Thursday, January 31, 2013

Demystifying the Male- Destination Edition

So, I'm on vacation, or will be in a few short hours. I asked the guys to share a sexy adventure from a theme park, fair, etc. OR a fantasy if they didn't have an actual story to share.

Mr. Vile Woods was the only one that shared. BUT, Ramrod and Jose are prepping for Ellora's Cave's appearance at Sexapalooza in Ohio this weekend... so I forgive them.

Check out the TRUE story of Vile's.

I had heard about the Pink Floyd Laser light show so I wanted to check it out. Once I paid to get in the place was pretty full, and I found a seat next to an older blonde, well okay maybe 35 years old, she was cute.
She was wearing a real long dress like a 50's style. So I sit next to her and we didn'tt exchange words. The lights went dim and the show started. She reached in a bag and pulled out a throw blanket as she fixed it part of the blanket covered my arm.
The way she was sitting I could feel her thigh against my arm but I did not give it a second thought. A few minutes into the show, I had to use the bathroom, so I got up and went. Upon returning I sit back down and she adjusted the blanket again covering my arm.
This time was different, this time I felt skin, her thigh. I did not move my hand. Her skin was soft, she was moving around I guess trying to get comfortable and had moved her thigh up higher.

Now my mind is going a hundred miles and hour, I moved my hand and it pressed harder against her thigh, she still said nothing, so I turned my hand over and laid it on the top and started to rub a little. Still saying nothing I got a little bolder, and moved my hand on top of her thigh, now I was squeezing her leg.

I moved my hand to the inner part of her thigh, and I could feel the heat like an oven, as my hand reached her panty line it was apparent she was not wearing any. I was still moving my hand down until I reached her pussy, she was soaking wet. I started fingering her and she moved down a little so she could spread her legs more. 

I took my free hand and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and I grabbed her left hand and put her hand on my cock. She stopped for a second she pulled the blanket over more, but the she licked the palm of her hand, and then started jacking me off. It was weird because there were people all around us. Her clit was the size of a thumb it was huge, 

I was rolling her clit around between my fingers, she was jacking me off, then all of a sudden she gasped and closed her legs, and she was just shaking. She continued to jack me off until I shot my load, wow it was really intense. Once I finished she pulled her hand out and licked it clean.

The show ended, after she finished licking her hand clean she folded the blanket back up. We made our exit still not saying a word, and when I turned around she looked at her, she was buying another ticket. Wow!

Next Thursday will be back to regular scheduled questions!

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  1. Sounds like you both had fun, maybe that was her plan all along.