Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday- featuring Garren Luce

 Welcome my newest tattooed cutie,
Garren Luce

I asked Garren to tell me a funny tattoo story, and this is what he shared:

OK Haha... So my good friend who does my tats has me laying down on his massage table so we can do the Jesus tat. Soooooo, we had just smoked a nice medical green nugget, we had the music blasting deadmau5, and a part of the song came on where they play violins. So I'm looking over and see my buddy just so focused. He looked like he was conducting the music with his tattoo gun and his facial expressions?! Haha

Garren is a dancer at LaBare in Houston, TX. If you live around there go, give him some love. Tell him Lea sent you! :o)


  1. Just look at that grin, that man is trouble. LOL!

  2. How come all the hawt guys live and play at LaBare in Texas?? I say Ohio needs a LaBare.