Thursday, January 17, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 11

Welcome to Demystifying the Male

Have you ever nicknamed your penis? Can we know what the name was, and why? (this fascinates women btw because I don't know a single woman that would name their vagina, just sayin')

Vile: My Penis, my best friend he never lets me down, and now has good judgment. My lil buddy is his name although I am average.

Phil: Never nicknamed it, don't really know why not.  It just never really seemed like it needed one.

Jose:  LOL, naw I never named my penis, I just use the work DICK.

Randy: Have you ever nicknamed your penis?     Thor's Hammer.......... Just kidding, I just call it my dick.  I don't think I have really called it a penis, just a dick.

What's the dealio w/ tea bagging?

Vile: ahhh Tea Bagging. I love getting head, on an average I am blessed with oral 6 or 7 times a week sometimes more. My slave has an oral fixation. Tea Bagging most of the time , she is laying on the bed, on her back head hanging over so I can just drop my dick in her mouth, then I will pull out and let her suck on my scrotum, it truly feels awesome. I will say that is an area Tish pays a lot of attention to as well

Phil: Tea-bagging ... well it’s a power thing.  It’s about the best "fuck you" a guy can send.  Plus it’s funny as hell.

Jose: It doesn’t turn me on, it’s just a thing to brag about to my boys. haha

Randy:What's the dealio w/ tea bagging?  That is a good question.  I have never had the urge to get my nuts used as a speed bag.  hahah  Seriously, if I have a choice between the twins or the Hammer, better be ready cause your mouth is about to be nailed.

What's the last thing that made you cry?

Vile: The last time I cried, okay I am not normally a sensitive guy, but I will share this, but it has to be a secret being I have a Masters image I have to uphold. I was watching undercover boss, and the CEO of a resort company paid off a girls house because her mother was ill. Yea I was touched.

Phil: My son almost being killed in an accident.

Jose: My daughter's birth.

Randy: I get choked up from watching movies.  Armageddon, Sweet November, A Walk to Remember even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie.  When they though they lost Splinter and he came to them at the campfire scene.  He told them he was proud of them and that he loved them, I tear up every time.  But if you want the last all out cry, was a little over a year ago when my rottweiler Diego lost his battle with cancer.  We took him into the vet because he would not eat and started acting funny.   A few x-rays later we get the news no one want to hear, my buddy of 10 years has a very aggressive cancer and is given about a week to live.  Doc said he was in no pain at the time and we could take him home as long as we could get him to eat.  Laura spent the next few days cooking him chicken and hamburger meals and sleeping on the living room floor just to be close to him since he couldn't jump in the bed with us.  After a few day his breathing started to get labored and we knew it was time.  We took him back Vet, they gave him an IV and a sedative and brought him back in the room for us to say our goodbyes.  They then put the medicine in his IV to put him to sleep.  With his head in my lap, he closed his eyes and was gone.  I think I spent that whole week crying off and on.

Do you masturbate often? For what? Stress relief, just because?

Vile: Masturbate yea even at my age. At 50 I still have a high sex drive. If Tish is not home, and I get the urge sure I will take things into my own hands, maybe once or twice a week.

Phil: Define often?  Who needs a reason?  Might not even need a place sometimes.  lol

Jose: I masturbate at least every other day haha, most times days I don’t get any. I do it just to do it, guess make sure it still works. haha

Randy: I am not sure what often is but usually a couple times a week depending on what going on in my life at that time.  If I am sick or have too much going on, I can go for weeks but if I am horny it could be a lot more than that.  Most of the time it's cause I am just plain horny, just got laid the night before, read a good EC book, see a women that turns me on, anything that gets me wound up with no one around to take care of me.  About the only other time is it is a good stress relief, a good way to relax.  As long as I am not too stressed to enjoy the orgasm, it is a good way to relax.  Up late, can't sleep, rub one out.  Rough day at work, rough time at home, rub one out. Still wound up from rubbing one out...... rub it out again.

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  1. LOL...great interview--as always--guys. And you're totally right about the no names for our vaginas, Lea. If I knew any chic that named hers it'd probably send me running backward away from her.

    And I definitely don't get the tea-bagging. LOL.

    Vile--I watch Undercover Boss and that episode had me teary as well.

    Phil and Jose, I haven't had the joy of being a parent yet but I've been assured it's the most emotional experience you can have.

    Randy, so sorry to hear about Diego. He was lucky to have a friend as caring as you there with him.

    1. Thanks, It's amazing how they become such a part of our lives.

    2. great feeling but got my guns ready lol

  2. I swear I read somewhere about a lady who wanted to name her vagina Frank so she could shout "How you like Frank? Yeah! Fuck Frank!" to her lover. But don't quote me on that because I never named mine. Although Brunhilda has a nice ring to a conquering barbarian queen or something. *ponders*

    1. Even if I got bit by one of those spiders in Brazil, There is now way I am keeping wood if a woman yelled "Fuck Frank" to me in bed

  3. Yes, always informative and often very funny. That's you guys! Thanks for letting us into your world again!

  4. I think a man who can cry and will talk about it is great. It means he has feelings and lets himself feel life. I still cry about my pets. I've had two kitties that had to be put down. The second one wasn't any easier. She was 14, I still have her litter mate, she is 20 1/2. The first one was 12. Animals do become such a big part of our lives, they are family.
    Not so sure about the tea-bagging thing. Don't understand the masturbation thing either. Especially if you have a woman who is willing to do anything asked. I guess that's a difference in thinking with women and men.
    I don't know anyone that has named their vayjayjay, but I may know someone who named her girls Boo and Bee! lol