Thursday, February 21, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 15

1. If you had to pick, which would be your choice between watching two women together, or a MFM menage? Why? 

Vile: I love watching two women with each other, I do not even have to take part in it. Just sit back and watch the two go at it. Two women really know how to please each other, and just something about watching a woman eat pussy. Lord help us all.

Ramrod: Two women going at it.  Male/Female/Male is too high cock to pussy ratio.  Not that I want to watch another dudes tallywacker but I would prefer two women on one man over all.  I am a visual person and if I can't be involved I would like to have a good visual where I can fantasize myself being in.  I don't fantasize seeing myself bumping balls trying to double penetrate a chick or try the Eiffel Tower.  Not saying I wouldn't but you did say I had a choice.
Lea Note: Now, some of you might be snickering here, and others are pulling out their urban dictionaries to look up the Eiffel Tower. That is with one guy vaginally and one guy orally with the girl between them. The guys 'high five' each other over her back, therefore an Eiffel Tower. I know, I didn't know either. LOL

Brian: Ok if I had to watch then I would choose two women.The reason I would choose this is oblivious, its fucking hot lol. There is something beautiful about two women kissing, sucking on titties, and the best, watching a girl eat another girl out, yum. I've never had the opportunity to see this in person and yes it is on my bucket list.

Jose: I like watching two females go at it! Eating each other out, but if I can’t be involved I'm going with the MFM so I can get my rocks off. It’s also on my bucket list to run a train on a female and hit the Eiffel tower pose. haha

2. Pussy coverage seems to be a question coming up recently. So, what's the guy preference? Fully hairless, trimmed but still pubes there or something in between? Why?

Vile: That really depends on the woman, and our relationship. If I am just dating then trimmed is fine. In a relationship I pay for the Brazilian waxes, The bikini lines. I have a bad oral fixation, meaning I love to eat pussy. Tish is shaved but she has my first initial Cut out in the public hair above the clit, everything else is bald. I can eat pussy for days. There are times when I wake with the need to go down south, If I am really into you, I love to rim as well. If the man upstairs made anything better than pussy, he has not shared it as of yet.

Brian: My preference is completely bald. I don't mind a little landing strip but bald yes. I love eating pussy. I love the way my tongue feels when I'm sucking & licking her clit. The way it makes her shake is such a turn on. I love the taste of a woman and yeah hair can ruin that. I've had 70's style bush before and yes I went and fucked her, but I wouldn't put my face down there. Hey this is my go to move lol. I believe I have gotten the act of eating out mastered lol.
Lea Note: Okay, I've read this a couple of time between checkin' out answers and setting up the blog and I still burst out laughing. OMG I get an image of a massive fro between some chic's thighs. LOL

Ramrod: I do like a nice, freshly shaved pussy.  Where I can glide my hands across your silky smooth skin of your pubic mound, down to your inner thigh brushing past your soft naked pussy lips and back up again.  Plus, shaved lets your panties conform and show off every sexy curve of your pussy lips for a nice teasing before a pleasing.  But on the other hand I do enjoy a nice neat bush, nothing that I would need help from Panama Jack to get through, just a nice neat trimmed bush that a pair of bikini panties would just barely cover.  Something for me to rub my hand across as I go from the soft skin of your tummy to your fuzzy mound and back to soft skin as my finger dips in your wet pussy.  Something for me to take my finger and trace the outline of, as I tease you and make you wetter.  I am not that fond of the little landing strip some women like to do.  If you are going to shave it that far, you might as well shave the rest.  Just remember if you shave, please keep it shaved regularly. You don't want me going down on you with a scruffy face, I don't want my wood sanded with 50 grit pussy paper.  If you are going to keep up on it, shave away, but if not let it grow out. So what's my favorite...... Wet and open, the rest is up to you.
Lea Note: OMG! 50 grit pussy paper *grabs notebook* That is hilarious and spectacular and so true all wrapped up in awesomeness.

Jose: I prefer hairless cuz it’s just more comfortable for me if I wanna go down and lick the pussy and suck the juices. I got enough facial hair already. (Also if I am shaved or trimmed up, THE LADY SHOULD BE TOO) but I will still fuck a chick with the bush haha I AM A MAN!!
Lea Note: Wait? Jose... are you shaved? This leads into the girl questions for next week. But now I want to know if you have to use a mirror or just go around the goods by feel. *makes more notes for questions*

3. Blow job positions: from the side, straight on, 69, other. Are there pros and cons to each? Which is the favorite, or does it even matter?

Ramrod: As long as I am getting my dick sucked, it doesn't matter but I do like laying on my side in the 69 position.  Both of us can relax and take turns without having to hold each other up.  If you want to 69 with someone on top, I would say woman on top.  I get to have wet pussy grinding in my face and you would have better control how deep you take him in your mouth.  The risk is in the 69 position, if you lose control building up to or in your own orgasm and bites too hard... Ouch.  My favorite is sitting or standing with you right in front of me.  There is something incredibly sexy having a women get down on her knees, (clothed or unclothed) looking me in the eyes and slowly sliding my dick in and out of her mouth.  Totally submitting, letting you have complete control of pain and pleasure and having you look me in the eye as you pleasure me till you decide I am ready to cum.

Jose: There are no cons on any BJ position!!! It doesn’t matter as long as she's nice with the head game. So the lady can look at me while sucking on my dick and balls!!! YES!!! I love to have face time haha
Lea Note: Me thinks Jose enjoys head from all the "!"s he used in this one.

Vile: My favorite past time just laying back and enjoying a good blow job. In my home there is not a shortage of those I keep them in stock. Hmm my favorite position really depends, if I am just laying back watching TV, and drinking coffee, she is facing me between my legs. That is just the slow head mode, nothing more relaxing. AHH the almighty 69. I am a big boy, Tish is a small girl size 4/ 6 so for me to get on top is really not any fun, so if I am in the mood and she is giving head, which I might add she has some awesome cock sucking skills, I will pull her on top of me, I love her ass, that is another fetish for another time. With her on top she gets in a position so her clit is resting against my chin and just slowly grinds, while I am eating her out. Man I love eating pussy. If I just want to cum I have Tish lay on her side and I face fuck. Now face fucking is a total turn on and does not take me long to shoot my load.

Brian: It doesn't matter to me cause I am getting piped off. She sucking and I am laying there enjoying it. In the 69 position I like the girl on top so that way I have all access to what I am doing to her while she is hopefully licking my balls. Girls who love to just take it while I pull her hair while she is sucking is amazing. I'm not a pushy guy when it comes to this. Ladies, if you are gonna suck dick swallow it isn't that bad. I have tasted myself before from a girl it isn't that bad. I know not all girls have this problem but come on man, hahaha.
Lea Note: Glad I had my notebook already. *writes piped off down* I need to start a spreadsheet of phrases best used in books for guys. LOL

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:

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  1. I just love these posts! Ramrod might have a future in writing erotic romance...

    1. LOL That's what I keep telling him!

    2. yea he is almost there and DJ Nelson used my term piped off, he is learning also lol

    3. Thanks, I do have a project in the works. Haven't written a story in a long time so I will see what happens.

  2. I will answer the shaved part when ya ask it in this Lea lol

    1. I'm keeping the shaving and technicalities of it as a question for a couple of weeks from now. LOL Then I'll get my answers!

  3. AM i the only guy that wanted acton instead of watching lmao...also lea aint nothing like an expert BJ

  4. Once again, a great DtM! I'm really starting to think Lea might need to compile these posts into a book.

  5. Wow!! I thought I was reading an erotic book while reading Ramrod's post.
    All the guys were great today. I so enjoy reading their answers.
    Now, it's time to get off!

  6. Had to laugh when Brian said, "If I HAD to watch..." LOL

    Great post. Thanks for sharing guys. I got some research in too.