MUST MUST MUST !!!!"

    Oh, and Vile's Batman reference *dies*

    I love Demystifying the Male Thursdays! (Even if I missed it yesterday.)

    1. I got to witness Jose go from "Oh hell no, no one is touching them" to "Oh shit, you got to do what you have to do". hahahhaha